Monday, October 5, 2009

Week 4 Postmortem

In order to take my mind off my first fantasy loss of the year (Et tu, Drew Brees?), let’s figure out what we’ve learned this past week.

- Tennessee may actually suck in a big way. When will it be time to throw Vince Young into the wild to see what he’s truly made of? Not that I blame Kerry Collins (he’s been respectable), but with the season going down the tubes, something needs to change.

- On the other hand, the Jaguars may be better than we thought. If you remove the Cardinals blowout, the Jags have only lost to the Colts by 2 in Indy. Now consider their next few games: at Seattle, home against Rams, Bye, at Titans, Kansas City. They could easily be 5-3 heading into the Jets game. All I’m saying is we may have written them off a bit early. That’s all.

- Jim Zorn can spew forth about ‘playing aggressive’ and making ‘positive things happen’ but the fact is the Redskins are horrible. Jason Campbell is atrocious, they were in over their heads against the Giants, they lost to a team that was on a 19 game losing streak and their two wins came against opponents who have zero wins. AND, they beat those two winless teams by a combined five points. They may be 2-2, but this season is going to get ugly for the DC faithful.

- The Patriots have FINALLY gone to a balanced offense. Who knew not relying on a skittish quarterback still recovering from knee surgery would be the best plan of action?

- Stop crying Baltimore. Every team has suffered through questionable ‘roughing the passer’ calls (see Patriots game 1) and will continue to do so for the rest of the season. For a team that’s supposedly in the championship conversation, you’re coming off as sore losers.

- If my fantasy league allowed enough moves, I would simply pickup whoever was playing the Chiefs each and every week. They are god awful.

- Cincinnati needing over time to beat the Browns doesn’t help me figure out if they are good or not. I’m still leaning towards ‘not’ but that could be because I associate lousy football with those Bengal uniforms.

- Matt Forte may have gained a bunch of yards against the Lions, but he sure didn’t seem like his powerful, speedy self even while he was running for touchdowns. Maybe it was an optical illusion, but I’d be concerned if I were a Bears fan. Thankfully I’m not.

- Team I still can’t figure out: Houston Texans.

- Not buying into this Steeler’s defense. Statistically they’re good, but they can’t seem to stop anyone when they really need to. I’m sure they’ll straighten things out soon, but right now I’m not impressed.

- If we take last season into account, the St Louis Rams may be one of the worst teams in history. Considering they’ve been outscored by a whopping 108-24 through 4 games (and one of those includes only giving up 9 points to the Redskins) we may see a second straight team experience a winless season.

- This Saints team is getting under my skin. In a good way. Not just because Brees is on my fantasy team, either. Their defense is surprisingly good, they can run the ball, they can pass, they can do nearly everything and do it well.

- As for the Jets, their defense looked great again, but they experienced some growing pains with Sanchez. Let’s hold off anointing them the AFC East champs.

- Either the Cowboys aren’t nearly as good as everyone keeps saying or the Broncos are much better than everyone keeps saying.

- Just curious, but what is Oakland’s Plan B if JaMarcus Russell continues to stink?

- I’m sick of the wildcat. I don’t care if it’s the only formation that works for the Dolphins. It’s boring and I’m sick of people talking about it. Someone please shut it down so we can move along.

- I hope everyone got a taste of the RedZone channel during yesterday’s free preview. I found myself watching that more than the live Pats – Ravens game mainly because they would cut to that game for all the key plays anyway. As a super bonus there are no commercials. Unlike an actual NFL telecast that has more ads than game.

- File under ‘Timing Is Everything’ or ‘Always Bring Your Cell Phone’. Wifey had to run out and get some groceries for the week and says ‘If you need anything give me a call’. Less than 20 minutes later my brother in law calls and says ‘I just got two tickets to the Patriots game. If you want to go, we can still make it in time’.

I say ‘Wifey (not her real name) just left. I’ll call to see if she can come watch the boys.’

I hang up, call my wife’s cell number and hear it going off in the pocket of the coat she is not wearing.


Sheepishly call back my brother in law and, sounding like a chastised six year old, tell him ‘I can’t go’.

He went without me. Bastard!

Holy Shit Stat of the Week: Rams running back Stephen Jackson combined for 87 total yards (79 rushing, 6 receiving) which was still good enough to account for nearly half of his team’s total yards.

Today’s distraction: Finally an official chart defining the seats in class. For the record, I was a back of the class guy mainly because I found it easier to sleep when I needed to. I needed to a lot.


A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

I really don't believe the Broncos are that good. They really hadn't played anyone good until Dallas, so what I'm saying is they will probably win 2 more games and go 6-10.

You can shove that comment in my face when they go 10-6 just to spite me.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Dallas isn't very good. Denver has yet to beat a good team. Denver f'd me. I took Cincy in week one of my suicide pool.

thepowerof10 said...

I told you Tennessee was shitty.

BeachBum said...

I don't think Denver is very good, either. However, if they beat the Pats this weekend I'll start thinking otherwise.

10, I'm sold. Titans suck. Which, of course, means they'll rattle off 10 wins in a row now that everyone is betting against them.

thepowerof10 said...

They're just working on that "no one believed in us" mentality that Bill Simmons holds so highly. In all reality, though, if they finish above .500 I'll be delightfully surprised.

Clayton Bigsby said...

10, When they put VY in they will rally.