Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend of Darkness

Since I was off celebrating the spread of influenza and small pox throughout the Native American population (aka Columbus Day), I’ll forego the NFL Postmortem and run down the entire dismal weekend in Boston sports. Let us count the ways, shall we?

Red Sox

Apparently even the playoffs couldn’t light a fire under the Red Sox. The only ones playing with any enthusiasm were Ellsbury and Lester. The other mokes slept walked through the entire three games.

Note to Red Sox hitters: When one approach isn’t working, try something else. I understand that you are coached on working the count and driving up pitch counts, but Angel pitchers were on to you from the beginning. They would just throw meatballs down the middle of the plate every first pitch knowing you wouldn’t swing. Here’s a thought, maybe you should have been aggressive and swung at a few of those pitches to see what would happen. At the very least it would have given Angel pitchers pause before rifling another 88 mile per hour, straight fast ball down the middle.

Note to Terry Francona: While I appreciate your role in the last two championship teams you may want to reconsider your lineups. Managing about six hits over two games might be an indication that you need to shake things up.

Note to Jonathan Papelbon: We do blame you. Sorry, we all know you’ve been great for us in the past, but when Angel hitters started walking and hitting line drives off of you many Sox fans were yelling at Francona to take you out. You’ve been pitching cute all season and it caught up to you in big ways throughout year. Like the hitters, you seemed to have lost your aggressiveness. You used to finish off games in about 10 pitches. This year took you 30 or more on many occasions.

Note to Red Sox front office: The lineup needs some pop added this offseason. Matt Holliday would be a perfect Fenway hitter and would be a perfect DH. It may be time to cut ties or – at the very least – limit Papi’s playing time. The untouchables are Youk, Ellsbury (who’s been better than ever this last month), Pedroia and Victor Martinez. Everyone else should be dangled or dropped.

Note to JD Drew: If you check swing one more fucking time…oh, wait. The season’s over.


Quick NFL Thoughts

- The Broncos and Bengals certainly look legit now, don’t they? Can’t tell if the Broncos defense is really that good, though, or if the Patriots – in particular Tom Brady – are still trying to get in sync.

- As for the Bengals, they went into Baltimore and pounded away with the running game against one of the best defenses in the league. Supposedly. Considering the way the Patriots and Bengals moved the ball and that Ryan is now with the Jets, do we still think this Ravens’ defense is what it was?

- By the way, if it wasn’t for that fluky Stokley catch in the Broncos game, the Bengals would be undefeated.

- Worst game of the season (so far): Cleveland 6 - Bills 3. Yeesh.

- Game that told us nothing about either team: Dallas 26 – Kansas City 20 (OT). Was this simply an improvement for the Chiefs? Or is Dallas just a bad team that played a terrible team? I still think the Cowboys secretly stink.

- I also think Detroit may be better than people think and will be wreaking havoc the second half of this season.

- While we’re here, I thought crappy teams from the year before were supposed to have easier schedules. Here is who the Lions have played after going winless in 2008: Saints, Vikings, Bears, Steelers, Redskins. Next week they play at Green Bay before a bye. That’s easy?!

- Miami has won two in a row after losing it’s first three. New York Jets have lost two in a row after winning their first three. I have no idea what – if anything - this means.

- Did Atlanta expose the 49ers as a pretender? Sure seemed that way. Let’s see how San Fran bounces back against Houston (in 2 weeks) before we decide.

The Holy Shit Stat Of The Week: The Raiders, Titans, and Rams (combined record 1 – 14) lost to the Giants, Colts and Vikings (combined record 15-0) by a collective total score of 113 – 26.

Fantasy Notes

- As if the Pats and Red Sox both losing weren’t enough, I got my ass roundly kicked in both my fantasy leagues. Things were so bad in my League That Matters, my entire roster added together wouldn’t have beaten my opponent’s starting lineup. I also have the unique distinction of having both the highest weekly score (week two) and lowest weekly score (week 5). Go me!!

- Not helping me at all was David Gerrard who stunk so badly I angrily dropped him as soon as his game ended. And, in another brilliant move, I added the Jaguars kicker because the Chargers were on a bye week. Zero points for basically anything related to the Jacksonville team. Fuck you, Jaguars! I wash my hands of all of you.

- In my other, non relevant league, I was five points down with Thomas Jones going against the Dolphins. My opponent had Ronnie Brown going. I don’t think I need to tell you how that turned out. That vaunted Jets defense couldn’t stop Brown from scoring the winning touchdown, providing both the Dolphins and my stupid opponent the win. Where was the defense when I needed it, Jets? WHERE??!!!!!

- All said, I’m in good shape heading into the rest of the season. Brees has already had his bye and after the week 6 matchup with the Giants here are the teams the Saints play the rest of the way: Miami, Atlanta, Carolina, St Louis, and Tampa Bay. If I’m doing well by St Louis, I may put in only Brees to see if he and beat my opponent’s entire team by himself. I won’t, but it would be fun to see what happens.

Off to catch up on work.

Today’s distraction: Some truly amazing pictures of Lybia’s Fezzan region.


A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

The Sox and Twins losing really crushed my baseball spirit. I could careless who wins now, but if it's the Yankees I will swear off baseball forever.

Anonymous said...

Granted the Lion's "should" have an easier schedule, but they also play in arguibly the toughest division. They have to play the Vikings, Bears, and Packers twice no matter what. Sucks to be them. Go Vikings.

Also, I believe an honorable mention for "Holy Shit Stat of the Week" should be the performance of Randy Moss....on defense. Apparently it's easier for him to catch a pass when it's not intentially thrown to him. Nice INT Moss!

BeachBum said...

I'm rooting for the either the Angels or Phillies now. Alwasy loved Torii Hunter and Pedro Martinez, so I'll stick with them now that the Sox are out.

Mowan, more Holy Shit than Moss' interception is that he was actually out there playing defense. Think he would have agreed to be even on the field in that situation when he was with the Raiders or Vikings? No way.

thepowerof10 said...

I can't believe the Lions' schedule. On the other hand, the Vikes are playing the equivalent of a team from the School For The Blind 9-man League every week.

The Vikings fans surroud me, living in Minnesota and all, and I just want to publicly broadcast that, while they are indeed 5-0, they have beaten 5 teams who combined for 19 wins in all of last season and are 7-18 thus far this season.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Moss played DB on hail Mary plays in Minny too. Don't know about Oak. The Lions still get the Browns and Rams this year. 3-13 for the lions would be like the Vikings going 13-3 this year from 10-6 last year.

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

Hey Beach if you want a bootleg of Them Crooked Vultures in France let me know and I can send you the songs. my email is kosign@hotmail.com.
It's pretty badass.

BeachBum said...

If - by bootleg - you mean legitimate, non pirated, perfectly legal copy then by all means send it my way. I'll email you soon.