Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This and That

Some follow ups and random thoughts for a chilly hump day.

- The car hunt is officially ON! I’m heading to the Subaru place tonight to check out some used Outbacks and other options. I don’t know how people shopped for cars before the internet. I’ve already done my research, know what I should pay and have dealerships lined up ready to serve me. Can you imagine how much work our parents did trying to find a decent car?

- On Saturday I’ll be visiting the Toyota dealership to see what they have for used cars. I’ve noticed fully loaded 09 Camry prices are around 16,000 bucks. And I mean fully loaded. Heated seats and mirrors and 6 speaker stereo systems. Why so cheap? I may be cynical, but it sure sounds like these cars were either in some accident or have been repossessed.

- While it’s a bit disappointing to get rid of the truck, I feel better that my father is buying it. I know he’ll take care of it and I can negotiate visiting rights. I do have his two grandsons to use as bargaining chips.

- I really hope this Sarah Palin fascination ebbs very soon. Maybe once she’s done with her book publicity tour. Yesterday she criticized Newsweek for using a photo of her in a running outfit. She called it ‘sexist’ even though the photo wasn’t a fake. That’s right. She fucking posed for it for some running magazine. So, Sarah, you can’t voluntarily pose for a photo then turn around and call it sexist. That, in turn, means you are a sexist about yourself.

You know what? Just go away already.

By the way, everyone should know that Palin didn’t actually write the book she’s promoting. She keeps blabbering on about when she was writing the book, but she didn’t write the friggin’ thing. She used a ghost writer. I would tell you his or her name, but it doesn’t appear anywhere on the book.

- My biggest fear is that people become entranced enough with Palin that she runs for President and wins! Check out CNN’s politics page. She even has her own section. Please tell me this isn’t happening. It’s all just a phase, right?

- There’s a huge uproar in the Boston area over a pathologist who gave a slide show that included various stages in the development of a human embryo. The presentation was to fifth graders and permission slips were sent home that parents had to sign. And STILL parents are up in arms over this.

Or should I say ‘some parents’, for once again I believe there is a very vocal minority of people out there who will stir up trouble for anything that goes against their hard wired sense of morality. Other parents were interviewed leaving the school and none of them had any problems with what was presented. In fact, one said – on camera – what most rational people are thinking ‘Well, we were informed ahead of time and it IS a science class…’

In reaction to some parent’s (the loud ones) concerns, the teacher running the class has been reprimanded. Even though he followed the proper procedures put forth by the school. Unbelievable.

- On Saturday night I hosted a poker game which was fun and profitable (won $50). Wifey was spectacularly supportive by making dips and purchasing snacks then making herself scarce when the games began. I bitch (pun alert) about her enough in this space that it’s only fair to mention when she rocks.

- I wish I could enjoy when my initial instincts about a person are proven correct. About three months ago my wife had people from work over one night and there was this one dude who I didn’t like from the first minute we were introduced. Just something sketchy and abrasive about him. When I mentioned it to wifey, she just blew it off as my being anti social or not comfortable about her being friends with a guy. Neither was true. I know when there is something ‘off’ about a person and I’ve learned to trust my gut.

Things seemed fine with this ‘friend’ for a few more weeks until he thought it would be funny to bite my wife on her neck. Yeah, you read that right. As if biting anyone anywhere would somehow be amusing. She came home from a night out with a huge mark on her neck and terrified that I wouldn’t believe her. I did (and do) believe her. She was crying and extremely upset that this happened. I was calm and supportive, but secretly I was seething. Not at her; at this fucking douchbag that is socially retarded enough to think that would have ever been a good idea.

She’s been joking about it since, but there’s now this look to her whenever she’s telling someone on the phone the story. A combination of fright and anger that I believe only a woman can truly appreciate. That she had been taken advantage of and in a very bad spot where something ugly could have happened.

For the record, there were other people there when this happened so there was never a real threat of anything more serious happening unless he’s truly a sociopath (which is a definite possibility) and she no longer hangs out with him. She does, however, still have to work with him and things have been tense.

A mutual friend of theirs came over last Sunday and asked me what my reaction was when I heard what happened. I simply said ‘If he ever steps foot in this house again I will kick the living shit out of him’. She started to laugh, gave me a double take and quickly stopped; at which point her and wifey moved to another room.

Later, after her friend had left, wifey brought up the conversation. Apparently her friend must have passed along the exchange. Wifey asked ‘Would you really do something if he came here?’

I asked ‘Why would YOU want him here after that?’

Her: ‘I don’t want him here, but what if people from work come by.’

‘Well, make sure he isn’t one of those people.’

‘Do I need to be worried about us running into him outside of the house?’

‘Not at all,’ I say, ‘He’s the one that should be worried.’

She hasn’t brought him or the incident up since that conversation but I know she’s thinking about it; mulling over if she should be offended or flattered by my reaction.

- On a related note, there was a kid I went to high school with who everyone seemed to like but just rubbed me the wrong way. Not anything I could put my finger on, but one of those loud mouth, blow hard dicks that always had something to say even though he could never back it up. You know that type? They think that because they’re friends with tough kids it makes them tough by association?

Anyway, I purposely avoided this kid but since we lived in the same general neighborhood and shared the same friends I spent more time than I had ever hoped listening to his bullshit. I haven’t seen hide nor hair of him since graduation and found out over the weekend that he’s been convicted of child molestation and just started serving a 12 year prison sentence.

I would feel validated, but it’s way too depressing to think about. Why couldn’t he have just robbed a bank or something?

- Let’s end on a high note.

I got my first play time with the new Droid phone from Verizon. This is Google’s further attempt to take over the world while driving the iPhone into oblivion. My first reaction was ‘This thing is heavy!’. My second, after discovering all it can to, was ‘Holy shit, I want one!’. Not only does it look like the iPhone with touch screen and scrolling, but it unfolds into mini full sized keyboard (which is why it’s heavier than most SmartPhones) for much easier typing. I always have a problem with the iPhones because of the small letters on the screen.

But the ease is just the half of it. My buddy showed me this: Say you’re in a strange city and you want to find the closest Starbucks. You say ‘Find Starbucks’ and it brings up a map on the phone display. There is a red star that shows where you are with green dots marking the Starbucks within a few miles of your current location.

You want to search for something, say ‘Starbucks’ and it brings up the Google Search page for Starbucks. You lost? It has built in voice turn by turn GPS. Company email? You can hook right into your server. You a Gtalk user? You will be! You can IM on the phone. All those iPhone apps? Yup, most of them work on the Droid, too.

Needless to say, this is one cool piece of circuitry. As soon as I can afford one it will be mine.

Then I’ll be part of the Google Droid Army that will be used by whatever computerized sentient being that is in control at Google to wipe out humanity.

Think of it like this: You know that show ‘V’ (which I recommend)? It’s a show about aliens showing up, making super nice to all us humans, showing us cool things and making everything seem better? Only they’re really here for some subvert and evil plan we are not yet aware of? Replace 'V' with 'Google'.

Today’s distraction: Barely a week after the release of the Droid comes rumors that Google wants to unleash it’s very own phone on human…I mean….the marketplace. Screw it. I’m in! Why fight the inevitable?


A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

V is a fantastic show. The whole Palin thing should be done with. I don't really understand the fact that so many people read or watch anything she's on. She might be the stupidest person to ever be a candidate for vice president.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Palin will not be president. The only time a women will ever be president is if she's a widow or a lesbian. Why? Women hate women. Especially good looking women.

thepowerof10 said...

I want updates on this car hunt of yours. And I'm seething about that pathologist thingie. People are way too overprotective of their kids these days. It's not like the guy showed them a clip of Naughty Nurses 16 and said "Look kids, this is how babies are made." Absurd.

BeachBum said...

yeah, I'm hooked on V already. Very well done and creepy in a way that isn't specific, but very effective.

Bigs, that's an interesting theory. If most women won't vote for a woman and a majority of men won't just because every other woman they know is crazy, then no woman will ever be elected.

10, I'll keep you in the loop. I've already checked out some Subarus (not very impressed) and will be hitting the Toyota place on Saturday.

Updates to come.