Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crush of the Month

Frankly, this crush could be labeled full blown love.

Or a creepy obsession with a 27 year old hottie. Like that would be a first.

I’ve been holding back on this crush because my plan was to make her my Crush of the Year, but that would be unfair to the other ladies from past months. Instead I’m using this month to illicit some charitable donations. You know…the season of giving and all that crap.

So let’s get to it. I present to you BeachBum’s December Crush of the Month.

Who?: Jenn Brown! That’s who!

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, let’s just start there:

A thousand. And I can't think of one at the moment

Most of you know her from ESPN’s College Game Day, but I’ve been enjoying her turns on ESPNU’s ‘Road Trip’ where she and some dude who annoys me by talking and taking camera time away from Jenn go around the country and see how college football fans spend their game day.

Since she’s from Southern Florida like another hot ESPN reporter, she’s already being called the ‘next Erin Andrews’. There are worse labels to have. Believe me. I’ve been trying to shed mine since high school.

What Else?: Where to begin.
She does correspondent work for ‘Inside the NFL’ and has already had gigs for the Super Bowl, NBA All Star Game, ABC’s ‘SuperStars’, the Travel Channel’s ‘The Wild Side’ (dirty mental image of Jenn’s Wild Side), and CNN’s ‘Showbiz Tonight’. She also covers mixed martial art fights. So, basically Miss Brown is surrounded by horny, drunk and/or sweaty men nearly everywhere work takes her.

This should be the new Heisman Trophy

I mentioned she’s only 27, right? Do you feel like a slacker, yet? You will.

The lovely and talented Jenn still holds her high school record for receiving the most varsity letters of any girl or boy. That would be 14. Yeah, 14 varsity letters from 7 different sports. That’s approximately….let’s see...borrow from the one…14 more than I have.

She was walked onto the University of Florida’s softball team as a freshman and graduated as it’s captain. She really didn’t need a scholarship, anyway, since she was already attending on a full academic one.


And DAMN!!!

That All?: As if everything above wasn’t enough?

It just so happens there is something else. When Jenn was 19 her younger sister was killed in a car accident. As a tribute and a way to make a difference in other lives, her family has set up The Carrie Brown Foundation which awards scholarships to attend camps. They also help with special needs funding and take pride when noting ‘100% of the foundations proceeds are used to help less fortunate children’.

Hell, if you’re looking for a charity this holiday click her to donate to the Carrie Brown Foundation.

Congratulations, Jenn Brown, on being this month’s Crush. Not that I would ever think your Super Type A personality would allow you to sit for 2 minutes to read this humble entry.

But hope springs eternal.

Other things spring, as well!

Today’s distraction: Street art that uses shadows. This is a bit confusing to me because wouldn’t the use of shadows make the art relevant for about 10 minutes a day?

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A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

I had seriously never heard of Jenn Brown until the other day when I was searching for something on the internet and came across her. I will say she is fucking smoking hot and I'm embarrassed I had never seen her before.