Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

Just dropping in to wish everyone a safe and fun filled New Year's weekend. I've always considered NYE to be over rated, but any excuse to drink with friends is a welcome excuse!

Some wishes for the new year.

To DA: More of the same from 2009. It pleases me to know you're successful and thriving even if I'm stuck on the east coast freezing my ass off. Oh, and some time to finally fill me in on that story. You know....that story....

To Hammen: Another Jayhawks championship. I know it's the only thing you want this year, anyway. Or any year.

To Alex (who I think is Hammen's girlfriend, but it's tough to keep track with those two): More time to write. Loved your Grandma Wareheim story and laugh at many of your entries. Or, if you actually have the time and don't care about writing much, finally talking Hammen into getting that dog. Your choice.

To Trib: A 2010 summer filled with outdoor concerts so I can live vicariously through you when you post about them.

To Bigsby: A Twins World Series appearance. If they make it I'll be rooting for them, as well, mainly because it means the Red Sox are out of it.

To 10: Continued happiness with the new found girl. Or a round trip ticket to Boston so we can booze for a while. If you can swing both, well then....

To Rob: Continued success at the job and good health to your family.

To French: An internet connection so you can get back to posting. I know, you're busy, but I don't buy that you're that popular and pressed for time.

To Tiger: The courage to simply be yourself and stop hiding behind an army of image engineers. While your behavior is unseemly, it makes you much more interesting.

To Jason Bay: The movement of Citi Field's left field wall 20 feet towards home plate. You'll be missing the Green Monster by May.

To Theo Epstein: The ballsitude and finances to sign Matt Holliday. C'mon! Mike Cameron? Ten years ago I might have been persuaded, but in 2010?

To Jon and Kate: To finally stop talking about what's best for your kids and start doing what's best for your kids. Hosting 'The View' does not fall into that category.

To Balloon Boy: New parents.

To everyone without health insurance: That the politicians supposedly looking out for your best interest stop bickering about the details and get you the coverage you so desperately need.

To anyone else I forgot (and there are probably many of you - Sorry): Have a fantastic 2010. I'll admit it will be tough to top 2009 for pure spectacle.

Today's distraction: Get physically fit while being visibly drunk. Greatest idea for a diet, ever.

Enjoy another long weekend!


A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

Don't worry I plan on going to a lot of shows this year, just like every year. Have a good long weekend. Today is my last day of the week, so time to get my drink on.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Thanks for the well wishes. Maybe the Bruins could win the cup for you. That's if you like hockey. If not maybe another Celtic title.

Hammen said...

Beach, you nailed my wish perfectly. Rock Chalk Jayhawk. And yes, Alex is my girlfriend, so her New Year's wish is already fulfilled.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Rob said...

Thanks for the shout out Beach. Happy New Year to you too.

thepowerof10 said...

Thanks for the well wishes Beach. Happy New Year to you and yours.