Monday, December 14, 2009

Week 14 Postmortem (Sort Of)

I'll hit on some NFL games, but have other thoughts to pass along, as well. Let's stop messing around and get to it! Mondays are no time for lollygagging!

- After my lengthy anti-Favre rant last week, the Vikings go out and win their most convincing game of the season. So either Favre can't play well without someone publicly doubting him or he's trying to reel me back in or it was simply a bad game or I'm just way over thinking this entire thing.

I'll let you decide.

- The Carolina Panther defensive players are publicly stating that Randy Moss quit on the Patriots yesterday. While Brady is playing the good teammate and sticking up for him, it was obvious to everyone watching that Moss was in a foul mood. It's also apparent that every team's mission going into a Patriot's game is to get Moss pissed off so he'll stop trying. The Panthers secondary players basically said that was their game plan and that they considered it a success. After being sent home Wednesday for arriving late to practice, it's becoming apparent Randy Moss needs to be treated like a four year old: constant positive attention or risk a pouting session if you put him in time out. You're a pro, Randy Moss, and a grown man. Sulking on the sideline because you're having a bad day isn't what men do. Next time suck it up and keep trying.

- It used to be the Red Sox would operate like they had some sort of plan in mind. Sometimes it wouldn't work out and they'd have to take Option B (Teixiera, Mark) but at least they knew what they were doing. This year I don't know what the hell is going on. They've made two offers to Jason Bay, but they won't add a fifth year onto either. Bay, in effect, will be playing somewhere else next season.

Then there are trade rumors that have Mike Lowell going to Texas for some fifth string catcher. Only the Sox will be paying 9 of the 12 million Lowell is due.

Then there was the rumor of moving Pedroia to shortstop and signing a short term fill for second base. NOTE: I loved this idea. Pedroia is one of the hardest workers on the team, is already a stellar defensive infielder and was playing shortstop when the Sox drafted him. Plus this would open up the possibility of the Red Sox signing one of my favorite, unheralded players: Orlando Hudson, who, I would like to point out, we know can play well in the AL East.

Instead we sign Scutaro, who is average (at best) and aging.

Maybe there is something else up their sleeves (sounds like they'll sign John Lackey soon), but so far this off season has been underwhelming. Get me Matt Holliday swinging for the Green Monster and I'll be happy.

- Everyone will be happy to know (or not) that I won my fantasy match yesterday (unless Vernon Davis explodes for 50 points tonight) which means I am in my pay to play fantasy playoffs. It was win or go home for me yesterday and Brees, Colston and especially Andre Johnson came through when I needed them most. Now I just need to figure out my running back situation. Kevin Smith is gone for the season, Marion Barber doesn't get the ball anymore and when he does (like yesterday) he can't pound it in from 1 yard out, Jonathan Stewart is useless unless DeAngelo Williams sits, and LeSean McCoy is doing nothing. I did pick up that Redskins rookie back who put up 22 points yesterday, but if I have to rely on him I'm in a world of trouble.

- While we're here, I was watching the pathetic display that is called the Dallas Cowboy's offense and have discovered what the problem is with Tony Romo: He doesn't see past his favorite targets. I lost count how many times either Marion Barber or Felix Jones was wide open in the flat and Romo either didn't see them or chose other options. The worst being a play during the final drive when Barber faked like he was going to block, then slipped through into the flat and stood there without a defender around him. He was so open no defenders could even be seen in the same wide television shot. At least 10 yards in every direction was empty. So, of course, Romo threw to nobody.

My buddy mentioned this halfway through the season, but I blew him off as being bitter about drafting Roy Williams. At the time he said 'Romo only throws to his friends. That's why Miles Austin was smart going to Vegas with Romo. They become friends and he becomes one of his favorite targets.'

Astonishingly, this looks to be true. Romo kept forcing throws to Whitten (his roomie) and Austin (his Vegas bitch) instead of just taking what the defense was allowing. Spread it around, Romo, or December will be another long, cold month in Dallas.

- Just read that the Blue Jays might be trading Roy Halladay to Philly. The Phillies will in turn send Cliff Lee to Seattle and someone else is involved somewhere. This is perplexing. Why get rid of Lee, who performed flawlessly for you last season? Halladay is 32 and looked rather long in the tooth towards the end of last season. Why risk this? You know how Lee reacts in the pressure cooker. You have no idea how Halladay will perform. I don't understand this move.

- Was all excited watching Vince Young taking off for a 35-40 yard run. Excitement turned to a 'what's he doing?' moment when he pulled up lame and quickly headed to the sideline. Not good for Vince fans. And, shockingly, I think I am one. How did that happen?

- Reason number 435 that you should never listen to your wife (or girlfriend). She had a company party on Saturday night and I asked 'Should we stop and get beer on the way up?'. She dismissed this and told me that there would be plenty of booze. Besides, we weren't going up empty handed as she was bringing treats and a nice bottle of wine.

So we arrive, I do the social 'please to meet you' requirement before heading to the back deck where I was told the beers were located. I open the cooler and there are a total of 7 beers. Four are some god awful Sam Adams Blackberry Wheat shitoberfest. The rest are Bud cans. Bud cans it is! But, of course, now I'm left to take my time knowing the supply is limited (and I'm driving, but priorities). When I go back all the Sam Adams are gone and two lonely Buds are left floating at the bottom.

I did the only rational thing (for me): I took both of them. Then proceeded to dare the guy I was with to check the fridge to see if there was another hidden supply. He didn't bite.

- There were a disturbing number of very (and I mean VERY) attractive young women at this party. It was disturbing because I was with wifey and didn't want to be caught ogling. That's much harder than I thought and I'm sure I was caught more than once. Ah, well. You can make the boy a man, but can't take the boy out of the man. I'm just keeping in touch with where I came from.

Holy shit, it's nearly 5:30. Time flies when I acutally have work to do and nothing to say, eh?

Starting tomorrow will be my 2009 review, so plan being semi entertained for about a third of the time you spend reading this space. That's a 33% increase from usual, just so you know.

Today's distraction: Six cat behaviors that have evil explanations. I thought of this article at the holiday party when the resident cat kept rubbing up against all the guests, spent time in an owner's lap, then spent the next 30 minutes meticulously cleaning itself. Find out why cats actually do that.

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Hammen said...

You should definitely be worried about Moss, this is his classic first step in his "I'm gonna see how long it takes to get run out of town" plan that Minnesota and Oakland fans know firsthand.

Right on to everything you said RE: the Sox. If there's no Bay, there must be either Holliday or Gonzalez. MUST be.