Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Thoughts

Thoughts that entered my head during the past weekend:

- Poor Viking fans. A lot of good people in that area. I would say I tried to warn you, but that would be mean and insensitive and none of you want to hear it.

- Why is nobody talking about how the Vikings wasted 30 seconds on the last drive of regulation? They got the ball with exactly 2:37 left in the game, ran one play and let the clock grind down to the two minute warning. What the fuck? It’s not like they were in good field position, either. They weren’t even over the 50 yard line. Why waste that much time with your entire season on the line? Even after that there was a distinct lack of urgency to the entire last two minutes on the Viking’s sideline. Reminded me a lot of the Eagles in their Super Bowl appearance with Donovan McNabb dry heaving in the huddle.

- Wifey and I planned on a drinking game during the Saints – Vikings match: Every time they showed Kim Kardashian we would drink. Since she didn’t appear to be at the game, we quickly changed it to ‘Every time they show Favre’s wife, we drink’. I was pretty buzzed by the time the game ended and wifey had run out of wine.

- Watched ‘Doubt’ over the weekend and was once again frustrated by another film ending. I would recommend it, but after the final scene my first thought was ‘What was the point?’

- While the Colts’ head coach, Jim Caldwell, looks catatonic on the sidelines at times, he either must be a brilliant tactician or has surrounded himself with the right people. The adjustments Indy made at half time were perfect. While staggered blitzes and zone coverage by the Jets seemed to confuse them in the first half, the offensive line kept defenders well away from Manning the rest of the game.

- Kudos to the Viking’s defense. Even after five turnovers, they kept the team in it right until the end. If Indy wants to see how to contain New Orleans, just rewatch this game.

- Kudos, as well, to the Saint’s defense who beat the living shit out of Favre and focused on the main weakness of Peterson by trying to strip the ball every chance they got.

- Was it me or was Joe Buck openly rooting for the Vikings? He certainly had a hard on for Favre, who he labeled ‘super human’ at one point.

- After Garrett Hartley kicked the Saints into the Super Bowl, wifey and I witnessed one of his team mates talking privately to him. Wifey asked ‘Wonder what he’s saying to him?’ I answered ‘You are getting so much pussy tonight!’

Later, Hartley was interviewed with his helmet off and wifey offered ‘Oh, I don’t care if he won the game. He’s not getting that much love.’

- I had a sinking feeling watching the Jets celebrate the touchdown to Dustin Keller like they had already won the game. It was the first half, fellas. Not the end of the game. Sure enough, Manning and company strolled down the field and got their own touchdown in less than two minutes. It was like Manning saying ‘Oh yeah? Let me show you how it’s really done!’

- Anyone else totally convinced Jay Feeley was going to miss that opening field goal attempt just after NBC showed the graphic ‘Has Made 15 Straight Post Season Field Goal Attempts’?

- I can’t figure out if I’m more surprised that Mark Sanchez threw an 80 yard bomb to take the lead against the Colts or that it was Braylon Edwards that caught it perfectly.

- Since we’re starting a new decade, can we please retire the following phrases:

‘It is what it is’ – Of course it is what it is or it wouldn’t be what it isn’t. I hate this saying mainly because it means everyone has given up trying to change something nobody likes. We recently rolled out a new database application that every single person in my company despises. When there was a conference call on the subject this term was used to explain away bugs and limitations to the program. ‘No, you can’t do that, but it is what it is’.

Fuck you! Don’t give me that shit. If it doesn’t work, fucking fix it so it does work. ‘It is what it is’ is a cop out.

Replacement suggestion: ‘Whatta you gonna do?’

‘At the end of the day’ – I believe Troy Aikman said this during yesterday’s Saints – Vikings game about 35 times. Why does it have to be at the end of the day? How about ‘At the end of the night’ or ‘when the sun sets’ or ‘Bottom line’ or take the high road with ‘In summation’.

All work just as effectively. You can even mix them up throughout your day so at the end of the day you aren’t a boring, repetitive drone of a human being.

How about that?

- I’m starting a project to get all the best songs I have in my iTunes onto one playlist. Stage one begins after lunch this afternoon and it may take some time to get to that final stage.

- Saturday night I not only had plans, but I had backup plans. First plan was to get together with brother in law for drinks. His wife wound up with pneumonia so he couldn’t make it thus reconfirming women ruin everything.

Backup plans were to get together with some old high school friends for even more drinks. Only I couldn’t get in touch with anyone who was involved (or they were avoiding my call, which is a much more realistic possibility) and wasn’t sure where everyone was supposed to meet.

I wound up staying in and watching ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, which was at least thirty minutes too long and contained one of my main pet peeve of movies: having the story told by someone reading someone else’s diary. Why not just get right into the story. The hospital scenes with the mother and daughter didn’t add anything. Get rid of those and the movie is automatically twenty minutes shorter.

- The SAG Awards were last night and I didn’t even know it. Just looked up the winners and apparently they just gave whoever won a Golden Globe a SAG Award. Efficient, if unoriginal.

- Does anyone care about the Pro Bowl? Anyone at all? I’ve noticed that the ads don’t even tell you which channel is showing it. Just says ‘Check your local listings’. Does this mean it may not be televised? Shouldn’t the NFL Network just show it?

- We’re down to Colts – Saints. Frankly either team could pull it off and it wouldn’t be surprising. I’ll go with the Colts, though. They seem to have the better defense and more experienced team. I’ll be rooting for the Saints, though.


Today’s distraction: Nine words women use. I really could have used this when I was single. Especially that ‘Go Ahead’ one. Yeah, that would have been nice….


Clayton Bigsby said...

Conference title game still means you're better than 28 other teams. Still crushing though. I was one of the guys saying Favre is different this year. I should have known from day one.

I did call the Feely kick before he missed it and the Favre interception as soon as the ball was hiked and I saw it was a pass.

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

I'm not gonna lie I almost cried when he threw the interception. Fuck!

thepowerof10 said...

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck are, simply put, retards. I hate them both with the fire of a thousand suns.

Also, as I live in Minnesota, but am not a Vikes fan, I am constantly begging fans of the Purple to manage their expectations every season. No one ever listens.