Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost - Part 2

Paging Doctor Creepy. Doctor Creepy please report to Maternity Ward 3.

How messed up was that?

I know, getting ahead of myself. Still, Lost continues to throw me for a loop. I’ve watched every episode from every season, dissected dialogue and backgrounds, analyzed character behavior with such obsession that wifey is ready to watch the show by herself and I still get thrown into turmoil with random cameos from characters we never expect to see again.

Plus it now opens up a new set of questions.

One other note before we get started. Both Josh Holloway and Terry O’Quinn are knocking it out of the park this season. Honestly, I didn’t think Sawyer had it in him. He’s a wreck. O’Quinn is using the Real Locke folksy charm to mask a truly menacing creature. Frankly, he frightens me. If neither of them are nominated for Emmy’s this year, the award means nothing.

Alright, let’s do this. You know the drill.

What Happened

Imagine my pleasure when we quickly realize this is a Kate episode. Let’s run it down like last week. Real World vs Lost World.

Real World: When we last saw Kate she was hijacking Claire’s taxi in (yet another) attempt to escape. This week picks up right at that point, having the cabbie nearly run down Arnst while he’s crossing the sidewalk. There’s also an odd moment where she sees Jack checking his cell phone and Kate appears to have a moment of confusion. Déjà vu, perhaps? Just like Jack had on the plane with Desmond?

Anyway, Cabbie Courageous bails on a pregnant Claire when Kate is distracted, prompting Kate to dump Claire on the side of the road and take off to the most convict tolerant auto shop in L.A.. Scruffy (Sawyer’s nicknames are rubbing off on me) helps Kate out of her hand cuffs and let’s her get changed in his disgusting bathroom.

Kate begins to undress (Oh, BOY!) when she’s distracted by baby paraphernalia. Way to throw cold water on a guy, Lost. Set the scene for Kate getting naked only to have motherhood get in the way. Why not have her pull out a breast pump out of the bag while you were at it. Bastards.

Kate, having a heart of gold despite the multiple felonies, goes back, finds Claire, gives her bag back, then gives her a lift to the supposedly adopting parents. Claire finds – much to her shock and chagrin – that the couple has split and no longer want Claire’s baby. Thanks for the phone call, jerks. Not like Claire didn’t come halfway across the world for you or anything.

Quick sidenote: Can we all agree that we need to use the word ‘chagrin’ more in our daily lives? Let’s get on that.

As things tend to happen in life, Claire promptly goes into labor. Kate and her heart of gold rush her to the hospital where she taps Doctor Ethan on the shoulder in order for him to help Claire. Yeah, that’s right. The Other that made life hell for the 815 survivors and tried to kidnap Claire and her baby is now a OB/GYN. While he was helpful and comforting, he still gave off the creepy, ‘I’d just as soon kill you as help you’ vibe.

Once things settle down, a detective shows up in Claire’s room looking for Kate. Claire claims she hasn’t seen her even though Kate’s hiding in the next room. The L.A. do their usual bang up job, not bothering to open the one other door in the room and leave. Claire then offers Kate her credit card ‘even though there’s not much on it’ and thanks her for all her help.

Oh, and during all of this, Claire names her baby Aaron even though she hadn’t given it much thought before that. ‘It’s like I knew it or something’. Duh, Claire. You already named him three seasons ago. At this point Kate tells Claire she thinks she should keep the baby and heads out to continue her sexy life of crime.

Lost World: Now that Sayid is back from the dead all hell is breaking loose in Otherland. Hong Kong Fooey (he says his real name in this episode but I didn’t catch it. Was it Denin?) and Lennon really really want to ‘talk’ to Sayid alone. Jack protests to the point that guns are drawn.

HKF’s conversational techniques need some work since they include electrocution and hot pokers to the rib cage. Still, they apologize to Sayid for torturing him (it happens) but say he’s passed their test. Only they’re lying as usual. Does any truth come out of their mouths?

Jack, being all manly, barges into HKF’s room (by asking the guards to move aside) and asks for about the millionth time in this series ‘What’s going on?’ Jack’s told that Sayid is infected and if he isn’t treated soon with this bright green, all natural herbal extract pill the infection will spread. Since Sayid won’t take anything given to him by the Others after that entire torture misunderstanding, they want Jack to give it to him.

Interestingly, HKF plays on Jack’s need to redeem himself as a ploy to get him to do what they want. ‘This is your chance at redemption,’ he’s told. Very Ben like of him, don’t you think? Jack, finally showing some thought processing ability, tells Sayid everything then decides not to give him the pill. Instead he heads back to head quarters and pops the pill himself. ‘How’s this for trust’.

Trust gets him a karate chop to the throat, stomach and an impromptu Heimlich Maneuver. Turns out the pill is poison designed to kill Sayid. The Others now think Sayid has been ‘claimed’ and that ‘there is a darkness growing inside him’. Not sure how his not saying anything while being tortured helped them prove this, but everyone has their quirks. When Jack asks how they’re sure about this, he is told ‘it is the same thing that happened to your sister’.

While all this is going on, Sawyer has escaped from the Temple and gone back to the Dharma barracks. Kate insists on following him (which is exactly and explicitly what he told her NOT to do and makes her just like every other woman) and takes Jin and two Gestapo Others with her simply so she can knock them out with her good looks and very large rocks. Once she catches up to Sawyer she witnesses him prying up some floor boards. Turns out Sawyer was ready to propose to Juliet. While they’re having a heart to heart on the dock, Sawyer tosses the engagement ring into the ocean.

Turns out poor Sawyer doesn’t blame Jack or anyone else for Juliet’s death. He blames himself. ‘Sat right here and asked her to stay on the island because I didn’t want to be alone’. Kate also confesses that she came ‘back to the island’ (more on that in a bit) to find Claire to bring her back to Aaron. Sawyer, though, wants none of it, stomps off and ignores Kate the rest of the time.

Meanwhile, Jin is out in the jungle attempting to track down where the Ajira flight crashed and reunite with Sun. While stopping for water (always a fatal mistake on Lost), a gun is put to his head. It’s the two Other bodyguards Kate knocked out and they’re pissed. One (the super grumpy one) is getting ready to shoot Jin when two large bullet holes appear in his chest. The second guard is knocked down by a shot and Jin turns to find…

…Claire. Holding a rifle and looking as bad ass as a five foot one, hundred pound, blonde girl possibly can.

What We Learned

- Claire is still on the island and channeling the spirit of Rousseau. She also has a darkness growing inside of her which could just be bad gas caused by the Dharma food she’s been living on.

- Real World Claire is still pregnant and was going to give Aaron up for adoption.

- Real World Kate seems to have had moments of recognition just like Real World Jack did with Desmond.

- Everyone from the island seems destined to interact in some way in the Real World. Ethan being the doctor has pretty much made that clear.

- Also, it seems at least some of the characters are destined to follow similar paths in the Real World as they did after the crash of 815. Kate, if you recall, helped deliver Aaron on the island and later ‘adopted’ Aaron as her own. Adoption here is used very loosely.

- The Others have a strict no shoe policy in the Temple.

- Don’t ever swallow green pills from The Others.

- Everyone who runs into Kate will in some way help her escape. Can’t really blame them.

- Judging by the size of the diamond on Sawyer’s engagement ring, being Head of Dharma Security doesn’t pay very well.

- The Others are keeping Kate, Jack, etc in The Temple to protect them from Smokey. ‘That smoke thing that goes ticka ticka ticka.’

- PAD already has the best line of the season with ‘We’ll be in the Food Court’. That will not be topped.

- Sayid is not a zombie.

- HKF got to the island the same way Jack did. ‘I was brought here’. That’s got Jacob written all over it.

- Kate came back to the island to bring Claire back while kicking Other ass. Or maybe kicking ass is just a perk of the job.

- The Temple water has healed Sayid’s gunshot wound despite the pollution and the growing evil inside him.

- Sawyer is guilty and bitter. ‘He’s an Iraqi torturer,’ he says upon seeing Sayid resurrected, ‘of course he gets another go ‘round.’

- Sawyer is also linked into Kate in a way Jack could never be. It was telling when he looked directly at her upon escaping and told her ‘Don’t come after me’. Knowing she would, anyway, of course. Kate is stubborn.

- Kate can also be very persuasive when she wants to be.

- Some of the Others are still nursing grudges about being given concussions by Kate and others. What do they expect people they’re holding prisoner to do? Just sit by and wait for death? The Others aren’t coming off as extremely bright or rational.

- Sayid sure seems like Sayid. The last thing he remembers is being shot in the Dharma compound. I have a question related to this, as well.

- HKF uses a translator to hide from the people following him. He uses a different term, but he’s basically hiding behind a language barrier. Let’s be honest for once, Other Man.

New Questions

- Is there some residual memory lingering with the Real World characters? First Jack seems to sense something is off (the long examination of himself in the mirror), recognizes Desmond from somewhere and last night Kate had a similar moment while looking at Jack from a distance. Does she somehow sense that she’s meant to be helping Claire, as well?

- Why name him Lennon? I get that he looks just like John Lennon, but wouldn’t have naming him Ringo been more creative?

- Are specific roles supposed to be filled in order for fate to take its proper course? I know I’m not the only one who thought Claire looked just like Rousseau did for the first few seasons. Does their need to be a leader (‘As you can see, Hurley has assumed the role of leader’), a skeptic, a believer, a rouge wandering the jungle with a rifle, a rebel, a comic relief, and some sort of psychic for events to unfold as they should?

As you recall last season, Ben told Jack that they had to replicate the Ajira flight as closely as possible to the Oceanic flight. That included a dead body in storage and as many of the original passengers as possible.

- Do Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Hurley still have memories of 815 crashing? Kate’s confession to Sawyer on the dock included the phrase ‘You asked me why I came back to the island’ which would make us assume she still remembers crashing, leaving then coming back. Still, the door is slightly ajar that something else is going on. Nobody has openly referenced Oceanic 815 crashing on the island. I find this interesting and am hoping that the Real World story lines merge with the Lost World by the time everything winds up.

- If they do remember, why did Lost need to have Kate be the one to destroy my pet theory? Why, Lost, why????!!!!!!

- Going way back to Season One, does anyone else remember Rousseau telling Sayid that she had murdered the rest of her crew because they were ‘infected’ and that he should keep an eye on the rest of the survivors. You may also recall that Rousseau performed the same electrocution greeting on Sayid when she first caught him. Then released him after she determined he was not a threat. I don’t have a question other than ‘What’s that all about?’

- What did they think Sayid would do upon being tortured? I don’t see how screaming in agony proves anything other than he’s human. In fact, it’s probably the most normal thing that happened the entire day. Yet somehow that proves he’s been claimed?

- Do these claims come with paperwork? And is the interest adjustable or fixed? I’d hate to see that darkness in Sayid get evicted because he suddenly can’t afford the drastic mortgage increases.

- What is so important about these seven: Hurley, Sayid, Jack, Kate, PAD, Sawyer, and Jin, that HKF would risk coming out as an English speaker to keep Sawyer from leaving. ‘Please, you need to stay here’. What did that note say?

- Has Ben been claimed? Remember last season when Sayid shot Little Ben and they gave him to Richard Alpert? Alpert told them that he could save Ben but he wouldn’t remember anything and would never be the same. Was Ben submerged in that same Temple fountain and infected with the darkness? Or, at the very least, malaria? Ben is kind of an asshole, so it fits.

- Where the hell did Sawyer find a diamond ring on the island? Is there a catalog he can order from? Was there a General Store we never saw? Does Dharma give them out as bonuses? Seriously, what the hell?

- If the Real World is actually a parallel time line (and not a substitution or replacement like I think), will the Real World characters eventually run into Ben? I can’t wait for that moment.

- While we’re here, did detonating the bomb reset The Others fates, as well? Ethan being a well mannered, seemingly successful doctor makes us think they were never brought to the island to menace and kill the Oceanic people. Or is there something else going on we aren’t aware of, yet? Can’t help being suspicious. Chalk that up to experience.

- How do the Others expect Jack to trust them when all they do is lie to his face at every opportunity? Again, they don’t seem to have a great game plan in place.

Step 1: Shoot everyone that comes into their camp.
Step 2: If they have note from Jacob, skip Step 1.
Step 3: Did you shoot them before finding the note? Bury the bodies and tell Jacob they never showed up.
Step 4: If they’re still living, lie to them all the time.
Step 5: If you don’t want to lie, give vague half answers that mean nothing.
Step 6: Get them to kill each other if you suspect anything is off about them.
Step 7: Finally tell the truth because one of them nearly killed himself.

Considering how well things are going at the moment, it might be time to mix things up. Just a suggestion.

- What do the Temple people do for fun? There’s no television, no computers, no games of any kind that I can see. It doesn’t even look like they have much room to move around. Do they even get to play on the beach? They’re on a beautiful (if deadly) island and can’t leave the house.

- Meant to ask this last week, but I noticed we heard the whispers just before the Others kidnapped everyone from the ruined temple. What was that about? How do the Others make that sound? Does it have something to do with them leaving the protection of the internal Temple?

- If Sayid is indeed ‘claimed’, how do they know he hasn’t been claimed by Jacob? This is the first time Jacob has been dead in centuries (perhaps ever) so there is an entirely new set of rules to be played by. Again…Others…you’re not really thinking things through.

- If Claire is a Rambo-ess living in the jungle (for years, no less), then what was with her showing up in the cabin with Christian? The more we learn, the more it seems there are two or more forces at work on the island. Not just Jacob and Fake Locke.

- One last question to leave you with: What if – like Fake Locke – it really isn’t Claire but just some spirit assuming her form. Like say a dead Rousseau? I’ll bet it’s even her rifle.

That’s all I’ve got this week. I must admit this has been a fantastic season, so far. Let’s hope it keeps at it.

Today's distraction: Since I'm over due for a public service, I give you a formal apology form to fill out when the need arises. I feel like I know most of you and can tell you'll need this often. Just print several copies out file them away for easy access.


A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

I really think Claire is possessed just like Fake Locke. Last nights episode was awesome! So since Sayid is infected or claimed, does that mean he can turn into the black smoke eventually? That's kind of what HKF made it seem like. Great review as always Beach.

BeachBum said...

I'm confused by that, as well. We're assuming that Ben was 'claimed' the same way, but he can't turn smokey. Um...right?

BTW, read that the stuffed killer whale was given to Aaron by Kate the first time around. Which is why she gave it such a strange look when she pulled it out of the bag. I don't remember that, but I'll go with it.