Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lost - Part 3

Part of the problem following (obsessing over?) a series like ‘Lost’ is getting caught up in details that probably don’t matter in the long run. Things like the ‘whoosh’ sound when transferring from the island to a flashback or flashforward. Last night I noticed the ‘whoosh’ sound stutters and skips when going back to the island or to the real world.

It probably means nothing, but this is a show that relishes the details and I can’t help leaning towards the idea that it really is significant. Perhaps the new time line where Oceanic 815 doesn’t crash is crumbling or that bouncing between time lines is having an adverse affect on both time lines.

Anyway, my point is this stupid focusing on the details has triggered a new chain of thoughts in my tunnel vision, highly impaired brain and I have a new thought for all of you.

First things first. You know the drill.

What Happened

Real World: Here comes Locke cruising his neighborhood in his pimped out Locke-mobile. As he’s getting down on his wheelchair ramp and the thing stalls about a foot off the ground. Locke – being all manly like – decides to just launch his wheelchair to the ground which winds up as you would expect: Locke face down on his lawn. Adding insult to tough laundry stains, the sprinklers on his lawn go off.

Out runs Locke’s fiancé, Peggy Bundy, to help him into the house. While Locke is bathing, Peg is complaining about wedding plans and wants to elope to Vegas. Locke tells her she deserves better than that. They also discuss meeting Jack in the airport lost baggage area and she is excited that he has been offered a free consult by a spinal surgeon. While Locke insists Jack was just being polite (which, as we know, isn’t really in Jack’s wheelhouse), Peggy says to Locke ‘What are the odds of you meeting a spinal surgeon. Maybe it’s destiny!’ Now we know where he gets it.

Returning to work from his ‘conference’ (Locke speak for getting denied a walk about), Locke is confronted by his boss who tells him that he knows he didn’t go to the conference and, oh yeah, you’re fired. Locke returns to his van to find a huge Hummer blocking in his van. He tries to mess it up big time, but the ramp stalls again. So he hits the bumper and sets off the alarm. The owner comes out and we hear the familiar ‘Dude, what did you do?’ from Hurley. He owns the Hummer, Locke’s company, a corny wardrobe and terrible shaving gear. He promises Locke he’ll hook him up with another job, just go to my OTHER business and tell them Hugo sent you.

‘Chin up, dude. Everything’s going to work out’

At the temp agency, Locke can’t think of a single animal he would be and meets up with Rose. She explains to him that it might be time for him to accept his limitations like she has accepted her terminal cancer. As she said ‘I just decided to live my life’. Rose counseling Locke. Just like on the island.

The next morning Locke is getting ready and makes a hesitant call to Jack’s office. When asked ‘Can we help you?’ Locke replies ‘No…no you can’t’ and hangs up. Seems he’s tired of hoping for a miracle. ‘There are no such things as miracles,’ he says to Peggy who replies ‘Oh yes there are, you big doofus,’ (or something like that).

Locke’s temp job is actually as a substitute teacher. He coaches a gym class, gets to teach a human reproduction class and something else happens. What was it again?? Oh right. He runs into Ben Linus who is whining in the teacher’s lounge about coffee filters. He introduces himself as teacher of European History which is totally appropriate for a pompous ass like Ben.

Island World: Cruising through the island is Smokey and his trademark ‘clack clack’ sound. He stops by the Dharma camp to rock out a bit then heads into the jungle to pick up a machete. Only he’s Fake Locke now. He cuts down a burlap sack that contains a frightened and beaten Richard. They are having a heart to heart when Fake Locke sees a boy in the distance. He freaks a bit and takes off. ‘See you later, Richard. Sooner than you think.’ He’s just sore because Richard refused his invitation to join him. Big baby.

Off Fake Locke goes to check in on a drunk, mourning Sawyer who recognizes almost immediately that Locke ain’t Locke. ‘The Locke I know was scared. You ain’t scared at all.’ Did you hear Sawyer’s voice while reading that? It sounds much cooler that way. Fake Locke convinces Sawyer to put some pants on and join him on a trek through the jungle by telling him ‘I can answer why you are on this island’.

On the way they run into the same boy Fake Locke saw with Richard. When Sawyer asks who the kid is, Fake Locke seems surprised that he could also see him. Fake Locke chases the boy and trips. The boy tells Locke ‘You know the rules. You can’t kill him.’

Fake Locke gets all pissy and emotional and starts yelling ‘Don’t tell me what I can’t do!’ which is just like Real World Locke! Awesome! At the same time Richard pops out of the jungle and tries to convince Sawyer to go back to the Temple with him. He tells Sawyer ‘He wants to kill everyone you care about’, which doesn’t impress Sawyer at all.

After Richard runs away whimpering like a wounded dog, Sawyer and Fake Locke head off again. Sawyer takes a break by threatening to shoot Fake Locke in the head. Fake Locke tells him to go ahead since he can’t be sure what will happen (Hint: Smokey death for Sawyer). Sawyer decides to see what’s what and follows Fake Locke down a series of ancient ladders, into a cave and the real reason Sawyer and everyone else is here:

On the cave walls and ceiling are the names of Sayid, Jack, Hurley, Sawyer (Ford), etc with corresponding numbers. Oh, yeah, you know the numbers I’m talking about. Fake Locke tells Sawyer they are all candidates to replace Jacob in ‘protecting the island’ and that Sawyer has three choices.

1: Do nothing and see how things unfold.
2: Accept the new responsibility.
3: Nail Kate in a bear cage….oh wait, he’s done that one.
3: Leave the island.

Sawyer selects option 3. Uh…the leave the island option. Although I’ll bet nailing Kate again would be high on his list, as well.


Ben, Ilana, Sun and Captain Frank are having some bonding moments with Dead Locke. Ben tells Ilana that Smoky killed her friends and Jacob (LIAR!!). Ilana scoops up some of the ash from the pit where Jacob’s body burned way too easily and tells Ben that Richard was brought into the jungle by Fake Locke because ‘He’s recruiting’.

Sun insists that Dead Locke needs to be buried and leads the crew to the old beach to be buried alongside all the other unfortunates that have died since this show started. Nice touch by the ‘Lost’ people in reminding us how many people have died over the course of the series. This hasn’t been an easy ride.

Ilana tells Ben that she brought Dead Locke to the statue so she could show everyone ‘the face they’re up against’. I’m thinking Ilana could use a camera on her cell phone. While burying Locke, Ben actually confesses to murdering him.

What We Learned

- The numbers relate to the Oceanic people. Here’s what I got from the cave:
4 – Locke
8 – Hurley
15 – Sawyer
16 - Sayid
23 – Jack
42 – Sun or Jin or both

- All the people listed in that cave are considered ‘candidates’ to replace Jacob. At least, according to Fake Locke who is a highly questionable source.

- Fake Locke – for some reason – is now stuck looking like Locke. According to Ilana he can no longer change to look like anyone else.

- Sawyer has the tolerance of a god. Drinking whiskey straight, then hiking through a super hot, humid jungle with a deadly, ancient, pseudo human and he doesn’t puke once. Not even a dry heave. He’s my hero.

- Richard is absolutely terrified of Fake Locke.

- Real World Hurley is an impressive business man and can still throw down a perfectly appropriate ‘douche’ when needed.

- Locke and Peggy Bundy are reconciled in the real world but should never be witnessed kissing in High Definition.

- Locke was lying to Boone when he told him he was allowed on the walkabout in Australia.

- Real World Ben is alive, annoying and teaching highly impressionable school children. Not exactly comforting.

- Real World Locke is not the believer he was on the island. See what happens when you can miraculously walk after surviving an airline disaster?

- Fake Locke has the best mode of transportation on the island.

- Rose still has terminal cancer but is handling it very well.

- Richard didn’t know that ‘candidates’ were on the island.

- Sun still has a kick ass body. Whoops, was that out loud?

- Fake Locke has ‘been trapped for so long I forget what it feels like to be free’ which could mean he’s married.

- For living on such a beautiful island, Jacob spent a lot of time in dark, dismal rooms.

- Fake Locke offers Richard respect and full disclosure if he joins him. An offer Richard refuses.

- Fake Locke wants off the island in the worst way.

- Ilana is carrying around Jacob’s ashes in her island purse for some reason.

- Real World Locke needs to change the timing off his sprinkler system. Mid afternoon isn’t the best time to water a lawn regardless of whether you are face down on it or not.

- Fake Locke took Locke’s body because it gave him access to Jacob.

- Real World Hurley isn’t concerned about global warming or gas prices. In his defense it’s still 2004 and Al Gore hasn’t made his movie, yet.

- Real World Locke needs a new van.

- Locke’s burial is the ‘weirdest damn funeral’ Captain Frank has ever been to.

- It certainly seems as if all the island people will be meeting in the Real World time line. Sawyer has met Kate and Hurley. Hurley has met Locke, Rose, Sawyer, Arnst. Jack has met Charlie, Desmond, Sayid and Locke. Locke has met Jack, Rose, Hurley, and now Ben. Kate has met Sawyer, Jack, Claire, and Ethan. Around and around we go!

New Questions

- Are the Oceanic people really ‘candidates’ or something more than that?

- Why wasn’t Kate’s name in the cave? All the numbers are accounted for and she wasn’t on the list. Although it was on Jacob’s list sent to the Temple. We assume.

- Is it Sun or Jin that Jacob meant to bring to the island? Or do they both need to be there? Since Jin was the one sent back in time, we’re led to believe it’s him, but there is no way to know if that’s true.

- Who was the boy in the jungle? Was that young Jacob?

- Am I the only one not buying Fake Locke’s explanation about the numbers? It can’t just be that Jacob has a thing for numbers.

- What did the boy mean by ‘you can’t kill him’? Did he mean Jacob can’t be killed? Was he referring to Sawyer? And what are these stupid rules? Who created them and why can’t Fake Locke simply cheat his way out of whatever game is being played?

- How does Ilana know so much about what’s going on? And why did she take Jacob’s ashes?

- Are we sure Fake Locke is the bad guy in all this? Let’s not forget that Richard helped Ben kill hundreds of Dharma people. That’s not something good guys normally plan out.

- Why does Fake Locke need to recruit? Can he not leave the island by himself? Does he need someone to take him off?

- Did detonating the bomb on the island somehow erase everyone’s history relating to it? Little Ben was already on the island when the bomb went off, but now he’s a history teacher with a coffee filter phobia. Ethan was born on the island, but now is a kind, caring doctor. Are we to believe that nearly everyone is better off without the island?

- Is Sawyer really going to try to get off the island with Fake Locke? He seemed to calculate how things would play out before answering. Let’s not forget drunk Sawyer caught on that it wasn’t the real Locke in about five minute.

- What is the last book Fake Locke has read? Never read ‘Of Mice and Men’? It’s not like he hasn’t had a ton of time on his hands.

- Why is Fake Locke trapped?

- Is the island really ‘just an island’? Yeah, I don’t think so either. Regular islands don’t go skipping through time and disappear at the turn of a wheel. They also don’t have dead people regularly reappear. Nice try, Fake Locke, but we aren’t buying. Could the island actually be a prison for Fake Locke? Perhaps the candidates aren’t meant to protect the island, but keep Fake Locke trapped on it?

- What happens if Fake Locke gets off the island? Will the world come to an end or will he simply hit the first strip club he passes and get distracted by naked women? (Or men - He could go either way and I don’t judge)

- Does Sun subconsciously not want to reunite with Jin? She’s come so far, abandoned her baby, crash landed for the second time on the island and when she finally knows where Jin is she detours to bury Locke on the other side of the island. She crazy!!

- Did Real World Locke still get paralyzed by his father? Or did something else happen? Remember he and Peggy Bundy broke up because of his fixation with his father. Them still together could mean something else has happened.

Let’s get to my bizarre thought process before this gets too long (I know, too late!). Seeing both Ben and Ethan off island and non threatening (although still creepy) triggered an idea that has to do with our old friend Desmond.

Remember him popping up briefly next to Jack on the plane before vanishing again? Well, since Desmond never lands on the island and probably married Penny (this time with Widmore’s blessing?) perhaps he goes to work for Widmore.

And who else worked for Widmore? Why Dr Faraday. That’s who. What if Desmond still meets up and works with Faraday while Faraday is working out his time travel theory? Only this time things work out well, Faraday recognizes Desmond’s natural ability to manage time travel and they have figured out how to successfully move around time?

Desmond showing up in the plane was one of his ‘trips’. Which is also why he’s gone by the time the plane lands. If you recall Faraday mentions to someone that Desmond is different than everyone else when they are all skipping through time. Faraday even passes along a message to Desmond during his time punching in the numbers at the Swan Station.

This may be irrelevant to the entire season, but…


What if Desmond is somehow instrumental in merging the two time lines? If he has the ability to time travel maybe he goes back and tells Jack not to detonate the bomb. Or tells them they all have to go back to the island. Or make millions gambling on race horses. I don’t know I’m just bringing it up as a thought.

You can all dwell on that for a week.

Today's distraction: A Lost timeline that tracks (in a very confusing manner) everything that's happened on the show. Just skimming it is over whelming.

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A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

4 – Locke
8 – Hurley
15 – Sawyer
16 - Sayid
23 – Jack
42 – Sun or Jin or both
When I saw the numbers and the names I just about lost my shit. I was wondering when they were going to bring those things back.

So is fake Locke basically satan and Jacob is basically god? That's kind of what I got from it. In the first episode this season Jacob had white on and the other dude that took over Lockes body was wearing black. Coincidence? maybe.