Monday, March 15, 2010

Get Your Floaties

This past weekend’s weather is reason #121 why owning your own house is wildly over rated.

Since Friday afternoon Boston has been experiencing a friggin’ monsoon. It has been pouring for three days straight. Not simply raining, mind you; pouring. There has been no let up, no ray of light, no break in the clouds. It has been torrential for nearly 72 hours straight.

It got so bad I spend Saturday night worrying whether my house was going to remain standing. See, the rain was accompanied by hurricane force winds that battered and shook my house so much that the water in the upstairs toilet was moving. Plus it woke everyone else up so often we were all walking around like zombies. That lost hour certainly didn’t help.

Can I get that back now?

With our house set up high, we don’t really worry about getting water in the house very often. This is one of those times. I checked yesterday afternoon and we had water. And it’s been pouring every minute since then. I haven’t checked again because there isn’t much to do about it until the rain stops.

It’s still going.

Our basement has a built in drain for moments just like this. When I checked the water was flowing nicely into the drain. We had a river flowing through, which I’m ok with. What I don’t want – and what I fully expect to find when I get home – is standing water with nowhere to go but up into my house. That doesn’t work for me. At. All.

Still, our basement is a traditional cement floored, ‘throw shit down there and forget it exists’ basement. I really don’t care that much about water unless it gets near our furnace and hot water heater. So far they’re both safe.

What really pisses me off is seeing water stains on the ceiling. Just like I saw in the boy’s bedroom this morning. Good fucking times!

This means another trip to the tip top of my house to see what the fuck is going on. Most likely that wind ripped off part of the shingles and has exposed the roof underneath. So now water is dripping into the house (or in this case being driven in by a merciless force of nature) and threatening to ruin both the ceiling and my peace of mind.

It’s times like this I wonder what life would be like living in a condo.

No shoveling as I would get underground parking or, at the very least, move my car so the plow can clear out my spot.

No mowing the lawn.

No weeding.

No dog (would buy a pet intolerant condo).

No worrying about leaky roofs or flooded basements.

Or how about simply renting? All of the above and more! My sink gets clogged, call the landlord. Roof leaks? Call the landlord. Need some weed? Call the landlord.

Hey, it’s my dream.

Don’t buy into the home ownership trap, friends. It’s more trouble than it’s worth. Keep your life simple and either buy a condo or just rent an apartment. Home ownership drains energy, money and your will to live.

Fight the power!

Today’s distraction: Photos from this insane storm. The Greater Boston area has nearly eight inches of rain from this mofo. By the way, that first photo isn’t an over flowing river, it’s a golf course.

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