Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lost - Part 5

I know, I’m late. You’re refund is in the mail.

For five seasons now, the underlying theme of ‘Lost’ has been redemption. Or so we thought. Last night’s theme seemed to be ‘you are what you are; why fight it?’

Granted, there are still twelve hours left of this series, but I must admit I was left disturbed by the ending last night (which, I suppose, was the entire purpose). From the first moment we meet Sayid (fighting Sawyer on the beach, remember?) he has struck us as someone wrestling with this inner demons. Last night he gave up that fight, completely embraced his demons and didn’t just join the dark side, but jumped in gleefully with both feet.

Let’s follow suit and jump in with both feet. Must admit I was left feeling displaced at the end of last night’s show. All our friends are not doing well (except Kate who seems stunned and clueless).

Don’t read further if you haven’t seen it.

What Happened

Real World: Sayid is welcomed into Nadia and his brother’s house with open arms. Sayid’s brother runs dry cleaning shops in the L.A. area and Nadia learns of Sayid’s still simmering affection when her children ‘accidentally’ find a photo of her in Sayid’s suit case. Well played, Sayid, well played.

Let’s just skim over this section since I’m way behind and the Real World was a foot note in the overall scheme of things.

Sayid’s brother borrowed money from a loan shark rather than a bank, which, in hindsight wasn’t the best move. It was 2004 and interest rates had to be super low. He asks Sayid to help out (meaning hurt some people), but Sayid refuses. ‘I’m not that man, any more,’ he says. Oh, we beg to differ.

While Sayid is playing Mr. Mom to Nadia’s children, he finds out that his brother was mugged outside one of his shops. He and Nadia rush to the hospital to find that he needs surgery. Sayid gets that look on his face that usually means a lot of pain and blood for other people, but Nadia talks him into burying that side of himself and go take care of her kids. He agrees, which just proves a good looking woman can get any man to do anything.

As he’s leaving the house the next day, Sayid is greeted by two thugs in a really nice SUV. He’s ‘asked’ to join them and brought to a restaurant where he’s met by….

…OH! Mercenary dude from the freighter!! He’s all oily and charming and lethal looking, just like he was on the island. Sayid decides that perhaps he is the man that kills people after all and offs both Mercenary Dude (thanks for the cameo) and his henchmen.

Quick sidenote: I’ve decided I want henchmen. Just so I can call them henchmen and so they can get my drinks for me. Any volunteers?

After his murder lust is sated, Sayid hears bumps and yells. He slowly creeps up on the built in freeze, whips it open and finds Jin, all bound up and bloody.

‘No English!’

Island World: Sayid confronts Dogen about the entire torturing misunderstanding and Dogen explains that every person has a balance between good and evil (hello white and black rocks on a scale!) and that Sayid had definitely gone towards evil. Sayid takes exception to this and a kick ass fight ensues. Dogen is ready to kill Sayid once and for all when that useless baseball falls to the ground. Dogen lets Sayid go, telling him to leave the Temple.

As we’ll all see in 50 minutes, that was a bad move.

Fake Locke, meanwhile, has convinced Claire to enter the Temple to deliver a message. She tells Dogen that you know who wants to talk to him, but Dogen is no fool (he is really) and knows Fake Locke will kill him. Claire tells him to send someone he won’t kill. When he learns Jack and Hurley are still picnicking, he decides to send Sayid.

He hands Sayid a knife and tells him to kill anyone he trusts but is already dead, which, unsurprisingly, doesn’t limit the options down much on this island. ‘Stab him before he speaks to you’. Sayid, in an attempt to prove he is a good guy, agrees.

Sayid and Kate pass each other in the jungle, barely nodding at each other in passing. Kate – back at the Temple – learns from PAD that Claire is back. She rushes to where Claire is being held captive (a comfy looking pit that could use a throw rug) and explains to her that the Others haven’t taken Aaron. Kate tells Claire that she took Aaron off the island when Claire went missing and that she came back to rescue her. Claire took this with her typical narrow eyed bitchiness.

Meanwhile Sayid has run into Fake Locke, stabbed him in the chest only to have Fake Locke pity him. Confused Fake Locke explains that he never had a chance to kill him and Dogen has sent him here to be killed. He asks Sayid, ‘What if I told you that you could have anything wanted?’

Sayid asks what he wants him to do. Just deliver a message Fake Locke says. Sayid explains that the only thing he wanted had died in his arms and he will never see it again. Fake Locke, all leery and creepy, says ‘But what if you could?’

Deal! Sayid heads back to the Temple and tells everyone that Jacob is dead and the man waiting at the clearing is giving everyone until sundown to join him to leave the island. Everyone else will die. A mass migration from imminent death and a boring Temple social life ensues.

Sayid joins Dogen at the Temple hot tub and gives him the dagger back. Dogen explains how his drunk driving after a party killed his son, but a man appeared by his hospital bed. Said that he could save his son, but only if he came to the island. He would never see his son again (which seems like a push if you ask me). Sayid asks to stay in the Temple then drowns Dogen in the pool.

Lennon comes in, freaks out like he’s tripping on acid, and says ‘He was the only thing keeping him out!’ Sayid answers with the dagger blade against his throat and suddenly the cast is slimming down quite nicely.

Just then Smokey attacks the Temple. Kate and PAD run for their lives and split up when Kate runs to get Claire. Claire tells her the pit is the safest place to be as she soon discovers when Smokey comes barreling in. Clinging to the latter, Kate sees all the people (souls?) that Smokey has taken.

PAD, meanwhile, thinks a wooden door will save him only it’s busted down by Captain Frank, Ilana, Ben and Sun. Ben runs to save Sayid, but ‘it’s too late’ for him and Ben slowly backs away all bug eyed. Sun finds out that Jin is still alive from PAD and Ilana saves them all by opening a hidden room.

When Smokey settles down via his anger management mantra of ‘Off the island’, Kate, Sayid, and Claire meet up with Fake Locke who gives Kate the once over, proving he really is just a man after all. Fake Locke has his recruits together and heads off into the jungle.

What We Learned

- Real World Jin isn’t enjoying L.A. much but he did seem to straighten out the money issue at LAX.

- Smokey can’t go into pits apparently.

- Real World Sayid didn’t believe he was good enough for Nadia and pushed her towards marrying his brother.

- Island World Sayid and Real World Sayid fully embrace their true natures. This true nature appears to include cold blooded murder and little remorse.

- Sayid’s brother is terrible with money.

- Mercenary dude is a dick in both worlds. Oh, and dead.

- Jack looks out towards the ocean for a REAL long time.

- Claire is loony as the day is long.

- PAD likes his women with bird nest hair styles and little personal hygiene.

- Dogen can kick some ass as long as it’s on dry ground.

- Fake Locke doesn’t bleed. Or die.

- Nobody is being straight with anybody else. Considering how well things are working out, maybe a mediator should be brought in to straighten things out. Maybe that’s who’s coming to the island?

- Mercenary dude makes good eggs.

- Real World Sayid translates oil contracts and still has a complex about his torturing days.

- Smokey can make short work of a large number of people.

- The flight attendant from 815 appears to be the only rationale thinker on the island.

New Questions

- Will we ever see a Sun – Jin reunion? Like ever?

- What were the figures Kate glimpsed in Smokey? Were they every cast member caught driving drunk in Hawaii?

- Is free will still involved with Claire and Sayid? Could Sayid have simply not killed Dogen if he chose? Or is he under Fake Locke’s control completely?

- When’s the last time anyone ate in this show?

- Where’s Sawyer and Jin? Does Fake Locke keep them in his back pocket until he needs them?

- Can Fake Locke really fulfill everyone’s desire or is he just saying what he needs to in order to get off the island?

- How does Ilana know about all this stuff? And how did they get into the Temple unnoticed?

- Is Fake Locke really the bad guy in all this? After the genocide we witnessed last night, I’m leaning strongly towards HELL YES!

- Is Kate now ‘infected’, too or is she simply following the crowd?

- What does it take to become infected? Swim in the Temple pool or simply being touched by Fake Locke? Or more than that?

- Could Sayid have killed Fake Locke if he hadn’t said ‘Hi, Sayid’ before he stabbed him? Is that why Fake Locke said to Sawyer ‘I don’t know what will happen’ when Sawyer threatened to shoot him in the head?

- Where is Jacob in all this? He protects Hurley and Jack, but let’s Dogen and all the others at the Temple die? Are he and Fake Locke in a contest to see who can be the biggest douche?

- Lastly (it’s getting late), what now? Is Team Locke going to mix it up with Jack and Hurley? Will he recruit Kate officially or just check her out? Does he know need to trek across the island to pick up Jin and Sawyer? Can’t he just pick everyone up as Smokey and piggy back them to their next destination?

Twelve hours of Lost remaining. Sorry for any typos above, but had no time for proof reading.


A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

It was a good episode, yet very disturbing. I don't understand why fake Locke wants to kill everyone. What the hell is he going to do on the island than? It would be pretty boring. Maybe he will let Kate live and keep her as his sex slave, that's what I would do.

Anonymous said...

I was thrown off by the whole, stab him before he speaks thing. Then when Sayid stabbed fake locke AFTER he spoke, he was convinced that Dogen threw him under the bus, not considering that maybe it would have worked if he stabbed him before he spoke, as he was told.

Also, the ending of this episode was pretty bad ass. When Sayid sneers at Ben, "Not for me".

BeachBum said...

Trib, when Sayid said to Dogen (about Jacob) 'he drives a hard bargain' I thought so does your new friend idiot. 'Join me or die' isn't exactly an easy choice either. I'm still puzzling out the good guy in this entire thing.

Anon, I don't know if him speaking to Sayid had anything to do with it. I don't think Sayid could have killed him regardless. I think it was Dogen's hail mary at trying to salvage a situation gone terribly wrong. Once again he failed miserably.

btw, do we think Dogen can be brought back like Sayid since they both drowned in that fountain?

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

Probably, it's not like anyone ever really dies on Lost.