Friday, March 5, 2010

Lost Thoughts

With apologies to 10 (just watch already, will ya?), since I rushed through the Lost recap and had another revelation that’s doomed to be wrong, I wanted to pass along a few thoughts regarding ‘Lost’. I’ll make it quick.

1: This ‘infection’ thing seems to be an important part of Lost this year. According to the late, not so great Dogen, both Sayid and Claire are infected. But how did they get infected?

Thought: What if they weren’t infected by Fake Locke or any sort of ‘darkness’ from the Temple Fountain but were infected by Jacob? While we never witness Jacob touching Claire (although she shared an island with him for three years, so it’s possible that hasn’t been revealed), we know he’s touched Sayid, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Locke, Hurley, Jin and Sun. We can assume Sayid is infected after his outburst last week. Locke is dead, Sawyer has joined with Fake Locke (supposedly, but I have my doubts), Kate’s simply tagging along, Jack and Hurley are pouting at the light house, Jin is somewhere incapacitated, Sun hasn’t had more than 10 lines of dialogue since she returned to the island.

Let’s work this two ways. If Fake Locke is evil, then perhaps the infection is simply a way for him to get everyone in touch with their dark sides and join his rebellion. Or whatever it is he’s trying to do. We can then assume that Jacob touching the group was a way of marking them and tracking their progress or calling them to the island.

Problem with that the tracking theory is he didn’t touch Jack until he was already an adult and practicing medicine, therefore touching the person didn’t prevent Jacob from watching them from the Lighthouse. Jack’s childhood home was in the mirror and not the hospital.

That would mean that touching all the people was a way to draw them to the island or mark them in some other psychic way we aren’t yet aware of. Fine.

But what if Jacob isn’t the good guy? What if his touching everyone was a way to make them more susceptible to becoming ‘infected’? Or the incubation needed to invoke infection whenever he needed to. Sure, he’s dead now, but that hasn’t stopped him from wreaking havoc through Hurley so why would it stop his ability to spread infection through the ranks? Or maybe Dogen can activate the infection through the Fountain?

Just saying.

2: Doc Jensen in his Entertainment Weekly recap tossed in a thought about Sayid greeting his niece and nephew in the Real World as possibly being Sayid’s own children in the world Fake Locke promised him in the jungle. The ‘But what if you could?’ part.

This triggered my usual chain reaction of insane thoughts that concluded in yet another new theory that has already been dismissed by fellow Lost addicts (they were nice about it).

What if this Real World isn’t real at all, but something conjured up by Fake Locke to trick the island people into thinking they got what he promised them on the island.

For example, he promises Claire she will get Aaron back if she helps him. In the Real World she gives birth to Aaron and (so far) has kept him.

He promises Sayid he can have Nadia back. He is now living with Nadia and her two kids and I’ll bet his brother dies after the attack, leaving him alone with his true love.

We don’t know what he promises Kate (yet), but I’ll bet it has to do with helping Claire get back to Aaron.

We don’t know what (if anything) he promises Jack, but I’ll bet it has to do with resolving his own father/self esteem issues and what better way to do that than through his own fatherhood.

This would explain why everyone seems so displaced and confused in this Real World. Everyone – that is – except Sayid who was the first not to have that ‘mirror’ moment. Sayid, who wants more than anything to believe he can have Nadia back; alive and healthy and fully in love with him. My guess is the more you want to believe the fewer flaws this Real World will contain. This is why Jack is having more explicit moments than anyone else (so far). He’s the skeptic; the one having the greatest difficulty buying into the illusion.

It would also explain why Jack has a rather fresh looking appendectomy scar that looks like it was performed on a remote island with no medical equipment even though his mother says it was removed at a hospital when he was seven years old.
The problem is this Real World is all an illusion (think of it like ‘The Matrix’ only everyone is still on the island with Fake Locke casting his spell) which is why some of it is cracking and crumbling.

The blood on Jack’s collar on the airplane (want to bet he gets hurt in the neck area near the end of the season?).

Desmond appearing then disappearing.

Charlie claiming he was supposed to die.

Kate having that moment of déjà vu while seeing Jack at the airport.

Hurley and Locke acting like lost friends in the parking lot.

But there, you see is the weak link. Locke. He’s dead so how could he have been promised anything? I suppose one of them (Hurley?) wishes Locke back to life as part of his deal. Or maybe Locke being alive again is needed to complete the illusion?

So let’s take it from the other angle again.

Again, what if Fake Locke is good; not evil like Dogen (who works for Jacob, let’s not forget) claims. What if Fake Locke, with the help of Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Jin, Sun, Claire and Sayid gets free of the island? What easier way for him to reward all of them then to set the clock back and put them back on Oceanic 815 with better lives?

And, as far as we can tell, everyone coming off that non crashed Oceanic 815 does seem to have better lives. Even evil Sayid is adored by Nadia and her kids and even his brother.

Hurley is still a millionaire without the bad luck.

Locke is still paralyzed but has a loving support system and good relationship with his father.

Jack is given a bonding moment with his son but is still a respected and accomplished surgeon.

Sure, they still have their flaws, but that’s just being human and even with their faults they sure seem more at ease with themselves. I would be hard pressed to pick one person (ok, Jin) who is having that tough a time in the Real World.

Just food for thought. Figured I would get it down before it became muddled and diluted by all the alcohol I’ll be consuming over the weekend.

Enjoy your weekends.

Today's distraction: Art describes procrastination. And you can procrastinate while watching it. Fucking genius!

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