Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lost - Part 10

Ah, love. The most redeeming and destructive force mankind has ever known. Most of us have done crazy things for love. Driving long distances in order to spend a few hours with that special someone, ignoring friends and family for that initial rush of new love, investing thousands in long distance infrared technology, high range binoculars and tracking devices.

I’m often reminded of a quote by a current, dim witted philosopher who waxed eloquent about love. Only he was talking about beer, which I often substitute for love. He said ‘Beer (Love)…the cause of - and solution to - all of life’s problems’ – H.J. Simpson.

It also appears true love may be the undoing of this Real World in Lost. Last night’s episode certainly took one huge step towards telling us what the hell is going on. At the very least I get to rant about Eloise Hawking-Widmore for a bit. We need ruthless, torturer Sayid to get his hands on her for a few minutes in order to get her to spill the beans.

Off we go…

What Happened

No need for Real World/Island World today as last night was one single stream (sort of), coherent story.

Cue blurry Desmond who wakes to find himself on the set of ’30 Rock’ (have I beaten that joke enough, yet? OK, consider it retired) only it’s not Tina Fey, it’s Zoey telling him he’s been sedated for three days. He asks where he is and is told by his arch nemesis (‘YOU!’), Charles Widmore, that he needed to bring Desmond back to the island because ‘it’s not done with you, yet!’

Desmond responds by twitching then beating Widmore with his IV pole, which was immensely satisfying to watch. Desmond is subdued while Jin watches on in what I assume is stunned inaction. ‘Why is Desmond here?’ he asks Widmore who tells Jin it would be easier to show him because Jin is semi-retarded and can’t understand these strange things called ‘words’.

Zoey and her crew are working to get power restored on the Hydra Island. Pudgy Face tells her they aren’t ready, but she says Widmore doesn’t want to wait. They send a doomed guy into a big box outside to check the big coil thingys. He reports back that they look fine. Another doofus discovers a fuse had a penny in it or something and kicks on the power before doomed guy has a chance to get out of the box. One snap, crackle, and pop later he’s crispy like over cooked bacon.

Mmmmmm, bacon…..

That unfeeling bastard Widmore arrives, tells them to take dead guy’s body out and orders Desmond to be put in the box. ‘If you survive this I’m going to ask you to make a sacrifice,’ he tells Desmond, as if being ripped away from his wife and child and risk being fried to death against your will isn’t already a sacrifice. Widmore is messed up, man. Desmond fights but winds up locked in the box. Jin insists – half heartedly – that they let Desmond out, but Widmore tells Jin that Desmond is the only person to survive a ‘catastrophic electromagnetic event’ and he needs to know if he can do it again. See? Was that so hard? They flip the switch and Desmond gets all fuzzy and goofy looking on the monitors.

Flash to LAX where Desmond is waiting for his luggage. He helps Claire get hers, tells her she’ll have a boy before they split up. He has a driver waiting for him who takes him to Widmore’s office. They’re SOOOO happy to see each other and they celebrate some big deal Desmond closed in Sidney with 60 year old scotch and an unseen make out session.

Fun fact: The actor playing Desmond’s driver – Fisher Stevens, who you may remember from ‘Short Circuit’ – was once married to Michelle Pfeiffer. This was when she was in her 20s and I still haven’t figured out how that happened. As you can see it’s left behind psychic scars from which I’m still trying to recover. I mean…Michelle Pfeiffer!!!

Also, was this character on the freighter with the mercenaries? If I’m not mistaken didn’t he also ‘mind travel’ but eventually died of a melting brain because he couldn’t find a constant?

Where were we?

Oh, right. The love fest between Desmond and Widmore (which was creepy and unnatural) ends with Widmore asking Desmond to go pick up the bassist from a band called ‘Drive Shaft’ who got himself arrested on a drug charge. Seems Mrs. Widmore is arranging Drive Shaft to play with her piano virtuoso son (yeah, we know who that is) today.

Desmond drives to the police station to pick up Charlie and has a quick mirror moment with himself in the door of the building (anyone else catch that?). Although, he may have just been admiring himself in his suit. Charlie could care less about anything and walks directly out into traffic and into the nearest bar. I like Charlie more and more.

While they enjoy a drink, Charlie asks Desmond if he’s happy. Desmond says he is, but Charlie ‘can see it in your eyes’ that he’s not. ‘Have you ever experienced spectacular, conscious altering love?’ He tells Desmond that when he was accidentally choking to death on his bag of heroin (who hasn’t been there?) he saw a beautiful, blonde woman and he knew they were supposed to be together. He had seen ‘the truth’!

Desmond convinced this lunatic, drug addled musician to come with him to the party. While in the car Charlie offers to show Desmond what he’s talking about, grabs the wheel and turns the car into the nearest car wash – which, in this case, is the harbor. The car fills with water and Desmond tries to get Charlie out. Suddenly he sees Charlie in the Island World with ‘Not Penny’s Boat’ written on this hand.

After he gets Charlie out of the car, they both wind up in Jack’s hospital. Desmond tries to ask about Charlie, but is told he needs an MRI. As in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Magnetic…..

Needless to say he remembers everything about Island World (or at least flashes of it) while in the MRI machine. He takes off and tries to find Charlie, even asking Real World Jack to help out. Not needed, though, as a gowned Charlie comes sprinting down the hallway. Desmond chases after him and asks him why he was trying to kill him.

‘I wasn’t trying to kill you,’ Charlie answers, ‘I was trying to show you!’

When Desmond asks to see Charlie’s hands and who Penny is, Charlie knows Desmond saw something. ‘You felt it, too’. Charlie takes off, refusing to go to the concert and claiming ‘None of this matters’.

Desmond, having failed, needs to go to the party to tell Mrs Widmore that the Drive Shaft concert won’t be happening. When he arrives, Mrs Widmore turns out to be Eloise Hawking, who recognizes Desmond immediately and tells him ‘it’s no big deal’ and thanks him for trying. On his way out he hears organizers mentioning Penny’s name. When he attempts to check out the list, Eloise tells him to stop searching for ‘whatever it is you’re looking for’. She says that someone has affected the way he’s seeing things and this is a serious problem. In fact, ‘it’s a violation’!

When Desmond demands to see the guest list or her explain why he can’t, Eloise tells him she can’t. ‘You’re not ready, yet,’ she claims and storms off. Now would be a good time to point out that Eloise is the same woman who tutored Desmond on time traveling and introduced the concept of ‘course correction’ into Lost terminology. She’s also a tight lipped be-otch who needs to be slapped around a bit.

Back in his limo with Michelle Pfeiffer’s ex-husband, Desmond is approached by our old friend Twitchy Faraday, who in this Real World is Desmond Widmore. He asks Desmond to chat and talks about how he saw this blue eyed, red haired beauty working at the museum (that would be Charlotte still smarting about sleeping with Sawyer, I’m sure) and knew he had been in love with her before. That same night he woke from a dream and wrote something in his notebook. It is an advanced math equation in the middle of a notebook full of musical writing.

Since Faraday (sorry, Widmore) didn’t know what it meant, he took it to a friend at CalTech who said it was an advanced quantum mechanics equation; something so advanced it would only have been written by someone with a life time of fancy math learning. Faraday asks Desmond, ‘What if all this wasn’t supposed to be our life? What if something changed to create all this?’

Desmond is confused and asks what this has to do with him, anyway. Faraday tells him that he overheard him asking about Penny. Penny is his half sister and can tell Desmond exactly where she will be. Score one for Faraday!

Desmond heads to the same football stadium he and Jack first met (remember that?) to find Penny running up and down the stairs. He introduces himself and as they touch hands he flashes to….

…the island. Desmond wakes up in the box and quickly asks how long he’s been out. ‘Only a few seconds,’ Widmore tells him. Widmore begins explaining why he had to do this to Desmond when Desmond interrupts him. ‘It’s ok. I understand now. What do you need me to do?’

So Desmond is recruited and ready for work. As Zoey is leading Desmond back to…well…wherever, Sayid attacks, kills the two guards and tells Zoey to run. Sayid tells Desmond that these people are not who they seem and are dangerous. Pot, meet kettle…

Desmond shrugs as he’s used to these crazy island things and tells Sayid to lead the way…

…and he wakes up in the stadium with Penny asking if he’s ok. Seems he passed out for a bit, but recovers in time to ask Penny to meet for a cup of coffee. She agrees and Desmond practically skips back to the limo. There he asks the driver (who used to be married to Michelle Pfeiffer, for crying out loud!) to get him the passenger list for Oceanic 815.

‘Do you mind me asking what you need it for?’ the driver asks.

‘So I can show them something,’ Desmond answers.

What We Learned

- This Real World ain’t what it seems. More of a confirmation, but still.

- Eloise Hawking-Widmore again seems to know what’s going on and (again) isn’t saying much.

- Faraday is a concert pianist in Real World and never invented time travel. He also seems to either sense or figured out that he helped detonate a nuclear bomb at some time or another.

- Widmore thinks Jin is a visual learner.

- Desmond, Charlie, and Faraday all believe that something is wrong in this Real World. I would add Jack, Kate, and Sun to that list, as well.

- Desmond isn’t some time traveling, sentient being in the Real World. He just moved seats on the Oceanic flight.

- True love seems to be the flaw in this Real World.

- Desmond Widmore just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

- Widmore needs to hire better help. ‘Oh, found the issue and I’m turning this electromagnetic contraption on without checking if everyone is ready!’ Really, dude? How much training did they give you?

- In that same theme, Sayid took out his guards REALLY quickly. Maybe they have a calcium deficiency that makes their necks really easy to snap.

- Jin needs to be more proactive.

- Desmond was still recovering from his gunshot wound from Ben when Widmore’s team kidnapped him from the hospital.

- Widmore needs to clarify his definition of ‘sacrifice’.

- Widmore and Desmond are BFFs in Real World.

- Charlie wasn’t trying to kill himself on 815, but had accidentally choked on his bag of heroin while trying to swallow it. Stupid Jack ruined his Claire reunion.

- Desmond should never, under any circumstance, wear those magnetic healing bracelets.

- Faraday still has a shot with Charlotte.

- Sawyer does not.

- Penny has some sort of recognition about Desmond, as well.

New Questions

- Who’s the ‘they’ Desmond refers to? The Oceanic people? Is he going to visit all the passengers and try to convince them something is off?

- Why does Faraday think he already detonated an atom bomb? Just an intuition? Has he had dreams about the Island World?

- Why didn’t Desmond just step on the brakes when Charlie grabbed the wheel? And how were they suddenly driving on a dock?

- Will Desmond faint every time he and Penny touch? That could put a hindrance on their love life.

- Why didn’t Sayid kill Zoey? If he’s ruthless and infected, wouldn’t he have just killed everyone instead of telling her to run?

- Will Juliet be ‘going dutch’ at the same coffee shop with Desmond and Penny?

- What is the important project Desmond needs to do for Widmore?

- What’s special about Desmond that he is retaining memories from both worlds? Other than his surviving multiple electro shock therapies, that is.

- Is having a geophysicist in charge of the sedation of your most crucial part of the plan for saving the world really the best idea? She could have easily killed Desmond with an over dose. Keeping someone in a drug induced coma isn’t as simple as plugging in an IV.

- Is Widmore aware of the alternate reality and in cahoots with Eloise?

Let’s discuss Eloise for a bit, as I have many questions surrounding her and her comments last night.

- What does she know?

- What did she mean by ‘In fact it’s a violation?’ Has some treaty or deal been made with Fake Locke or Jacob or some third party that the people on the island would get ‘what they most desire’ in this Real World as a reward for their service? Is not being able to know about the Island World part of that deal?

- What happens if a violation occurs?

- Does this ‘What you most desire’ have something to do with that box in Ben’s old cabin? Remember he told Locke that whatever he ‘most desired’ would be in that room and it turned out to be his father. What’s with that?

- This may be out of left field, but could Eloise somehow be the ‘crazy mother’ Fake Locke was referring to? Or the manifestation of that mother?

- Or could she be the entity that set the ground rules for Jacob and the Man in Black?

- Why isn’t Desmond ready? Ready for what? To hear the truth? And who put her in charge of deciding who is ready for what?

- Do these confused, momentary mirror moments indicate that other Real World people are having doubts about what they’re seeing?

- Remember that moment when Kate recognizes Jack on the curb? Could that have been her true love prodding her subconscious?

- What will happen if and when Juliet and Sawyer meet in the Real World? Will they get flashes of Island World?

- Who decided what each Island person ‘most desired’? In fact, let’s run this down for a few minutes.

Jack: Had daddy issues on island which seemed to have been resolved through his own son.

Kate: Unknown. Maybe real relationship with her mother? Sawyer? Jack? Motherhood? Either way she’s still on the run and looks to have the raw end of this deal.

Claire: Aaron.

Sawyer: I would think mother and father being alive, but who knows. That certainly wasn’t granted. Maybe some semblance of a normal life?

Sayid: Nadia and a conscience.

Sun and Jin: Each other.

Hurley: Fortune without the bad luck.

Locke: Loving and happy personal life.

Faraday: Music. And a pulse.

Desmond: Penny. Wait, what? The approval of Widmore?

Which brings me to the major question of this episode:

- Could Eloise or whoever created this Real World made a major tactical error in deciding what Desmond ‘most desired’? Let’s say that Desmond’s one true desire was assumed to be Widmore’s approval. Only in reality what he wanted most was Penny. Could this mistake lead to the collapse of this Real World? A sort of crumbling of reality?

- And if there was such a deal made, what are the rules and to what purpose is it for? Who’s involved? Does this mean Fake Locke escapes the island and the Real World is just some illusion of reality?

So many questions!!!!

Today's distraction: The Tiger Woods Heckling Challenge. Love this article and want someone to say something during the Masters. Please. Anyone. Make this entertaining, will ya?

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