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Lost - Part 11

Let me first go on record that last night’s episode is my favorite (so far). Judging by initial reactions from other Losties, I’m in the minority.

It was funny and touching and exciting and thought provoking. It answered one major question that we’ve been wondering about from the beginning, it allowed Libby (more on her in a second) and Hurley to finally have their beach picnic, Ilana and the Black Rock both take their leave in similar ways, we witnessed Desmond becoming a Real World Jacob and raised one big idea (for me, anyway) that I’ll address at the end.

More importantly, Hurley and Jack both take tentative steps into new roles. Anyone else touched by Jack’s admission that he can’t fix everything; that maybe what he’s supposed to do is follow someone he trusts instead of being the leader? (Note: I don’t buy this, but I’ll leave that until later).

It was a nicely balanced episode: answering questions, progressing the story, and gave us a chance to revel in everything Hurley.

Quick Libby note before we get started. About a month ago there was an interview with one of the Lost producers that they really wanted to get Libby back onto the show, but couldn’t come to an agreement with the actress who played her. He said she basically didn’t want to do it. As last night proves, this dude was out right lying to the reporter which, in turn, means the producers of Lost are purposely misdirecting the viewers. Last night’s episode had probably already been filmed when he gave that interview, so let’s not pretend Libby signed on at the last minute and they rewrote and refilmed the entire episode at the last minute. I’m officially taking everything Lost people say with an enormous grain of salt.


What Happened

Real World: After being presented with some ‘Man of the Year’ award (by Dharma Dude, aka PAD’s father, no less) for his charity work, Hurley’s mother informs him that he is going on a date the next night. Rosalita will ‘love’ Hurley and, if not, they’ll find someone who will.

The next night Hurley waits for his sexy, luscious Rosalita (You know he was hoping for that) and is greeted instead by Libby. Uh….Libby? Yeah, Libby. She even knows Hurley and tells him she’s convinced they’ve met before in another life; that they could be soul mates. You believe in soul mates, don’t you Hurley? ‘I guess…’

The impromptu date is interrupted by Hurley’s Island World Psychiatrist who brings Libby back to her special van. Turns out she was on a field trip from her psycho ward. In a funk, Hurley does what he does best: plows through a Mr Chicken family sized bucket.

While chowing down, Desmond approaches and asks if they’ve met before. Hurley points to the life sized ad of himself, but Desmond says, ‘No, we were on Oceanic 815 together. About a week ago?’ Hurley whatevers it off, but has a conversation about Libby knowing him from another life. Desmond asks him ‘When she told you this, did you believe her?’ Hurley has to admit that he ‘sort of’ did believe her. Desmond advises him to track Libby down and at least find out where she thinks she knew him from. ‘Don’t give up on her, yet.’

Off Hurley goes to the psych ward to talk with Libby. Before he can get access, he gives the place a cool hundred grand to update the rec room making his Libby date the most expensive first date ever. (Pop quiz: Hurley used the rec room constantly when he was in the mental ward in the Island World time line. What sport did he excel at?)

Libby is excited to see Hurley because it means he remembers her, but he pops that sane bubble quickly and asks her to explain how she thinks she knows him. ‘There was a plane crash and we were on an island,’ she means even she watches Lost and it drove her insane! The memories were brought on when she saw Hurley in one of his television commercials. Despite her possible insanity, Hurley asks if Libby can ever get out and asks her on a date.

Cut to beautiful, California beach where he and Libby finally get to have their much delayed picnic. Libby tells Hurley that ‘this feels like a date we never had,’ which, admittedly, was a bit heavy handed. Hurley asks why Libby would want to be with someone like him and she says ‘Because I like you!’ ‘Yeah,’ he replies, ‘but you’re delusional’ which is responded to with a kiss.

And BAM, there are the memories from Island World flooding through Hurley. Now he’s delusional, too! Watching all this from his car is Desmond, who smiles (rather smugly) to himself and drives away.

Let’s leave the rest of Desmond’s Real World story until the end.

Island World: Hurley is chatting it up with Libby’s grave, replacing dead flowers with fresh ones. He tells her weird shit is going on and wonders why she doesn’t visit him like the other dead people do. Ilana interrupts to tell him she’s going to get dynamite from the Black Rock and they’ll be heading out when she gets back.

He’s next interrupted by the whispers and Michael’s ghost coming out of the jungle to tell Hurley he needs to stop Ilana from blowing up the plane. ‘A lot of people will die and it will be all your fault!’ ‘How will it be my fault,’ Hurley asks. Because people listen to you now, Michael tells him.

Ilana returns to the beach with the dynamite and is questioned about the logic of her plan by Hurley. Blowing up the plane will keep Fake Locke on the island but will also strand everyone else. Ilana is adamant. Keeping Fake Locke on the island is the only thing that matters. The thing is pure evil! It must never….


Ilana pulls an Arnst and blows herself up with the unstable dynamite. All that training literally up in smoke. And fire. As Ben says later, ‘The island was done with her. Makes me wonder what happens when the island is done with us.’ Great question, Ben! Thanks for joining in this episode.

Hurley rummages through Ilana’s things and finds what I think was Jacob’s ashes, right? Either that or the diamonds PAD dug up. I’ll go with Jacob’s ashes. Hurley takes the pouch and gets back to the group who are arguing about what to do next. Richard wants to go back and get more dynamite. Jack thinks Ilana’s self exploding lesson is telling them to ditch the dynamite plan. Hurley agrees with Richard and they head back to the Black Rock.

When they get to the Black Rock Hurley comes running out telling everyone to ‘Run!’ just before Black Rock goes off like a roman candle. Or a roman candle that explodes in a big, fiery, deadly ball. A defective roman candle. Let’s go with that. Richard is understandably apoplectic, decides to head to Dharmaville with PAD and Ben to get some grenades and other arms and take the plane out that way.

Interesting conversation between PAD and Hurley at this point, as well. When Hurley confesses that he blew up the Black Rock because Michael told him to, PAD questions his meet and greets with dead people. ‘This happen a lot?’ ‘Happens enough,’ Hurley answers.

Hurley has different ideas about how to deal with Fake Locke. ‘We need to go talk to him,’ he suggests. He even tries to bluff Richard that Jacob is telling them that is what they need to do, but Richard isn’t buying and heads off to blow stuff up. Jack, Sun, Captain Frank all stick with Hurley. ‘Trust me,’ Hurley says. Jack says he does which surprises even Hurley.

On their trek to meet Fake Locke Hurley asks Jack why he agreed to come. Jack confesses that since he got Juliet killed he thinks that maybe he’s supposed to just ‘let go’ of his need to fix things. That he can’t ever fix what’s been done. It may be hard for him to listen to other people tell him what to do, but he trusts Hurley.

Just then the whispers surround them. Hurley tells everyone to chill, he’s got this and goes to find Michael. Hurley realizes the whispers are from the people who have died on the island and ‘can’t move on’. Michael confirms that he is stuck because of the things he’s done. He points out Fake Locke’s camp to Hurley and that if he ever does see Libby again to tell her he’s sorry for what he did. Murder. That’s what he did. His bad!

Meanwhile, there is dissention in Camp Locke. Sawyer and Kate both confront Fake Locke about doing something to get Jin back ‘instead of sitting around twiddling our damn thumbs’. Sayid reappears to tell Fake Locke that he got what he wanted. He brings him to Desmond who is tied to a tree. Fake Locke is confused why Desmond was brought to the island by Widmore, but Desmond doesn’t have an answer for him. ‘Considering I was kidnapped, you’d have to ask him.’

Fake Locke frees him, tells Sayid to head back to camp and takes a walk with Desmond. ‘There is something I want to show you,’ Fake Locke says which really should be turned into a drinking game. Along the way, the young boy shows up again. Only this time it seems he dyed his hair brown. Fake Locke tells Desmond to ignore him.

Fake Locke leads Desmond to a well. Desmond wonders how deep it is so Fake Locke drops one of their torches down. Really doesn’t seem that deep or scary. Fake Locke explains that this well is so old the people had to dig it by hand (not that!!). They weren’t looking for water, though, they were looking for answers. See, this spot made their compass needles go all twirly and spinny like. Widmore isn’t here for answers, though, he’s here for power. And Widmore brought Desmond back to the island to help him regain that power. After all, there are many of these wells all around the island.

Fake Locke then notices something about Desmond: He’s not afraid. ‘What’s the point of being afraid,’ Desmond replies. Fake Locke smiles and up ends Desmond right into the well. There’s one reason you should be afraid.

Back at Camp Locke, Sayid asks where Desmond is and is told they don’t have to worry about him any longer. Just then Hurley enters camp and says that while he doesn’t know who Fake Locke really is, they need to talk. Hurley wants Fake Locke’s word that he won’t hurt or kill any of the people he brought with him and Fake Locke agrees (with a suspicious look to Sayid which Hurley caught). Out come Captain Frank, Sun (searching hopefully for Jin) and Jack.

Fake Locke seems quite pleased to see everyone and gives Jack a great big, happy, creepy hello.

Wait, not done yet.

Back in the Real World, Desmond is approached by Real World Ben who asks why Desmond has been sitting in a school parking lot for such a long time. Desmond makes up some lame ass story about his son (Charlie!) and checking out the local schools all the while tracking Locke’s progress through the parking lot. He thanks Ben for his time and drives off; gunning the engine just as he approaches Locke. He smashes into Locke, sending him over the car before taking off to the nearest car wash.

Ben runs over yelling for someone to call 911, but Locke is in bleeding and shaking and not looking very good at all.

What We Learned

- Hurley loves him some chicken

- Desmond is recruiting the Oceanic people in the Real World and trying to get them to remember the Island World. I think.

- Ilana’s training apparently didn’t include explosives handling.

- The whispers are the people who have died on the island but can’t ‘move on’ because they did something bad. So they’re basically the voices of every asshole who ever visited the island.

- Hurley is like Indiana Jones: making it up as he goes.

- Jack’s finally realized he can’t fix everything.

- Libby has somehow remembered Island World before most people. And she may not be so crazy after all.

- ‘This island has it out for us all’

- Everyone needs to leave the island together. Just like how they arrived.

- Desmond knows electromagnetic waves through ‘experience’.

- The island explodes a lot.

- Richard’s kind of a downer. One explosion and he’s all gloom and doom. ‘We’re dead. We’re all dead!’ Get a grip, man.

- Hurley is a terrible liar.

- Hurley is extremely wealthy and lovable but still can’t find a woman. This Lost show gets more unbelievable by the second.

- Libby doesn’t look like a Rosalita.

- Kate and Sawyer have had quite enough of Fake Locke’s inactivity, thank you very much.

- You should do anything but ignore that kid in the jungle.

- Now that he’s dead, Michael is sorry.

- Libby’s kiss literally opens up new worlds to Hurley. How romantic.

- Hurley’s mother is relentless in the pursuit of getting her son laid.

- The island people are taking exploding people very well. As Desmond says, ‘Experience’.

- Jacob never tells people what to do.

New Questions

Let’s start with Desmond’s vehicular homicide attempt:

- What was the point of that? Was he actually trying to kill Locke? Or is he trying to get him to experience memories of Island World by having him near death? It seems those Island memories are triggered by intense situations: love with Libby and Hurley, Penny and Desmond extreme danger with Desmond trying to save Charlie (again) and Charlie choking to death on his heroin stash.

- If he’s trying to kill Locke, to what end? Does he think that will eliminate the vessel for the Man in Black in which to escape the island?

- Why is Desmond trying to get everyone to remember the Island World?

- And does Desmond himself now have dual consciousnesses? Is he fully aware of what has happened on both the Island and Real World? If so….

NEW THEORY: Then perhaps Desmond can take down this Real World. Bear with me for a minute while I flesh this out.

If Desmond has memories or is aware of both worlds and can switch back and forth between the two, can he somehow help the others do the same thing? Can he take Real World Hurley and move him into Island World Hurley? Only mentally (like the time travel bit)?

Or, if Desmond somehow is aware that this Real World is an illusion or some half assed version of what was supposed to happen, does making all the other Oceanic people aware of that fact compromise this Real World?

My guess is there is one of two things happening:

1: Desmond is trying to recruit all the Oceanic 815 people that are Jacob’s Recruits back to the island or at least make them aware of what happened there. I still think Jack’s appendix scar tells us that everything that happened in Island World still happened; that this Real World is some manifestation of something gone wrong. Not just Juliet setting off the bomb. As Mother Faraday hinted at last week, some sort of deal has been made and there are potential violations that can endanger that deal.

2: By getting everyone to become aware of their Island Memories, can Desmond somehow transport people to those Island consciousnesses? Maybe shuttle them and merge the two worlds?

If so….

Then can he somehow get Real World Locke to take over Fake Locke? There have been hints that Fake Locke still has some of Real Locke in him. Shared memories, looks, mannerisms. If there is some trace of Real Locke left inside Fake Locke, could the real one exert himself and take over from Fake Locke? And could Desmond be the way to do that?

Or more likely, I think Desmond is going to get everyone on the Ajira flight and somehow the two separate realities will merge into one. I’m just throwing a certain substance on the wall to see what sticks in case you couldn’t tell.

- Who’s next on Desmond’s list? Will Jack and Locke meet up again at the hospital? Will Jack ‘fix’ Locke’s spine and allow him to walk again? After all, nothing is irreversible.

- How will Sawyer and Kate’s impatience effect Team Locke?

- Is it really possible to be in an insane asylum voluntarily? If so, why would you want to be? Other than to meet a similarly insane, morbidly obese, millionaire who never washes his hair.

- Can Fake Locke no longer turn smoky? He mentioned to Sawyer that he ‘would if he could’ when going to Hydra Island. Why didn’t he with Desmond?

- What was in the pouch Hurley found? Was it the diamonds? Jacob’s ashes that Ilana scooped up? Peanuts from the Ajira flight?

- Is it really necessary for the mental health clinic to have giant lettering on the side of their van? Does their horn make a ‘cuckoo cuckoo’ sound, too?

- Was Desmond driving a company car? How do you explain that? ‘Can you gas it up, get those dents out and scrape that wheelchair out from under the front wheel? Thanks. Here’s a twenty for you trouble.’

- Did Desmond and Penny ever get together for coffee?

- Has PAD been paying attention? Does he really think the best team to join is Richard and Ben?

- Was I the only one creeped out by Fake Locke’s greeting to Jack?

- What now? Fake Locke has everyone he needs to leave right? Oh, except Jin, but he can pick him up on the way to the plane. Start swimming, man!!

- Will Sun ever speak English again? Thinking back on that, could it be possible that Fake Locke took her ability to speak English away and it has nothing to do with the bump on the head? He was with her while she was unconscious, but isn’t allowed to kill any candidates (we assume). So maybe this is a way for him to sabotage whatever role she is supposed to fill? Now that she’s in his camp will she begin speaking English again?

- What was the point of throwing Desmond into the well? Does Fake Locke know why he was brought to the island or was it just a way to eliminate him as a potential monkey wrench?

- Who the hell is the kid in the jungle? He had blonde hair before, last night he had dark hair. Fake Locke doesn’t seem happy to see either of them. Are they Jacob and Man in Black as kids? Were Jacob and MIB twins? One dark, one light?

Holy crap, I’m up to 8 pages.

I’ll leave you with this last question.

- If Real World Desmond can get the Real World characters to remember the Island World, can he do the same with the Island World characters? Can he get them to become aware of the Real World? If so, could he be the salvation of Sayid and Claire? If he can show both of the ‘infected’ that there is another possible reality for both of them, would that break the spell Fake Locke seems to have on them?

Could Sayid feel again? Could Claire be sane again?

Quiz answer (didn’t forget this time!): Hurley played a ton of ping pong while in the asylum. He was so good he kicked Sawyer’s ass on the beach which resulted in Sawyer being unable to use nicknames for a full week. This I remember….

Today's distraction: 50 great television freeze frames. Can anyone verify if the Fox News shot is real? The one with the news chick opening her shirt?

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