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Lost - Part 12

There is always an exact moment in an episode of Lost when you know you’re watching a great episode. It comes right before the final, ghostly, “LOST” pops up while you’re saying things like ‘Oh no. no no nononononononoNOOOOO!’ because you don’t want the show to end.

That was me last night. ‘NOOOOOOOOO!!! (insert favorite expletive here)!’

That hour went fast. Yeah, it was kind of a setup episode, but man did it move briskly and confidently. It even had me so distracted I totally forgot Jin was on Hydra and literally gasped (in a very manly way, of course) when he and Sun finally had their reunion.

Sidenote: Is ABC promoting a Peaches and Herb comeback? First ‘Modern Family’ makes references to them and now their stupid song was going through my head when Jin and Sun got together. For all your sakes, I hope that was just me.

Going to mix it up today. Since last night wasn’t a character centric episode and more of a ‘let’s get all the pieces in the right place’ I’ll just review what happened to each character. Quickly now, have many questions I need to ask.

What Happened

Man, what didn’t happen? I’m winging this new format, so let’s start with the Real World characters.

Jack: Brings his new father son bond (along with his actual son) to his lawyer’s office for the reading of Christian’s will. And who is that lawyer? None other than a still intact Ilana. Must admit, she looks good cleaned up. Here Jack meets Claire, who informs him that she is his half sister. ‘Sup, Bro?’ As Jack digests this, he gets a call to head to the hospital for emergency surgery. Gee, wonder who he’ll be operating on?

Locke: Yeah, Locke. He’s clinging to life after Desmond’s demolition derby. Ben rides in the ambulance with him where Locke manages to tell him his first name and to contact Peggy….uh…Helen…his fiancé.

Sayid: He is caught on security camera leaving the restaurant with a bunch of dead, bullet ridden people in it. In the quickest, most efficient police work in history, Sawyer and PAD get to Nadia’s house in time to arrest Sayid.

Kate: She’s still in cuffs and attracted to Sawyer. They flirt a bit before Sawyer tells her it wouldn’t work out; her being a murderer and his being a cop and all. Kate claims innocence, which is what all those hardened criminal types do. Typical.

Sun and Jin: They, also rush to the hospital and enter at the exact moment Locke does. Sun has a bit of cross world pollination and freaks out when she see’s Locke.

Hurley: Presumably nailing Libby somewhere. Didn’t actually see him.

Desmond: Still moving chess pieces (in this case the Oceanic people) around. He ‘runs into’ Claire and guides her to Ilana’s office under the guise of helping her with adoption legality issues. Surprisingly calm considering he just ran down a paraplegic in a school parking lot. Wonder what the therapy bill for those kids will add up to?

Sawyer: Thinks it’s weird that Kate and he were on the same flight and ‘out of all the cars in LA’ she just happens to crash into his. I know, Ford. Right? Effing weird, man. Kate’s still hot, though, huh?

Think that’s it for Real World. It ends with Jack somehow recognizing Locke even though his face is all battered and bruised and upside down and in a mirror and squished together. Hell, I had a hard time recognizing him and I’ve known him for six years.

Island World

Jack: Finally has a sit down with Fake Locke in which Locke admits that he had taken Christian’s form previously. Poor Jack wasn’t chasing his father’s ghost, after all. Fake Locke tells Jack that Jack has been trapped on this island since ‘before you even got here’ and now that Jacob is dead they no longer need to stay.

Has a meet and greet with Claire in which she tells him she trusts Fake Locke because he was the only one that didn’t abandon her. Oh, slam! Jack decides Claire is ‘touched’ by the insanity bug and excludes her from the escape plan. He, Captain Frank, Sun and Hurley all take off from Camp Locke and meet up with Kate and Sawyer who is masterminding this half assed plan.

Halfway to Hydra, Jack admits that ‘this doesn’t feel right’ and jumps off the boat to head back to the main island. In Lost world this is called ‘Pulling a Sawyer’.

Fake Locke: Losing all sorts of control over his people. He sends Sayid to go kill Desmond, sends Sawyer to go grab a boat which he then takes for himself, turns his back for one damn second and half his recruits scamper away. He must feel like a frustrated father trying to control his hyper active children.

Claire: Seems spurned and hurt that everyone is/has abandoned her. She even follows Jack, Hurley, Sun and Captain Frank to the boat, threatens to kill everyone before Kate convinces her to come with them. ‘I can take you back to Aaron,’ which was eerie as it was probably the same thing Fake Locke said to her on more than one occasion.

Kate: Takes off with Sawyer to get the boat, helps him steal it and sail to Hydra. Finally sticks up for her beliefs and insists Claire come with them. More on this in a bit.

Sawyer: Thinks he is in control of things until he’s double crossed by Widmore’s people when they reach Hydra. ‘Deal’s off,’ that bitch Zoey tells him. Whoops.

Sun and Jin: Finally – FINALLY – get back together. Sun even remembers English which is a big plus as I’m getting sick of reading subtitles.

Sayid: Goes to kill Desmond (who is hanging out in the well) but is given food for thought by Desmond when he asks Sayid ‘What will you tell this woman when she asks what you did to be with her again?’ Desmond is like Fake Locke: once he talks to you, you’re all done.

Hurley: Along for the ride is the best I could do. Although he did point out that everyone – even Anakin and Sayid – can be brought back from the dark side.

Captain Frank: Likes Sawyer’s plan and got a new nickname (Chesty).

Widmore’s people: Threatens Fake Locke with missile strikes if he doesn’t give them back Desmond. Then stabs Sawyer and his group in the back when they get to Hydra.

What We Learned

- Fake Locke took Christian’s form in order to lead Jack to water. Fake Locke also tells Jack that all he has ever wanted was to get Jack off the island.

- Characters are showing the first signs of following their beliefs. Both Jack and Kate stick up for what they have always felt was the right thing. Jack convinced that he needs to stay on the island. Kate convinced she is supposed to bring Claire back to Aaron. Both even jeopardized their own escape in order to follow their hearts.

- Everyone is congregating in the Real World. Quick roll call:

Sayid, Sawyer, PAD, Kate will be at the police station together.

Sun, Jin, Locke, Jack (Ben and Charlie, too?) are all at the hospital.

Desmond, Claire, Ilana are filing adoption papers.

Hurley and Libby are…well….let’s leave them alone for now.

- Sun’s baby is okay. Phew!

- Zoey is one multifaceted geophysicist.

- Sawyer ‘likes’ Kate even though she is a murderess. Frankly, that kind of makes her hotter. He’s also getting that ‘why do I keep running into these people’ odd vibe about Oceanic 815. Hey, he’s a detective. It’s in his nature.

- Sayid’s weakness is garden hoses.

- The wheelchair probably saved Locke’s life. Oh the irony!

- Again the term ‘irreversible’ is brought up. This time with Desmond and Claire chatting it up.

- Kate and Sun both look great soaking wet.

- Fake Locke was the one posing as Christian. We can now assume that Fake Locke was the one in the cabin with Claire. This actually raises a bunch of new questions. See below.

- ‘It’s nice to have everyone back together again’. Although that doesn’t last very long.

- Widmore’s group has an arsenal with them.

- That island water looks gorgeous.

- Fake Locke is going to be angry when he finds out they’ve left.

- Jack doesn’t feel right about leaving the island and he thinks Sawyer feels the same way. ‘We’ve brought here because we’re supposed to do something,’ Jack argues. Sawyer responds by telling him to get ‘off my damn boat’ which is odd since it’s actually Desmond’s boat given to him by Libby. So it’s actually Libby’s boat. Long story.

- Also, Jack can’t keep the ‘crazy talk’ to himself.

- Widmore’s people suck.

- As Fake Locke says, ‘Well, here we go’.

- It’s okay, Jack is with Fake Locke now.

New Questions

- Let’s start with Fake Locke. Is he really the bad guy in all this? If he’s leading Jack to fresh water and trying to get everyone off the island can he be all bad? Sure he’s ripped people to shreds as Smokey, but he’s given them fair warning before hand.

Plus, let’s face it Jacob has lead hundreds of people to death more than a few times. Boone, Shannon, every friggin’ person he’s brought to the island. Can Lost throw us a bone and tell us who we’re supposed to be rooting for? There’s only what? Six hours left?

- If Fake Locke was walking around as Christian, how did he get out of the cabin? Wasn’t he supposedly trapped in there with the ring of ashes?

- Can Fake Locke no longer turn into Smokey? He hasn’t for a while and Ilana mentioned a while back that he was ‘stuck’ looking like Locke. Does he somehow get stuck in human form the longer he keeps the same body?

- Is this Real World some sort of reward for freeing Fake Locke? Let’s go with the assumption that Fake Locke is really the good guy (or the least bad guy) on the island. Let’s also consider that the Real World has been much better to our Oceanic friends than Island World. Many are still alive for one thing. So, could this Real World be Fake Locke’s thank you to everyone? As in ‘Ok, you all helped me, what do you want?’ and one snap of the fingers later they’re all back on Oceanic 815 NOT crashing into the island and being terrorized by smoke monsters and Others?

- On the other hand Fake Locke/Smokey has mercilessly killed many many many people and ordered Sayid to kill Desmond. Soo…….

- Can Fake Locke not lie to people? He certainly seems straightforward with his answers.

- Is Kate developing a complex? First Sawyer jumps out of a helicopter rather than leave with her. Now Jack jumps off the boat to swim back to an island that houses the most efficient killing machine ever rather than leave with her. That’s got to take a toll on a girl’s self esteem.

- Why is Widmore reneging on his deal with Sawyer? Considering where his past back stabbing and power plays in order to get back to the island have gotten him, you’d think he would change up his game plan. Screwing people with guns over isn’t the most ideal situation to put yourself in. Just saying.

- How was Claire not creeped out by Desmond’s behavior at the agency building? I was creeped out and I know Desmond is a good guy (or I THINK Desmond is a good guy. Tough to tell for sure with this show).

- Did Sayid kill Desmond? I say no. In fact, when Locke stumbles across Sayid in the jungle, I suggest Sayid was trying to figure out a way to get Desmond out of the well.

- Does that mean Sayid is coming back from the dark side? Like Darth Vader? If so, way to call that one, Hurley.

- Is the sailboat named after Libby?

- Is it really possible for Sawyer and PAD to discover bodies, get photos of Sayid, identify him, figure out where his brother lives and get to the house in time for Sayid to stroll in and start packing? Did Sayid stop at a strip club? Did he take a nap? Was he window shopping? What the hell?

- Where are Ben and Richard and PAD on the island? Will they show up at the last minute and blow everything to hell?

- What’s up with all the ‘too late, he spoke to you’ talk? Claire says it to Jack after his pow wow with Fake Locke. Speech may be powerful, but the fact that nearly everyone is now rebelling against Fake Locke’s plan certainly hints that his persuasion is lagging a bit. Maybe he’s out of practice?

- Will Real World Jack fix Locke so he can walk again?

- What will happen when all the Oceanic people get in the same room in the Real World? Will mirrors everywhere explode thus creating millennia of bad luck?

- Is Claire really with Kate or just setting her up for a vicious take down?

- What will Sayid tell Nadia when she asks what he did to be with her again?

- Anyone else convinced Sun and/or Jin was about to get fried by the sonic fence as they approached each other? That would have been the cruelest twist ever. Not just on Lost but in television history.

- How much ammo did Widmore bring with him? And how did he know where Fake Locke was? Is it even possible to kill Fake Locke with a regular bomb? He didn’t seem overly concerned when they sent a warning shot into his camp.


- Will Jin and Sun really never be apart again? Will they grocery shop together? Get jobs at the same place? Schedule his and her spa days? What about going to the bathroom?

Until next week….

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