Monday, April 12, 2010

Striped Shadow

It’s a heartwarming image, is it not?

A world famous golfer wins a major tournament and has a public cuddle with his loving wife; children at their sides. Tears and smiles and joy are spread around like half melted butter. Testimony of support and love and gratitude are shared with a public who laps it up like a malnourished dog.

Sorry, the Masters? It happened there, too? Yesterday?

Huh. I was actually referring to Tiger Woods winning the 2008 US Open. Elin playfully and happily handing his daughter to him in celebration. Kisses and smiles and sunshine and flowers and happy happy joy joy.


Not even two years ago.

I’ll admit it. I was touched by Mickelson’s win and subsequent celebration with his wife who is still recovering from breast cancer. It was a fitting, final, middle finger to all the baggage Tiger brought to this tournament. While many were rooting for Tiger for ‘all that he’s gone through’ many overlooked Mickelson’s past two years in which his wife and mother both suffered through cancer.

Unlike Tiger, Mickelson’s situation is not self created. He is simply a victim of life. As hard as it is for me to feel bad for a man who plays a game six months out of the year and gets paid tens of millions of dollars to do it, I felt for Lefty. He seems like a good guy – a solid family man.

And then I thought of Tiger.

Two years ago.

Hugging and kissing a wife and family he had betrayed multiple times. Putting on a show that was staged for everyone including his wife.

My point? Not sure I have one other than to remind you we don’t know these people. They show us who they want us to think they are. They hire PR firms and image consultants and have more money than most nations.

They may SEEM like good people, but we truly can never know. Phil Mickelson seems to be a nice guy. His family has been through a lot and like most of you out there I thought, ‘How fitting a loving, caring man who cherishes his family won the same Masters that marked Tiger’s comeback. Fuck you, Tiger.’

But then I remembered Tiger’s last major. The US Open in which he seemed to be a loving, caring man who cherishes his family. Less than two years ago.

I’m not implying that Mickelson has cheated on his wife or is a tool away from the cameras, I’m just pointing out that it’s possible. We don’t know.

Of all the things Tiger has done, tarnishing brilliant, timeless moments like yesterday should be added to the list.

I never thought Tiger owed me an apology. He owes a never ending one to his wife, his children, his employees, his employers, and his fans. But I've never been a Tiger fan. I've never joined the cult. I've followed his feats with mild interest mainly because he could be the greatest golfer ever. But a fan? No. I didn't think I needed an apology from him.

I think differently now. Ruining what is probably a heartfelt, emotionally pure moment can change things.

Today's distraction: Pictures of celebrity women without makeup. Yeah, it's scary. Alicia Silverstone looks like a dude.


thepowerof10 said...

Dude, Renee Zellweger looks like she got hit by a freaking truck in that picture. Nice distraction link.

Also, Tiger doesn't owe his fans an apology. I know I've been over this, but I stand by it. You just have to let it go. You can't relate it to everything in golf from now on. If you do, then you may want to start watching bowling instead because you'll end up hating golf awfully quick.

Clayton Bigsby said...

The whole thing almost makes me believe in Karma. Mickelson legitimately took time off from golf and Woods was hiding somewhere hoping his problems would blow over.

BeachBum said...

10, I agree. Woods does not owe anyone an apology unless he feels one is warranted. He should, however, apologize to every other PGA member personally. His actions have put a taint on everyone in his immediate vicinity.

It's like steroids in baseball. Any player who had good years between 1990 - 2004 now have that cloud of suspicion hanging over them. Not all of them did anything wrong, but how will we ever know.

And if you're saying to yourself 'How could he cheat on his wife while she's fighting cancer?' I have two words: John Edwards.

Again, Mickelson - by all accounts - is a great guy and loving husband, but we should take everything we see with a grain of salt. After all, where are those 'accounts' coming from?