Friday, June 18, 2010

Morning Mourning

A few thoughts regarding last night's debacle of a game seven.

- First, congratulations to the Lakers. I always knew they were the better team; I was just hoping the Celtics could pull one last ring out of their asses and traumatize a new generation of Laker fans. Alas...

- Here's a sentence I never thought I'd write: The Celtics sorely missed Kendrick Perkins last night. After the Lakers got their 155th offensive rebound in the first quarter it was obvious it was going to be a very long night.

- DA, I hope you had fun because last night's game was the single worst game seven I have ever seen. Were these really the two best teams in the NBA? Everyone associated with this game should be ashamed of themselves. I kept imagining LeBron James watching this and bashing his head against his 100 inch plasma.

- And please don't preach defense to me. These were the same shots being made all series long. The only reason either team reached 80 points is because the game ended in a hail of free throws.

- Kobe Bryant shoots 6-24 in a deciding Finals game and is named MVP? Lame. The guy that should have won it (and it is so painful to write this): Ron Artest. Played cool and brilliant last night. Made key shots, drove the lane drawing fouls, fantastic defense. He's the MVP of this series and of last night's game.

- It was eye opening watching both Pierce and Kobe continue to jack up wild shot after wild shot in an attempt to get something going. The Celtics lost the game when they kept taking the ball out of Rondo's hands and giving it to Pierce. Everything would just grind to a halt. Why not give it to Garnett in the post? That is what was working all game long? It's been the Celtics flaw all season long and it killed them in the end. They go away from what was working when the game got tight. They did it again last night and it cost them a championship.

- Kudos to Rondo, Rasheed (!!!), Big Baby and Garnett who played their guts out. Ray Allen was single handedly killing the Celtics every time he touched the ball in the first half. It got so bad I yelled at the television 'Stop passing him the ball!'

- As for Pierce, he had me confused. He was getting by Artest, but instead of driving all the way to the basket, he would pull up and take some stupid fall away jumper from 18 feet. Drive! If you don't get the basket you'll get the foul!

- As much as I hate his stupid, greasy mug, Pau Gasol's lefty hook shot is a thing of beauty.

- Mantra coming from my couch last night: Box OUT! Box OUT!

- Rondo has won my heart. Knowing defensive rebounding was killing his team, he helped out and even outrebounded Artest on one play. He consistently and quietly does what is needed and last night was under the basket banging with the big boys.

- Celtics, I think I speak for everyone in Boston when I thank you for this unexpected and enjoyable ride. Getting to a game seven in the Finals was the LAST thing on everyone's mind when these playoffs started.

Enjoy the weekend, folks.

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