Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Ramblings

Apologies again for the lack of entries lately. Look, I’m even posting on a Sunday because I don’t have much time. This goes against everything I believe in. Sundays are for sleeping in (currently 7:35 am, so there goes that), sports, drinking, and simply being a lazy ass.

I’ve also hit a creative dry spell - haven’t been inspired to write mainly because nothing is going on. My life revolves around work (booooring), sleep, and various little league baseball games.

In an attempt to get things flowing again here are some random thoughts. On a Sunday, no less. What have things come to?

- My retirement plan consists of using my 401K money for beer and pressuring my eldest son to focus on baseball so he can get some sort of million dollar signing bonus by the time he’s 19. I didn’t say it was the greatest plan, but most of the work falls on him and I get more beer.

It’s also turning out to be more work than I expected. He’s been asked to try out for the All Star team which would mean he plays through July and August after the playoffs end. And the team travels to other cities and towns. And I’m sure it will cost us something for him to be on the team.

Still, my plan seems to be taking hold.

- The reason I’m pushing this plan, by the way, is because my father was an elite ball player in his day. Made it to triple A in the Cardinals organization before he was drafted to fight in the Korean War, messed up his shoulder while over there and never was the same. I figured since I was average (at best) perhaps this talent skips a generation.

- What’s strange about my father’s baseball career was how I knew nothing about it until I was a teenager. Even then the only reason I learned about it is because one of my friend’s father gave me a long, examining look (I look remarkably like my father), asked ‘Did your father grow up in Arlington?’ He did! ‘My friends and I used to go down to the ballpark to watch him hit. He was the best player I’ve ever seen in person!’

Uh…my father?

Turns out, yes indeed - my father. Go figure.

- Game Five tonight! Still debating whether to go out and watch this while getting shitfaced and yelling stuff at the television. Or just do the same at home. Home is probably safer.

- If you’re wondering (you are!), the reason I haven’t written about this particular Celtics team lately is because I still haven’t figured them out. The only thing I’m sure about is this is the most frustrating team I have ever watched. They have bizarre mental lapses in the biggest moments of the biggest games. I find myself screaming at Garnett to grab rebounds with two hands, for Perkins to dunk the ball instead of being cute and trying reverse layups, for Rondo to make a goddamn free throw, for Pierce to let Artest take that three point shot rather than letting him drive to the basket.

And still, the series is tied. Does this mean the Celtics can win despite these strange, aggravating mistakes peppered throughout the games?

Frankly, I don’t know. I wouldn’t think so, but here we are. What must be frightening to Laker fans everywhere is the Celtics haven’t played one good game, yet. The team that routed and frustrated Cleveland and Orlando has not yet shown up for this series.

Here’s hoping that changes tonight.

- Rondo’s free throw shooting has been so atrocious that when he went to the line early in Game 4 wifey said ‘If he hits either of these I’ll give you a blow job right now’. He missed both. Badly. Not only is Rondo causing me stress, he cost me a BJ. Bastard!

- While we’re on the subject (Rondo, not blow jobs), he should be blowing by Kobe every time down the floor. Kobe simply can’t guard him and he’s looked foolish trying to contain him. It’s gotten so bad that Kobe now just lingers at the foul line daring Rondo to shoot 18 footers. Let’s see how that works out.

- Not that the Celtics defense hasn’t been good, but why not confuse the Lakers by switching to that 2-3 zone the Suns used on them last round? The Lakers had all sorts of problems with that for three straight games before pulling a win out of Artest’s ass in Game 5. Come out tonight and show that zone to totally put the Lakers on their heels then switch back to man then back to the zone. Keep them guessing.

- Favorite moment of the Finals so far: Game 4, missed shot with Big Baby surrounded by Gasol, Kobe, and Fisher. Baby gets the rebound by ripping the ball away from Kobe and Fisher so ferociously Kobe went flying out of bounds. He was still trying to recover when Baby laid the ball in while being fouled.

- For the record, I’m ok with Kobe needing 29 shots to get 29 points. Keep doing that.

- I’m afraid the refs are going to be a big story tonight. And if they are it will not be good news for the Celtics.

- One of the under stated reasons it is great having the NBA Finals come to your city: Both Rachel Nichols and Hannah Storm are visiting.

- As much as I am enjoying another Celtics playoff run (as frustrating as they’ve been), I’ll be glad when it’s over. I’m friggin’ exhausted staying up late all the time. Could they have one game – just one – that doesn’t end after midnight the same day I have to get up and work? Why is having a game on Saturday night such a problem?

- I tried watching the US – England World Cup match yesterday, but I just don’t understand the appeal of soccer. The ball randomly gets kicked around, goes out of bounds, occasionally something semi-interesting ALMOST happens, and the players run back and forth. I don’t understand what the different positions are supposed to do, what – if any – game plan is being used (kick it towards the goal and run after it doesn’t seem to be the best idea), or what that strange buzzing noise is coming from the crowd. Is there a huge nest of bees being disturbed?

It’s no wonder most soccer crowds get drunk and create their own entertainment.

- Movies I’ve watched recently that I would recommend: Alice In Wonderland, The House of the Devil (esp if you enjoyed those old 70s and 80s horror movies), DayBreakers, The Damned United, Precious, Fantastic Mr Fox, Iron Man 2, Waltz with Bashir (not for the faint of heart), Zombieland.

- Movies to avoid: Orphan (will discuss this more in a later entry), A Serious Man, 2012, It’s Complicated, Thirst, Sherlock Holmes (not terrible, just confusing as hell), Thirst, Julie and Julia, Couples Retreat, Defiance.

- Started watching a show called ‘Persons Unknown’ about 8 people taken hostage and kept in a small, empty, remote town. The premiere was interesting, if awkwardly executed, but I’ll give it a few more episodes to see where it’s heading. Supposedly, this is a straight shot 13 episode story arc that will have a full conclusion. We’ll see about that, too.

- It’s now been over two weeks since I wondered how BP didn’t have a plan in place for a leaking oil pipe and still millions of gallons of oil is gushing into the Gulf.

What the fuck?

That’s enough for today. Will try to write more next week.

Today’s distraction: Uh..Game Five!!!


Clayton Bigsby said...

I may be wrong, but I think the Celts had to win all three at home if they wanted the title. There is no way the league lets Boston take game 6, and then game 7 will be decided by the best player. Kobe is the best player. BTW, I hate Kobe and it kills me to write that.

BeachBum said...

before Game 5 I would have agreed, but the rest of the Lakers are playing scared and timid. I agree about the refs tonight, though. The Celtics need to have a 25 point lead heading into the fourth quarter in order to have any chance of clinching.

Is it sad that everyone is automatically assuming a terrible ref performance to force a game seven?