Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Two things I've long suspected have (sort of) become verified the last few days. 

One I'll deal with tomorrow. Today I'd like to let everyone in on either a comforting or terrifying piece of news: When the world ends there will be no advanced notice.  One minute we'll be getting ready for work or sleeping off another bender or trying to remember where we put our stupid wallet, the next - BAM! 

No warning whatsoever.  Forget the Hollywood hoopla about having time to put Bruce Willis into space, stocking up on canned goods, making peace with our estranged family members (seriously, fuck them!), dodging falling buildings, or getting to high ground in time to preserve the human species.  It will be instant and total. 

Personally, I find this comforting.  I'm not looking forward to a post apocalyptic world with Mel Gibson roaming free in a souped up car.  That's terrifying!  I'd rather be brushing my teeth one second and be dust the next.  Perhaps a millisecond for a thought of 'what the fu...' would be fine or a brief view of outer space, but any more time than that would be surplus suffering. 

Besides, if things were different this morning I wouldn't even be writing this.  According to NASA, an asteroid zoomed close by earth around six (Eastern Time) this morning.  How close?  Closer than the moon is to the earth, that's how close.  And we knew nothing about it until it was already gone.  That's nice, isn't it?

NASA has been clamoring for more intensive monitoring of 'earth threatening encounters' for years, but them demanding more money is like Heidi for 'The Hills' demanding more plastic surgery: both have shown poor judgment on what they've already done it makes little sense to give them more. 

(C'mon people, that was a reference all 20 somethings can get.  I'm trying to appeal to the younger demographic!)

Anyway, there is another one coming tonight around 6pm (ET).  Neither of these are big.  2010 RX30 was estimated between 30 and 60 feet wide.  Tonight 2010 RF12 (Man alive, who comes up with these names?  Mazda?  They sound like sport cars) will be 45 feet wide at the max.  Not large enough to do damage, but large enough to put that thought in the back of everyone's head. 

Geologists and NASA have been saying for years earth has been living on borrowed time.  There are craters all over the planet and moon that prove we get hit on a semi regular basis.  Chances are we're due for another one within the next few hundred years. 

I just hope it hits on a Monday morning.  I don't want one of my weekends to be ruined by Armageddon. 

Today's distraction:  Practice your skills at protecting a planet.  It's Lunar Command, which is basically the same thing as Missle Command.  Earth may need you sooner than you think. 


Clayton Bigsby said...

I would want to know at least an hour in advance if the world is going to end. I don't want to know when I will die, but I would want to watch doomsday happen.

Anonymous said...

But Beach, Mondays are my day off. Can it hit on a Tuesday morning? And I want a front row seat also.