Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September!

I’ve always considered September the end of summer. We can all assume that has to do with school starting up again, the sun sitting lower in the sky, nights beginning earlier and earlier.

It’s kind of depressing.

I’m fighting that feeling this year. One of the best kept secrets in Boston is the month of September. We still have plenty of gorgeous, sunny days often without the oppressive humidity that we get in July and August. Nights are beautiful and comfortable and the trees really don’t start shedding until October.

In order to pass that feeling along – and the fact that one of my loyal readers has complained that I haven’t been posting very often – I plan on posting every day during the month of September (weekends not included). Many will be brief, stupid rants (as opposed to the long, stupid rants you’re used to) and this plan will probably fall apart after a week, but my heart is in the right place.

Besides, this loyal reader has two things going for her:

1: She’s right. I’ve been slacking and I don’t want to turn into French who seems to have lost his laptop or motivation or both.

2: She’s smoking hot and I always enjoy pleasing beautiful women.

Prepare yourselves for a month of mostly useless, definitely irrelevant posts that will be read by less than ten people. Who says I don’t aim high?

Today’s distraction: My worst nightmare come true. Michael Bay is making yet another Transformers movie. Here are pics from the filming being done in Chicago. How much of a traffic nightmare was caused by this?


Rob said...

Cool. A salve to make the depressing end of summer a bit easier to take. I look forward to your frequent posts.

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

Traffic has been a bitch downtown because of Transformers. I really never understood why people show up to watch a movie being're going to be able to see it later and it will probably look a lot better.