Thursday, September 23, 2010

Real Quick

Haven't had much time to put anything together, but wanted to pass along two things:

1:  I'm heading to another fund raiser tonight with the movers and shakers of Boston.  I've discovered I love these things if only to get cheap tickets to sporting events and check out the lovely ladies who already have more money than I ever will.  Will let you know how things turn out.

2:  Walking back from lunch this afternoon there was a nasty haze floating over the city.  We were walking by a lovely area that's ruined by three hundred and fifty pound chain smoking ladies.  I initially thought that since it was such a pleasant day there were more cancer seeking people out than usual.

Nope.  Turns out this was what was going on a block away.

Poor bastard.

Today's distraction:  15 common drinking myths debunked.  I'll be testing these out myself tonight as - I believe - the bar will be open.  Booo fucking YEAH!

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