Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week Three Postmortem

Sunday I spent my day watching football at my buddy’s house.  He does not have the NFL RedZone channel and I must admit to being out of my element.  He has been invited for a life altering experience at my house two Sundays from now. 

Still, I had a great time.  No kids, no wives, two bowls of chili, several buffalo chicken wings, tacos and one nuclear ass explosion a day later.  Even better I finally got my first fantasy win of the year.  I actually really like my team, but I’ve faced two killer performances: Peyton Manning in week one, Jahid Best in week two.   I thought I was in for another fuck over since my opponent on Sunday was playing Anquan Boldin who nearly single handedly beat me. 

Seriously, what the fuck?  My buddy has two wins and 90 points less than my team.  That’s bullshit. 

Let’s get to the games since you don’t really care about my fantasy life. 

-  Yes, the Bears are 3 – 0.  Yes, Cutler is putting up good numbers.  But watching last night’s game he is still making wild throws that seem to go to nobody but the opposing team.  The end zone interception wasn’t close to any Bears’ player and there were at least two more passes that should have been picked off because he over threw his target by ten feet.   So, what are we to make of this Chicago team?  If Cutler continues to play like this, they’ll be .500 by the end of the year.  The defense can only do so much. 

-  As for Green Bay, where is this high powered offense we were promised?  Maybe losing Ryan Grant has thrown things off, but they’ve looked out of sync for three straight weeks now.  It stops becoming an aberration and starts becoming a trend at some point. 

-  I have a dreadful feeling the Patriots are the worst 2 – 1 team in the league.  They looked terrible against Buffalo.  Terrible!!!  Brady, cut your hair and see if that helps turn things around.  Girly man!

-  While Detroit maybe the most entertaining terrible team to watch (although they weren’t so entertaining on Sunday), the best entertaining team to watch is – wait for it – Kansas City.  I have both Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles on my team and am seriously considering playing them both going forward. 

-  Since we’re here, are we sure San Diego isn’t simply a terrible team?

-  While everyone is raving about the Falcons going into New Orleans and beating the Saints, let’s all remember the Saint’s would have won that game 9 out of 10 times.  Atlanta lucked out.  That’s all. 

-  This Titans team looks better and better every week.  They’ve made all three of their opponents look terrible, which, after three games is certainly a pattern to watch. 

-  Speaking of making other teams look terrible, this Steelers’ defense could be one of the best of my life time.  And I remember the ’85 Bears. Although, Charlie Batch?  Really? 

-  Carolina is doing its best to secure the top pick in the draft next year.  Clausen looked totally over whelmed and the vaunted rushing attack has done virtually nothing all season.  I was excited that Jonathan Stewart fell to me in my draft and now I’m considering dropping him.  I won’t though.  Maybe the Panthers will trade him to a team that needs a running back.  Like Seattle or San Diego or Buffalo. 

-  When I got the second pick in my fantasy draft I took longer than I should have to select Adrian Peterson because I really wanted to take Ray Rice.  Heading into week four Rice still does not have a touchdown and Peterson is looking like the main man in Minnesota thanks to a shitty Favre start.  Go figure.  Oh, and yay for me!

-  Dallas finally got their first win on the back of none other than Roy Williams. Remember him?  117 yards and two touchdowns.  Where the hell did that come from?

-  If you combine Vick’s play with that swarming defense, this Eagles team could actually be really good.  What’s impressive is how accurate Vick’s passes have been.  That 60 yard pass to DeSean Jackson was as good as you’ll see from anyone. 

-  Game that told us nothing about either team:  Rams 30 – Redskins 16.  Or, to put it another way.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

-  What are we to make of the Jets?  Does Baltimore’s defense just match up well against them and they actually have a decent offense?  Or do the Patriots and Dolphins have crappy defenses?  Jekyll and Hyde is all I’m coming up with at the moment. 

Stat of the Week:  Anquan Boldin completed one pass for negative six yards and still had a better passer rating than the following starting quarterbacks: Alex Smith, Sean Hill, Brett Favre, Eli Manning, Josh Freeman, Carson Palmer, Jimmy Clausen, Matt Schaub, Sam Bradford, David Gerrard, Bruce Gradkowski, and Matt Hasselback. 

He also out performed Derek Anderson, but I don’t consider that note worthy. 

Today’s distraction:  Try some flabby physics.  All you need is a spacebar and hours of idle time.  I know you have both of those. 


Jum said...

Not sure about KC being the most entertaining to watch. I was at the game on Sunday, and they looked good in the second half, but up until around the 7 minute mark of the third quarter, our section was mostly in agreement that between Cassel and Smith, it was the worst-quarterbacked game we'd ever seen. Cassel literally can't throw a ball more than 10 yards in the air without the whole stadium grimacing. But the running backs are studs, and hey, 3-0 is 3-0.

BeachBum said...

I thought Cassel looked better than he has (which, granted isn't saying much). Although, I'll admit I lost interest in the second half.

But there is a tension with that team that any play could blow up. Charles' first run (40 something yard TD during which he turned the safety around twice) of the season should have put us on notice.

I'm officially labeling this team 'dangerous'.

Clayton Bigsby said...

My poor poor Vikings. Next 5 weeks is something like this: Bye, @NYJets, Dallas, @NE, @GB. Balls. We're starring at 1-6 or 2-5. Andrew Luck or Ryan Mallett with our top 5 pick? I think I was wrong about your Pats too. That defense is more than leaky, it's missing the entire roof.