Saturday, October 9, 2010

So Sorry

Work's been a bitch and I've been her whipping boy the past week.  Apologies for the lack of entries.  To make up for it here are a few, quick random thoughts that have rattled around in my mammoth noggin the past few days.

-  I had such a good feeling heading into the Twins - Yankees series.  The Yankees rotation was a mess, they've been slogging through the last month of the season and seemed ripe for the taking.  Plus, I just got finished watching 'Four Days In October' about the Red Sox comeback in the 2004 ALCS.  Now the Yankees are up 2 - 0 heading back to New York.

Still, Twins fans.  Maybe winning three straight and crushing the hearts of Yankee fans everywhere is the only way to get over this hump.  Come on!!  Carry the mantle!  Why not you???

-  Wondered going into the playoffs if the Rangers were legit.  Question answered.  Pitching, defense, hitting, they can do it all and are showing the Rays what playoff baseball is all about.

-  Besides being busy, I'm a bit traumatized.  One of my best work friends (ever, not just here) has just given notice and is moving to New York to be near family.  She is one of the last remaining Beer O'Clock crew members and work is going to suck infinitely more without her around.  I would say I'm depressed, but whenever a long time employee leaves it means a night of free drinks on the company.  So I've got that to look forward to.

Besides, this is a new age with email, cell phones, texts and all sort of other electronic communication makes keeping in touch easier than ever.  It's not like I'll never talk to her again in some form.  It was just comforting having her here.  Everyone needs a work vent and she's been mine for five years.  Things might get ugly around here.

-  For the record, the Beer O'Clock crew consisted of the following people throughout the years:

DA - rekindled the entire concept with the JJ Foley Friday lunches.  Moved back to LA
AR - moved to LA
AL - laid off
AL - still here
ML - just gave notice
JTR - still here, but engaged and seemingly becoming responsible.  We don't hang out much any more.
KZ - founding member who moved to NY
BH - moved to Dallas
JC - moved to Chicago
MF - quit
MB - quit

My one hope is that all the members who have scattered to other parts of the country are continuing the tradition of drinking their asses off during work hours.  And not getting caught.  That's key.

-  I would think that's one of the under appreciated aspects of this recession (yes, I think we're still in the middle of it): not just companies losing workers, but the remaining workers losing friends thus making work life that much more intolerable.

-  Do I need to start self examining myself to answer why everyone keeps leaving me?  I hope not, because I'm not real good at that stuff.

-  As much as I bitch about my job and friends bailing on me to live their lives (seriously, how dare they?), I consider myself extremely lucky after reading about the ordeal the Chilean miners are going through. We also may not hear about such an unlikely turn of events for a very long time.  Check out the timeline attached to the article.

-  Walking home from the train yesterday I witnessed this exchange from an obviously nutty woman.  She drove down the hill I live on, blew through a stop sign and into oncoming traffic which had to stop suddenly for her.  The traffic coming the other direction did not stop, which prompted her to give the finger to three cars that rightfully shouldn't have let her go.  The fourth car, sensing insanity in the area, stopped and waved her in.  Crazy's response to this polite manner?  She pulls in front of the line of cars and stops dead.  Holding up traffic for two minutes before the woman who waved her in finally floors it to go around her.  As the polite woman drives past, the nutty one gives her the finger, as well.  For what, exactly, I'm not sure.

People suck.

Gotta go.  Wifey is back with a van full of groceries.  Some of which better be beer.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Today's distraction:  Eight fabulously enormous products from Mannacher Schlemmer.  If I ever become obscenely rich, I'm getting that submarine and waterslide.

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Clayton Bigsby said...

No excuses from this Twins fan. They embarrassed themselves on the big stage. Oh god, we now start paying our singles hitter his $184 million contract.