Wednesday, October 13, 2010

TV Land

My DVR has been in over drive the past few weeks trying to keep up with all the new and returning programs.  Since I consider watching television my part time job, here are thoughts on what I've seen so far.

House:  Cuddy and House are an item now and I'm not liking this turn of events much.  House seems neutered by the relationship and hasn't been his usual, bastard self.  There was some signs of snarkiness last week, but it's been a subpar season, so far.  Shout out to Chase, though, for somehow morphing into my favorite character.  He sticks up for himself, seems smarter and funnier than ever and is trying to nail every chick that enters his peripheral vision.  

Community:  Still one of the funniest, quirkiest and rapid fire shows out there.  Has also spawned my favorite quote of the year when Britta - making fun of the wholesome and flirtatious Annie - said 'I like pelicans.  They're all feathery and pelicany...'  

Modern Family: I was worried this show would begin trying to hard or lose it's mojo after their Emmy winning first season, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Still hitting out of the park every week.  

Lone Star:  Already canceled with good reason.  I could get behind the story (although how long they could keep it up is another issue), but I had a huge problem with the lead actor who would plaster on his fake Justin Bieber-ish smile in place of actual charm.  Besides, having us root for a good looking scumbag who's screwing over two different women he's supposedly in love with is a HUGE hurdle.  

The Event:  I'll admit this show is intriguing and entertaining enough to hold my interest, but there are a ton of plot holes and 'are you shitting me?' moments.  I may be dropping it soon.  I'm also not sure if The Event of the title is something that has already happened (first contact?) or is on the verge of happening.  That I've come up with possible theories on what is going on could be a good sign.  

The Good Wife:  Still one of the best shows on television.  Forget that it's about a politician's betrayed wife and watch it for the best acting, writing and directing you'll see on television anywhere.  This is not a chick show, just to be clear.  It's intelligent and funny and addicting.  Give it a shot.  

The Office:  Still funny although I feel like I missed a bunch of shows.  When did Dwight buy the building?  When did the new receptionist start dating Gabe, the HR dude?  Not as good as it used to be, but it's still worth watching.  

30 Rock:  Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan - still EGOTing his way to oblivion - are the main draws here.  Elizabeth Banks also steals every brief scene she's in.  Although, I still vow to drop this if Julianne Moore and her terrible Boston accent even shows up in the background.  It's a matter of principle.  

Detroit 187:  A funky, off beat, if somewhat standard cops and robbers show.  There's a hint of damage to most of the characters and definitely something Autistic about Imperioli's character that I'm enjoying.  While a fantastic detective, he's so socially stunted that he can barely carry on conversations with his new partner without a cell phone as the mediator.  

The Defenders:  I tried to be objective, but 'According to Jim' is still fresh in my mind and I'm not ready to let Jim Belushi off the hook quite yet.  Besides, this might not make it until next year. 

Cougar Town:  Honestly, I hated this show when it first started but I wound up watching it because Wifey seemed to enjoy it and it followed Modern Family.  Guess what?  It's not bad.  The guys are actually the funniest thing about it even if we do have to suffer through an extremely creepy mother/son relationship that would have ended in a Norman Bates reenactment if this were real life.  This got infinitely better when it stopped being all about Courtney Cox.  

Outsourced:  Holy fuck is this show NOT funny.  Awkward and strange is the only way I can describe it.  

Jersey Shore:  I've been hooked on this since summer and have flirted with posting a 5000 word essay on why I think The Situation is a closeted (even from himself) homosexual.  What's absolutely shocking is I find myself liking some of these douches.  Pauly cracks me up at least three times an episode and it's hard not to feel bad when Vinny gets stood up by some girl he just met.  Still, an hour a week is all I can tolerate with these people.  I'm fairly sure I wouldn't last three hours in the same house without killing one of them.  

That's all I've got going for now.  I need some of these shows to get canceled or just decide to be terrible so I can forget them.  I barely have time for movies lately.  Fuck that!

Today's distraction:  Creative and hilarious egg art.  No really!


Anonymous said...

I never used to watch House. No reason, really. Just never watched it. I caught an episode by chance last week and I am absolutely hooked. I may have to buy all the seasons.

Side note, Cuddy is hot, and so is the other chick (the girl who plays Dr. Cameron).

BeachBum said...

All it takes is one, 10.

Julie L. said...

The only new show I like is "Raising Hope" on Fox. It's created by the same guy who did "My Name is Earl," which I also liked.

I had high hopes for "Outsourced" and "Running Wilde," but I'm pretty sure they are both on the verge of cancellation. I'm pissed they delayed the new season of "Park & Recreation" to make room for Outsourced. (Although Amy Poehler's pregnancy may have had something to do with the delay, too.)

BeachBum said...

Oh, man. I forgot about 'Running Wilde'. That was so close to being good it was frustrating. It was thiiiiiss close. Had some hilarious moments, but this last episode was terrible. Will give it one more shot, but it's not looking good.

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

House has been alright this season, nothing great. I really enjoy Running Wilde, but yeah the last episode was pretty bad. Will Arnett is still pretty hilarious though.

Anonymous said...

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