Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 4 Postmortem

Allow me a quick rant:

For the third time in four weeks I’ve lost my fantasy matchup even though I’ve scored the second most points in our entire league.  Yeah, I know you don’t care, but even you have to admit that this is getting weird. 

I scored 133 points (we do points per reception) with the guy beating me at 142.  The next highest was 127.  I’m currently 1 – 3, in eight place with the second most points in our league.   Even the leader (4 – 0) has fewer points than me.  

I ask: What the fuck is going on here?  Bullshit!  That’s what.  I call bullshit!!

Ok, no more of that. 

Let’s get right to it, because I watched the first half of Sunday’s game in total amazement.  Has there ever been a worse performance by an offensive line/quarterback combo in league history?  Jay Cutler was sacked nine (9) times in the first half.  He actually finished with negative fantasy points in one of my leagues. 

Negative.  As in minus 3 points.  He’s a starting quarterback!!  Has that ever happened before?  Hell, even Jamarcus Russell would put up 8 -10 points.  How is that even possible?  And how many points did the Giants defense score? 

Hold on….looking that up right now.

Thirty three!  The Giants D/SP had thirty three points and outscored Cutler by thirty six.  Un-fucking-believable!  Ten sacks, two interceptions, fumble recovery and two Cutler testicles. 

-  So McNabb won back at Philly.  Who gives a flying fuck?  Would that have been the case if Vick stayed in the game?  By the way, Vick had more fantasy points than Cutler even though he played about five minutes.  Oh, this will be a recurring theme. 

-  If Vick comes up lame, are the Eagles required to shoot him in the head and bury him in the back yard?  Could they at least electrocute him?

-  As woeful as Chicago looked, the Cardinals looked even worse.  They were comically bad in all phases of the game.  41 – 10 doesn’t even come close to describing it.  By the way, Legadu Naanee had one catch for eight yards and had more fantasy points than Cutler. 

-  I’ve been on my buddy since opening day about having Flacco as his starting quarterback.  He look terrible again yesterday and I’m texting him nasty (but fun) messages.  Then Flacco throws the second most beautiful pass of the day (see below) to win the game.  How can a player look so rattled and incompetent most of the day only to throw a perfect pass when it matters most? 

-  As for the most beautiful pass?  That was actually an incompletion.  Titans down 6 with 30 something seconds to go.  Vince Young takes snap, steps to his left a bit and hurls a PERFECT pass to…actually…I don’t remember how it was.  Kenny Britt?  Anyway, receiver has two defenders on him but the ball still comes down right over his head into his hands and through.  On the ground.  Neither defender could get a hand on it.

My favorite part of the entire play was Young’s reaction.  No temper tantrums, just a slight ‘Eh, whatta ya gonna do’ smile on his face.  I like that demeanor in a quarterback. 

-  The least impressive team while winning:  The Atlanta Hawks.  If it weren’t for Roddy White’s game saving strip, they would have lost – at home – to the 49ers.  From their asses they pulled that win. 

-  We’re currently in the battle for worst team in the league.  I’m eliminating the Lions because they’re at least fun to watch and have some fire to them for once.  It’s between the Bills and Panthers.  I would also add any Seahawks game they play on the road. 

-  Brandon Tate is the most electrifying Patriots rookie ever.  EVER!  I can’t remember a guy like this playing on a New England team.  I might be in love in a very macho, manly way.   

Questions after week 4:

-  Is anyone convinced Jimmy Clausen is going to make a decent NFL quarterback?

-  What is going on with the Panthers running game?

-  Will we see a more clutch kick this season than Josh Scobee’s 58 yarder to beat the Colts?

-  Will Ray Rice score a touchdown this season?

-  Are the Rams better than we thought?  Sam Bradford is going to get better as the season goes on and he’s already pretty decent. 

-  Are the Dolphins decent or terrible?

-  Will Brett Favre quit halfway through the season, thus spurring a Vikings run to the Super Bowl?

-  Will the Bills or Lions win a game?

-  Will the real Tennessee Titans please stand up?

Stat of the Week:  Sean Hill led the Lions in passing (331 yards) and rushing (53 yards).  Michael Vick’s got nothin’ on HIM!!!

Today’s distraction:  Check out the most anticipated sci-fi movies.  I disagree with Transformers 3, by the way.  If it’s anything like the second one I want no part of it.  The Green Hornet with Seth Rogan could be terrible, as well.  Just a gut feeling. 


Clayton Bigsby said...

I am 4-0 with the third most points in my league. The guy in 2nd has 97 more points than me.

Another beautiful pass was when Peyton hit his rookie TE in the numbers and the guy let it bounce off of him and into the DB's hands. It was on the GL. haha

Anonymous said...

In week 2, Vince Young scored a grand total of minus six (-6) points for someone in my league. Jay Cutler ain't got shit on him!

BeachBum said...

Minus 6 points!! Holy crap. That's terrible.

Bigs, agree on that pass but most of Peyton's passes are things of beauty. Even when they're picked off.

"Flick the booger"

A Tribute: deer a train and basketball said...

Vikings just got Moss, so hopefully Farve can throw some deep balls.

BeachBum said...

And apparently the Patriots are rebuilding in the middle of the season.

Jum said...

It was indeed Kenny Britt who missed the throw from Young. Unreal drop, I was flying off my couch after that one.

Shaun Hill is my buddy's brother-in-law. Back when he was with the 49ers, he wanted to come back and play on our city league basketball team in the off-season (Hill is from small-town Kansas somewhat close to Lawrence.) The 49ers, predictably, said ummmm no, you're not risking injury doing that shit. So I've been a Hill fan for the last couple years, it's nice to see him get some playing time.