Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 5 Postmortem

It was Bizzaro World in the NFL yesterday. 

Arizona, who looked terrible last week, beat the defending Super Bowl champs.

Detroit, winless on the season, crushed the St Louis 44 – 6 during which Shawn Hill, relegated to the QB scrap heap in the off season, threw three touchdown passes and posted an impressive 117.6 rating.  Although, they were playing the Rams. 

Sidenote:  Blog friend, Jum, has informed me that he has a personal connection to Hill and says he’s a good guy.  Thus, I am now rooting for him to take the starting job away from Stafford.  More on this in a bit. 

Oakland, who haven’t defeated the Chargers since the Nixon administration (unverified) beat them 35 – 27. 

Buffalo, winless on the season….oh, well, maybe everything is right in the world after all. 

On a quick fantasy note, I thought I was in store for my weekly fuck over when Matt Forte posted 25 points (over 100 yards and two TDs) in the first half of the first quarter.  Thankfully, Todd Collins had money riding on the Panthers and threw four interceptions to keep the ball out of Forte’s hands, thus minimizing the damage.  I should send him a case of beer or something. 

Onto the games. 

-  Let’s say you’re the Lions coaches.  First, off, I’m sorry.   Second, your starting quarterback and admitted future of your organization gets hurt and you plug in cast off Shaun Hill who is not only doing an admirable job, but making your team downright competitive.  Your team nearly topples the Packers in Green Bay and you just destroyed a similar hapless team.  Despite your 1 – 4 record, you’re actually showing signs of life.  If you weren’t robbed of an obvious touchdown against the Bears….sorry....

Eventually, Stafford will heal (assumption!) which raises the question of what you do when he does come back.  If Hill leads you to a few more wins, do you just stick with him and let Stafford pick it up next season? 

Thankfully, for that Detroit staff, it looks like the schedule may dictate that decision for them.  Check out the remaining games:  at Giants, bye, Redskins, Jets, at Bills, at Cowboys, Patriots (Thanksgiving game), Bears, Packers, at Buccaneers, at Dolphins, Vikings. 

Allow me to say it for you, Detroit:  holy shit!  That’s the schedule for one of the worst teams in the league last season?  Even playing well, they won’t beat more than three of those teams. 

-  Fantasy receiver to keep an eye on:  Steve Johnson from Buffalo (I know, but still) who seems to be emerging with Fitzpatrick taking over at QB.  Five catches with two being touchdowns yesterday.  If nothing else, the Bills now seem capable of putting up points.

-  While we’re here, what in holy hell is going on with the resurgence of Roy Williams and Terrell Owens?  Where have these guys been the last two years?  And what’s prompted this turn around?

-  If I had to bet my life on any one game this past weekend it would have been the Saints beating the Cardinals.  Arizona looked atrocious the last two weeks and didn’t really play that much better yesterday.  Yet, here they are at 3 – 2.

-  Least impressive in victory:  Atlanta for the third week in a row.  That said, they’re still 4 – 1.  I’m not impressed in the least with Matt Ryan, by the way.

-  While I love the Red Zone channel with everything I am, there are still painful moments like the following that I may be better off not witnessing live:  My fantasy RB, Jamaal Charles pounds his way for nine yards while I cheer from my couch only to see the football pop out of his hands.  Sixteen different Colt players (some may have come from the sidelines) pounce on the ball while I am frozen, mid fist pump.  Talk about a deflating moment. 

-  Forget the Cowboys 1 – 3 record or that loss to the Titans or the talent on the roster.  Dallas just looks like a poorly coached team.  Bad penalties, stupid mistakes, sloppy all around.  And this is coming off a bye week.  Regardless of what Jerry Jones says Wade Phillips won’t last the season if this keeps up. 

-  Is it possible Green Bay isn’t nearly as good as everyone has been saying?  Is Ryan Grant really that irreplaceable? 

-  I would like to welcome Ray Rice to the 2010 NFL season.  Sure he’s four games late, but better late than never, right?  Right?

-  I’m not sure what to make of Matt Schaub.  He’s up one week, down the next and seemingly trying to kill my second fantasy team.  Might be time for Donovan McNabb to take the starter role.  Yes, those words frighten me like no others. 

I also wonder if this Arian Foster craze peaked in week one. 

-  I’m extremely concerned about Pierre Garcon who I picked thinking he was going to bust out this season.  Instead he’s been dropping passes, had a hamstring problem and is thiiiiiss  Just seems weird the guy that was Manning’s go to guy the last half of last season suddenly can’t catch the ball. 

-  The two media darling teams in the preseason – San Francisco and Green Bay – are a combined 3 – 7. 

Stat of the Week:  New Orleans held Arizona to 41 yards rushing , 5.3 yards per pass, a combined QB rating of less than 61, didn’t give up an offensive touchdown and still lost by ten points. 

Today’s distraction:  The most bizarre shoes ever.  The ones on number three actually make sense.  Would you tell any woman wearing those that you don’t really want to get married?

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Clayton Bigsby said...

This is going to be one of them weird seasons like 99-01 where a team comes out of nowhere to win it. It could actually be the Falcons. I guess the Saints were out of nowhere last year, but even the Super Bowls were weird from 99-01.