Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 6 Postmortem

Just when you think the 2010 NFL season can’t get any stranger…

Oh, I’m not talking about Seattle beating Chicago on the road. 

Or Kansas City running rampant over a (supposedly) stout Houston defense before falling apart. 

Or the Dolphins making a case that Green Bay should never have been considered a Super Bowl favorite at all. 

Or Detroit giving the Giants all they could handle despite losing their top two quarterbacks. 

Or Philly laying the smackdown on Atlanta. 

No, I’m referring to Junior Seau driving his fucking car off a cliff after being arrested for domestic violence.  Apparently, like Seau’s career, he gave it his all yet still couldn’t complete what he started.  Despite driving off what looks to be a serious ledge, he only received some cuts and bruises.  Did he forget to unbuckle his seat belt?  Did the airbags save him? 

Make sure you click on the link to the picture.  Would love to know if he hit the edge of that thing at full speed or whether this is just some lame cry for help.

On the bright side, now steroid opponents have more ammo for their next public service announcement.  ‘Look, kids!  Prolonged steroid use makes you go crazy!’

Before we get to the games I should point out that I actually went to a bar that was showing every single game on a variety of televisions around the bar.  Buddy of mine and I got there right at noon, had our pick of seats, and proceeded to drink lots of food and eat lots of beer.  Or something. 

I will say that having different games on was very confusing.  So much so that I lost track of what was going on with the Patriots – Ravens game because I was so absorbed with the Chiefs – Texans game (which was much more entertaining).  The entire bar would cheer and I would have to figure out what just happened. 

As long as I had fun!

-  I was completely absorbed by the KC – Houston game.  The Chiefs man handled the Texans for three quarters before Houston seemed to look at each other and say ‘What the fuck?  This is Kansas City!  What are we doing?’ and turned on the offense.  If Andre Johnson is hurt, he didn’t show it in the fourth quarter.  Although, Chiefs, how can you leave him alone like that in the end zone? 

-  The Cowboys are just atrocious.  Not talent wise or strategy wise or even execution wise.  Penalty wise they are killing themselves.  They look lazy and undisciplined and that goes no further than the head coach.  It’s shockingly apparent that Wade Phillips has lost this team.  If Jerry Jones wants this team to be relevant at all this season, Phillips needs to go.  There’s still time, too.  It’s now or never. 

-  Detroit has officially become my favorite non Patriots team.  They’re feisty and fiery and entertaining.  I’m going to be torn Thanksgiving Day.  Ok, not even close, but I would not be at all surprised if they shock the Pats. 

-  I know Minnesota won and all, but there were several times during yesterday’s game when I thought ‘Wait, you have a third and short, the best running back in the game and you’re going to pass?’ 

-  While the Colts are 4 – 2, they haven’t impressed me much.  It was nice to see Pierre Garcon finally show up (especially since I have him on my fantasy team) but this team certainly doesn’t seem to be the fine tuned offensive machine we’re used to seeing.  Age?  Injuries?  New coaches?  All of the above?

-  Can we officially put to bed the ‘Mike Martz is an offensive genius’ now?  His one good team just happened to have a Hall of Fame running back and Hall of Fame quarterback in the same system.  Maybe it was the players and not the coaching?  Perhaps having Jay Cutler making the decisions in place of Kurt Warner is a problem. 

-  San Diego is officially in trouble.  2 – 4 and here are the next 5 games:  New England, Tennessee, at Houston, Denver, at Indy.  3 – 8 isn’t out of the question.  I wonder if Philip Rivers head will literally explode if that happens.

-  I have to express my astonishment at Steven Jackson.  He’s still powering through and putting up great numbers even after years of playing on crappy teams and being the only weapon.  Have you ever heard him complain?  I want St Louis to be good just because he’s earned it. 

-  Could Kevin Kolb actually be good?  He impressed the shit out of me yesterday and even managed to seamlessly shift to new receivers when he lost DeSean Jackson.  Now what do the Eagles do when Vick is healthy?  Awesome problem to have.

-  Don’t look now but it looks like the Saints have finally recovered from their Super Bowl hangover. I know. One game.  

-  I know they’re  5 – 1.  I know they beat the Patriots.  I know they have a resurgent and pissed off Tomlinson on their team.  I know they have a good defense.  So why am I still not sold on the Jets?  

-  The only thing to take away from the San Fran – Oakland game is that the 49ers won’t go winless this season.  That’s about it.  What a terrible game.  Sometimes that blackout rule can be a blessing. 

Stat of the Week:  Dallas out gained Minnesota in total offense 314 – 188 and lost.  In fact, Dallas has out gained every team it has played this season and is 1 – 4.  Penalties are a bitch. 

Today’s distraction:  Some great tear off ads.  I wish I had time to think up this crap. 

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Jum said...

This is the 4th football season I've lived in Kansas now, and last Sunday was the first time in that entire stretch that I was happy that we got stuck with the Chiefs game on TV. Seriously entertaining game.