Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 8 Postmortem

Approximately halfway through the season and we’re starting to see the first signs of teams fraying, if not outright imploding.

The Vikings give up a third round pick for Randy Moss; a trade that is universally praised by ‘experts’ around the globe as ‘just what Brett Favre and Minnesota needs'. He is released four games later.

This same Vikings team has a forty year old quarterback with a fractured ankle, cut chin and public penis yet head coach Brad Childress refuses to make a decision on who will start for his own team. This begs the question of who is really coaching Minnesota: Childress or Favre’s starting streak?

The Redskins lost to the lowly Lions which prompted head coach Mike Shanahan to label Donovan McNabb ‘out of shape’ while into the minds of Eagle fans everywhere pops the ‘Dry Heave Super Bowl’

The Jets, coming off a bye week no less, looked so atrocious offensively I couldn’t help but wonder if they practiced at all the last two weeks. Combined with week one versus the Ravens, there may be an Achilles Heel to this New York team.


St Louis is getting better by the week (although, granted it was Carolina).

Detroit is gelling both defensively and offensively.

Kansas City has the most potent rushing attack in the NFL.

The Colts plug nobodies into crucial positions and roll along like the machine they are.

The Raiders look to be an offensive juggernaut.

The Patriots have quietly accumulated the best record in the league while going back to Belichick-ball: Scrubs and castoffs from other teams thriving in a ‘hell, let’s see if this will work’ scheme.

The defending champs finally showed up in their most impressive win of the season.

And still we’re no closer to figuring out what the holy hell is going on this season. I, for one, am enjoying every minute of it.

Let’s get to it.

- I started this season figuring Buffalo would not win a game. I know they’re still 0 – 7, but their last two games (on the road versus Ravens and Chiefs) have been impressive. They can still be run all over, but that they’re in games until the final whistle says a lot about the toughness this team is showing. They may even win 2 or 3 games if this keeps up.

By the way, Chief coaches, when you’re lead rusher is approaching 200 yards on the day don’t start putting the game in the hands of Matt Cassel. Charles and Thomas were running at will, yet when the game was close, you stopped running and decided to pass nearly every down. Go with what works.

- The Dallas defense played team ball on Sunday. By allowing David Garrard to run amok (and become a fantasy star), they’ve taken all the attention away from the Cowboy offense. That was so nice of them.

The Wade Phillips ‘retirement’ watch is officially on.

- My fantasy philosophy is to draft a top QB and his favorite receiver. Not once all summer did I ever think ‘Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson’. Never. They combined for 313 yards and seven touchdowns. I suck.

- Was anyone else delighted to see Rex Grossman back in action? I couldn’t believe he was still on a roster. Watch him light it up the rest of the year.

- If it weren’t for last week’s Chicago – Washington game, the Packers – Jets would go down as the most disgraceful example of football this year. Again I ask, why is everyone so in love with Mark Sanchez?

- It certainly looks like St Louis is taking the ‘dink and dunk’ approach to passing. Bradford is going a great job spreading things around (four different receivers were targeted at least 6 times), but when you complete 25 passes for 191 yards it seems as if a deep threat is missing.

And hello Randy Moss.

- It only took 8 weeks for the ‘slow start’ to finally wear off San Diego. This is a team, by the way, that would benefit greatly from Moss. Can you imagine them getting Moss plus Vincent Jackson back for the second half? Holy shit!

- Our idea of promoting the NFL in Europe is to send Denver and San Francisco over there to play?

- I always thought Troy Smith would make a decent QB way back when he started off with the Ravens. Injuries played a major role in his lack of playing time, but where has he been up until now? He played well again Sunday. Let’s hope he stays healthy so we can see what kind of player he can be.

- What the hell happens to Seattle when they go on the road? Do they need original Starbucks coffee to function properly? Do they book uncomfortable hotel beds? Do they just party it up at every city instead of practicing? Seriously, I need to know this stuff.

- That Houston victory over the Colts seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it?

- How does baseball work in Texas? They have the Houston Astros in the National League with the Texas Rangers in the AL. Does everyone in Texas automatically root for the Rangers? The team name does cover the entire state. Are Houston fans allowed to root for two teams? I would wonder the same thing about the Florida Marlins but they don’t seem to have any fans.

- I’ve always been a bit bewildered why Favre doesn’t utilize Adrian Peterson more in the passing game. I thought it may have to do with Peterson’s habit of fumbling the ball (bad hands?) then thought that Favre just likes the glory of throwing it deep. Usually Peterson will fake block, then slip into the flat and be WIIIIDE open in the middle of the field. Favre never threw to him consistently until Sunday. This makes me wonder if Favre’s limited mobility made him perform more like a quarter back instead of BRETT FAVRE!!!!!!!!!

Also makes me wonder if Favre would be better if he just pocketed his ego and played how he used to. But we all know that isn’t possible any longer.

- Don’t look now but Tampa Bay is 5 – 2. TAMPA BAY! This entire season is fucked up.

Stat of the Week: The Miami Dolphins are 4 – 0 on the road and 0 – 3 at home.

Today’s distraction: How to delete your account for real on many popular websites. If you are a Facebook user (Facebooker??) check out how difficult it is. I’ve railed on about that site before, but keep this information in the back of your mind when posting things up there.


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