Monday, February 28, 2011

Get Lost!

Random thoughts while waiting for this bitch February 2011 to be gone forever. 

-  I realized (far too late) that the Oscars is a show practically created for the DVR.  Perhaps the DVR was invented for shows like the Oscars would be a better way to phrase it.  Would have loved to zip past that uncomfortable and awkward Kirk Douglas supporting actress presentation.  How old, exactly, is too old for a man in Hollywood?  I know - he's a legend.  But that's Hollywood-speak for 'best work is far behind him'.

-  What was the over/under for the number of Anne Hathaway outfit changes?  Whatever it was, over won in a land slide. 

-  Was I the only one shocked by how hot Cate Blanchett looked?  She gets better looking every time I see her. 

-  What exactly is the hold Oprah has on females?  Hathaway introduced her with overly lavish praise; even mentioning that it was a pleasure just to 'share the air she breathes'.  Oprah is a fucking talk show host.  What am I missing here?  Does male DNA somehow protect me from her charms?

-  At 10:30pm I realized I had nothing invested in any of the awards.  I knew Inception would win the technical awards, I knew King's Speech would win Best Picture, I knew Melissa Leo and Natalie Portman and Christian Bale would win.  Frankly, I was bored.  Where were the upsets last night? 

-  Here is the second finalist for 'Least Surprising Revelation of the 2011'.  The first being every Charlie Sheen story, of course. 

-  New show recommendation:  The Chicago Code.  Comes on just after House and has - so far - kept me interested and entertained.  I can't help but wonder how native Chicagians (what is the term for people from Chicago?  Chicagoans?  Chicago-ians?) are taking to it since the entire police force and political establishment seem to be corrupt. 

-  After watching the reaction the Celtics had towards the Kendrick Perkins trade, I am torn.  On one hand I like that they are a tight knit group.  On the other, I don't know if I can root for a team that cry like babies when something doesn't go their way.  This is the digital age.  They can still text, call, Skype, Tweet, or Facebook Perkins 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Get over it and play ball. 

-  Hey, the Knicks beat the Heat in a meaningless regular season game.  According to New Yorkers this makes them the best team in the history of the NBA.  Everyone else should just pack up for the summer. 

-  I had my Jimmer ticket punched over the weekend when he launched a nearly half court shot with a flick of the wrist.  I uttered 'No way!' as he launched it.  Nothing but net.  Fraudette could be the best pure shooter I've ever seen but take a look at what he did to beat SD on Saturday.  He scored 43 against them last time and still scored 25 (or so) Saturday, but he moved the ball - piling up nine assists - which shows he can adjust and takes what the defense gives him.   I'm fully on the Jimmer Bandwagon. 

-  The 2011 Red Sox season is off to a roaring start.  Really?  This happened in batting practice?  Was Beckett crowding the plate?  Sorry, still gun shy from last year's barrage of injuries. 

Shit, work is now calling.  Mondays blow. 


Today's distraction:  As a tribute to Charlie Sheen, here are 19 Celebrity Meltdowns


kos said...

I've really enjoyed Chicago Code so far too. I'm pretty sure everyone knows a lot of Chicago cops are corrupt, so no surprise there. Hopefully it doesn't get canceled, because there are a lot of different ways they can take that show.

Rob said...

Chicago Code -- great storyline, but the female police superintendent is a horrible actress. Her looks, though, keep me coming back. Beach -- have you seen Brotherhood? Stars the lead actor in Chicago Code as a Providence politician with a questionable family. The actor is British, BTW.

Cate Blanchett -- her dress was awful, but I agree she is a classic beauty. Who got me going more though was Scarlett Johansson. Damn she looked sexy.

BeachBum said...

Johansson could show up in jeans and kill it. You know who looked stunning was Jennifer Lawrence (from Winter's Bone). Talk about a head turner.

That's 'Flashdance' chick, Rob, who plays the superintendent on Chicago Code. Jennifer Beals. She's not great, but she doesn't ruin the show, either. Hopefully she'll relax into the role instead of playing it as a hard ass all the time.

kos said...

I second the Jennifer Lawrence comment.

Rob said...

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence has a raw beauty. Looks like she could be a little crazy, which is rarely a bad thing.