Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's time to break down the long weekend old school style.  By that I mean my old school, not necessarily anyone else's.  I march to my own guitarist.  Or trumpeter.  Whatever. 

First, C, just saw your comment and you'll be right in my neck of the woods.  Right on the harbor, near some great places to visit and enjoy.  I'll get that post together later this week.  Also, I just finished watching LAST week's good wife with the Kalinda revelation (post Blake broken ribs).  My theory about Blake, by the way...he's undercover FBI.  That's why FBI chick (who is smoking hot) is playing dumb about him.  How could she have never heard of him when he's supposedly this involved?  Something stinks. 

Let's get to this.  My coffee is half drunk, my scrumdeli-icious blueberry muffin is sitting comfortably in my belly and work is quiet.  Let's knock this out. 

Highlight:  Went to Vermont to visit my brother in law and his two boys who get along famously with my own.  Basically, we drink and play cribbage and joke around while the kids are outside sledding or in the basement playing XBox.  The great thing about his place is - like nearly every place in Vermont - it's in the middle of nowhere.  We don't have to worry about traffic or kids getting lost.  It's just one house in the middle of 20 acres.  Our biggest concern would be a bear, but they're still hibernating, so fuck it.  Go have fun, boys!

Lowlight:  The temperature was -10 with the wind chill.  That put a limit on what outdoor activities could occur and how long they could last.  Still they had fun and I got to drink beer uninterrupted.  That's all that matters.

Highlight:  One of the nearby mountains (forget the name) had a 'torch run' which was one of the most spectacular things I've ever seen.  About 75 - 100 skiers came down the mountain holding flares.  Very cool. 

Lowlight:  By this time the temperature was 20 below and I was hating life.  Even worse, when we got inside there were so many rude, inconsiderate people I was about to haul off and punch someone.  I don't care if it was a kid or an adult.  People would just shove past you without an excuse me or apology.  Twice my five year old was knocked over and one other time elbowed in the head.

Highlight:  Five year old gave such a dirty look to the woman who elbowed him she took a step back and immediately apologized.  He kept giving her the dirty look, rubbed his head and walked away without a saying a word.  My boy!!

Quick sidenote:  My oldest told me that five year old was playing after school during his first week of kindergarten.  This is the time of day where everyone is running around crazy after being cooped up in school.  Eldest says that some younger kid was giving youngest a hard time, so my youngest got right in his face and told him to knock it off.  The other kid went to give him a push when my son knocked his hand away and shoved him first.  This prompted the other boy's nine year old brother to come over and threaten my youngest.  So now two against my one with one being twice his age and size. 

My youngest looks both of them in the eye and says 'Yeah?  Come near me and I'll knock both your heads off.'  Both boys look at each other, look at my five year old and quietly walk away.  While I have no idea if this is exactly how it happened, I can totally see my youngest pulling this off.  The kid has no fear of anything. 

I asked my eldest what happened after that, he said 'Nothing.  He just went back to playing like nothing had happened.'  When I asked him why he wasn't sticking up for his little brother he answered 'I was going to, but he really didn't need me.'

Highlight:  Learning yet another study has concluded that moderate drinking 'is associated with a reduced risk of multiple cardiovascular outcomes'.  Boo YEAH!!!

Lowlight:  That consuming 12 beers in one night is not considered 'moderate' by anyone other than myself.

Highlight:  The stunning views along route 89 in Vermont.  Beautiful, snow covered mountains on all sides. 

Lowlight:  The 70 mile an hour winds blowing cars all over the highway.  At one point I felt the car attempt to lift off the ground and had visions of a Daytona like airborne crash dance through my head.   

Highlight:  Things are suddenly moving quickly on the job front.  I have a second interview scheduled for Friday, a follow up call I need to place after a two hour marathon session (which is usually a good thing), and just received a call for an initial screening for a job that really looks interesting. 

Lowlight:  None of these jobs are even remotely close to Boston.   I really like working in the city and would prefer to keep it that way.  We'll see.....

Highlight:  Two Celtics in the final round of the three point contest. 

Lowlight:  Both losing to some no name from the Heat.  Let's hope this is the last loss the Celtics get from anything Miami related. 

Highlight:  Getting to watch the slam dunk competition and All Star Game. 

Lowlight:  Blake Griffin's dunking over a car instantly becoming the most over rated dunk of all time.  Was I the only one unimpressed?  Looked like a simple alley oop to me.  Yeah, there was a car there, but so what?  As I said to my brother in law at the time; 'The only way this would be impressive is if he jumps over the roof of the car'.

At the same time, that three ball dunk from the Wizards dude is totally unappreciated.  The degree of difficulty on that was much higher than he made it look. 

Since I'm on a roll, they need to go back to the old format for the dunk contest.  It's less impressive when a guy finally makes a dunk after four failed attempts.  Give them five dunks each, count them as soon as they leave the ground, then take the top 3 scores to determine who advances.  Giving them two minutes to complete one dunk is lame. 

Lowlight:  Watching Kobe overtly gunning for the single game All Star scoring record.  Shit like that is why people will always despise him. 

Highlight:  The constant booing all Celtic players received whenever they were on the court.  Ray Allen and Paul Pierce were verbally accosted during the three point contest and they loved every minute of it.  I really hope the Lakers and Celtics meet in the Finals again.  This time with every Celtic healthy. 

Highlight:  A man's love for his dog knows no limits.

Lowlight:  Apparently that means his one year old grand daughter who was attacked not once, but twice by the dog.  The owner is still putting up a fight to not have the dog euthanized which just proves he would rather have a dog who mauls little kids than a grand daughter. 

Highlight:  Trades dropping left and right in the NBA.  Carmelo to the Knicks, now Deron Williams to the Nets.  I actually think the Nets got better while the Knicks have - once again - painted themselves in a corner. 

Lowlight:  Another spoiled athlete - in this case Carmelo - getting his way.  That and the entire Jerry Sloan debacle seems to have been for nothing.  Wonder if he'll come back now that Williams is gone?

Highlight:  You finally get a new entry from me.  Apologies for being sporadic.  Between my schedule and lack of inspiration, I've been having trouble with this space.  Will try to do better. 

Today's distraction:  Don't listen to the little rabbit


c. said...

Excellent! I am looking forward to your recommendations. Thanks in advance.

Great theory that Blake is FBI. That was a particularly awesome scene. This show just keeps getting better and better. The hot fed you like is also on one of my guilty pleasure shows - Royal Pains.

BeachBum said...

Royal Pains?? Will be googling that right now.

BeachBum said...

I'm back! Her name is Jill Flint and she is frickin' adorable. Sadly, no pics of her seducing Kalinda over dinner. One more thing Hollywood gets wrong: Lesbians NEVER look like that.