Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Update

While still recovering from a booze and sport fueled, fun fest of a weekend, here are some random thoughts to keep you occupied and/or concerned for my well being.  Super Bowl thoughts are at the bottom if you don't care about my life.  Can't blame you for that one bit. 

-  Took my oldest boy to the Celtics - Mavericks game Friday night only to have Jason Kidd of all fucking people break his poor little heart.  You bastard, Kidd!!  Didn't you know there was a 10 year old in the stands hoping you would miss?  How could you?  Fortunately, son number one is a lot like me and bounces back quickly.  You can certainly tell the Celtics are an old....oh....excuse me...veteran team.  They look sluggish on the second night of back to back games and after long road trips.  Friday was no exception with them just coming home after more than a week out west. 

-  Throughout that Friday game, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with Rondo, who would have what appeared to be a wide open layup only to see him pass it off to a team mate at the last second.  Quite a few of those times, the team mate on the receiving end messed up the layup or fumbled the pass out of bounds.  I kept saying to my son, 'Rondo needs to take those shots.  The opposing teams know he likes to pass off now'.  Yesterday, Rondo scored 26, mostly on layups.  Nice to know he learns and changes his game as is needed. 

-  Saturday I had to climb out on my back roof and clear off two feet of snow.  This is no small roof and I was soaked with sweat by the time I was done.  On the plus side I had a great view of the Boston skyline and made a new neighbor friend who was shoveling off his roof from a few blocks away.  We chatted a bit from afar.  It's a good thing we were out there, too, as it rained (including thunder and lightning!) all that night.  My roof would have caved in under all that weight. 

-  Saturday night, Wifey and I had a rare night out.  We were invited to a friend's house for a 'cocktail party' which I discovered was an adult phrase for 'drink fest'.  I somehow got stuck chatting with a lovely lady who was so full of shit, I could smell it coming out her pores.  With no prior warning (as I said to Wifey afterwards, 'Thanks for that heads up'), she dropped this line: 'Not having a nine to five job, I can't imagine how people do it.'

Here's a tip:  When someone drops an open ended statement like this and you don't know this person at all, do not under any circumstances ask 'What do you do for work?'

This is what I asked out of politeness and was barraged with so much bullshit I nearly drowned in it.  This lovely lady (and, actually, she was very friendly and sociable and I enjoyed talking to her) told me she was an 'internet entrepreneur' and 'a thought processor' which I thought meant she scoured EBay for cheap deals.  Nope, she sells herself as someone who can 'help you take that next step' towards you making money at something you are 'passionate about' or 'love to do'. 

As she put it, 'I honestly believe that if you love to do something, there is a way to make money at it'.  First, when people use the phrase 'honestly believe' in their vocabulary, I immediately keep my guard up.  How could you believe anything if it weren't honest? 

Anyway, I challenge her with 'I love to drink beer.  Other than returning my empties, how can I make money at that?'  She answers, 'You can make it!' all proud of herself.  I reply, 'Yes, but I'm lazy and don't want to make beer, I only like drinking it'.  This led to a back and forth that was interrupted when Wifey realized what I was involved in.  Suddenly, she sprang the 'we should get going' in order to save me. 

-  On the ride home, Wifey filled me in on this chick.  She's still single, always in debt, supposedly always has 'that next big thing' ready to hit, yet never seems to make any progress on any of her projects.  When I asked why our friends hung out with her, Wifey explained that she was more a 'friend of a friend'.  That's when it hit me that this girl is always 'on'.  She may not live a nine to five life, but in many ways, that is worse.  She came to the party not to socialize or relax, but to sell herself to any new person she met.  In this case, it was me.  Nine to five ain't so bad if you like what you do and can leave things at work.  If you're constantly on the prowl for new jobs it's difficult to move that switch to 'Idle'. 

-  By the way, Kos, I'm on for tomorrow night if you'll be around.  Although there is some small storm arriving over night so not sure if that's going to fuck up my travel plans or not.  Supposedly Boston isn't going to get much snow (less than an inch).  I'll send you a text when I get settled in Chicago. 

On to some Super Bowl thoughts. 

-  First, congrats to the Packers.  I find it increasingly difficult to dislike any Green Bay team.  Such a small market, but they manage to keep themselves relevant with good drafting and only necessary free agent signings. 

-  I didn't think I had a rooting interest in the game until the Steelers started making a comeback.  That's when I realized I couldn't stomach Ben Rapistberger winning another title.  Fuck him!  I hate his stupid, brain damaged head. 

-  Was yesterday's game a test of karma?  I never believed in that sort of thing before, but I wonder what would have happened if Michael Vick had been playing against the Rapist.  Would they still be playing in an endless game?  My guess is Vick would have won since he seems to have atoned.  Put 'seems' in quotes. 

-  Anyone else find it odd that Vick has received ten times the vitriol for harming dogs than Big Ben received for harming another human being?  Sorry, 'allegedly harming'.  Are dogs now more sacred than women?  I've noticed the same trend in movies.  Any human character can be killed off in the most gruesome way possible, but the family pet will always survive. 

-  Why was no mention made of the turf at Dallas Stadium?  It sure seemed like standard tackles and falls were causing major injuries to players on both sides.  At one point Big Ben slipped for no reason and twisted his knee.  Was that turf not designed for cold weather?  I know it's inside, but there was something odd going on with that field that nobody talked about.  How does Woodson break his collar bone just diving for a ball?  How does whoever that Steeler receiver was not recover from simply bumping his ankle on the turf?

-  Look, if the Black Eyed Peas wants to perform at halftime, couldn't they at least change their performance from that last 22 awards show they've been on?  Even the stupid flashing suit was the same.  Do they sleep in these outfits?  I did enjoy Slash and Fergie (who seemed to be making fun of Axl Rose) doing 'Sweet Child of Mine' if only to see Slash quickly dash off stage when his solo was over.  How long do you think he was under that stage?

-  How much did the dancers in the glowing suits get paid?

-  Movie that looks awesome:  'Battle for Los Angeles'. 

-  My favorite ads:  The Pepsi Max husband/wife one; The Bud Light dog sitter; Bud Light 'Hack Job'; Audi's Escaping Luxury Prison made by Kenny G's appearance; Doritos one which brought things back to life (loved the dust coming off the reincarnated grandfather); the two Bridgestone ads: The Reply to All and the Beaver one; and the Volkswagen one with little Darth Vader.

Winner:  Motorola's tablet ad that takes a swipe at Apple.  Fight the power!

-  My least favorite:  Doritos dog one, which was a lot of build up for a stupid ending; nearly any car commercial; any Go Daddy (really?  Joan Rivers??); Budweiser saloon one; nearly every movie ad...wait..

Quick sidenote:  I've noticed that the more a movie advertises itself, the worse it will be.  Therefore you can assume the new Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston one will be atrocious and 'Rango' (the Johnny Depp as a lizard one) will be just as bad. 

Loser:  The Justin Bieber/Ozzy Osborne one.  Fell flat and I can't even remember what it was for.

-  Was Cameron Diaz feeding popcorn to A-Rod because his manicure was still drying?

-  Forget Aguilera messing up the lines of the National Anthem (I didn't even notice), how about her butchering the song?  That was terrible and I couldn't help thinking the applause at the end wasn't for her (as she surely thought), but that it was finally over.  Or maybe everyone was really excited to see the planes fly over?  Wait, is that stadium open?  Did the people in attendance even see the fly over?

Ok, I'm done.  Back to work.  Enjoy your Monday!

Today's distraction:  Rate the SB commercials and watch any you may have missed.


Rob said...

I was shoveling my roof on Saturday too. It was not an easy job, but toward the end when it started raining, boy was I glad I had done it.

That woman sounds isufferable. But, I bet she was attractive. For what other reason would you withstand that much bullshit for so long?

BeachBum said...

She was cute at best. Our conversation was going along swimmingly until she steered it towards her 'job'. We were joking and laughing so my guard was down. So stupid....

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