Monday, March 28, 2011

Filling in the Blanks

I'm back from Minnesota and - as always happens when I fly - am now sick as a dog.  I'm sure it didn't help that my coworker was hacking up a lung the entire week we were together.  Thanks for nothing. 

My trip home was torturous.  Due to snow/sleet/rain storm in Boston, my flight was delayed for two and a half hours followed by another half hour sitting on the plane while the crew decided whether to wait for permission to leave or let us all off the plane again.  On the bright side it was cramped, uncomfortable and I sat next to a man who insisted on talking to me despite my iPod blasting while I was also reading a book.  This included him pointing out to me an ad for a new Volkswagen van that I could not give a shit nor a fuck about. 

Thankfully I'm home now and recovering from a massive head cold that has left my nose red, raw and painfully clogged.  If I could drill into my sinus cavity to relieve the pressure, I would.  It's the first time I've ever related to the guy from 'Pi'.  How's that for an obscure movie reference?

Let's get caught up with organized sections and everything. 

A Comprehensive and Exhaustive List of Everything I Know About March Madness:

In My Defense:  How many people had both Butler and VCU making the Final Four?  Anyone?  For the first time in over a decade I don't have one Final Four pick correct.  Kansas was my last hope.  Sorry, Jum. 

Films I've Seen And Would Recommend:  'The Fighter' (what the fuck is going on here?  Another great movie based in Massachusetts???!!!), 'Unstoppable', 'Battle Royale' (but only if you don't mind extreme violence) in which case see 'Primal', as well.

Film I Saw But Would Never Recommend:  'Grown Ups', which could be the worst movie I've seen in a very long time.  Is Sandler even trying any more?  Seemed like an excuse to hang out with his buds and get paid.  Good for him, but don't subject the public to the results. 

Reason for Optimism:  Opening day in three days. 

Reason for Pessimism #1:  Rondo still pouting about the Perkins trade and now having a mysterious finger injury.  In the meantime, Oklahoma City has gone 11-2 recently.  Did Danny Ainge gift wrap a title for the Thunder?

Reason for Pessimism #2:  Still no movement on the NFL lockout. 

Fatherly Pride:  My six year old has become obsessed with cars.  For his birthday he asked for one thing and one thing only:  Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.  Of course he got it and he'll spend as much time as he can trying to win new cars.  Every now and then he'll excitedly bound out of the playroom to proclaim 'I just won the Bugatti police car!' before disappearing again. 

I take him to Barnes and Noble on Sunday where he browses the kid section, finds nothing to his liking before heading to the car section.  There, shining like a beacon calling to him, is a picture book of his favorite car - the Ford Mustang.  He briefly flips through it, sees another book that has the Camaro, Charger and Mustang on it's cover and debates which one to buy.  'This one has the ALL OF THE MUSTANGS but this one has the Camaro and Charger, too, Dad.  If this Mustang book has the GT in it...Oh, there it is.  Ok, I'm getting this one'.

Standing to my left was a man in his 20s, staring - slack jawed - at my son.

The Competitive Juices Flow:  Six year old comes out of the playroom after playing his new video game.  He announces, 'I just won the Lamborghini!'   Ten year old jerks upright from his prone couch position, 'WHAT?!  I haven't even got that, yet', runs to the XBox and spends the next 45 minutes matching his little brother.

Reason Number 343 Never To Trust A Rodent:  It's fucking freezing in Boston today.  Wind chill of about 10 degrees.  That stupid groundhog was wrong again. 

Say What?:  The Celtic dancers (nope, still doesn't sound right) have gone to China to promote the NBA.  Here are some pics to prove that what the dancers are doing has absolutely nothing to do with the NBA.  Now, if they're promoting exotic dancing...

Mathletes:  It appears that even the smarty pants in our society can't agree on how to fix the economy except for one part - reduce defense spending.  It amazes me we're spending billions upon billions with Lybia, Afghanistan and Iraq while internally bickering about collective bargaining agreements and low rent shit like the Head Start program.  Why can't we take this economic crisis as an opportunity to tell the rest of the world 'Hey, we need to get our our shit together.  We're scaling back our world wide wars and focusing on ourselves for a bit'?  Is that unreasonable?

Fruit Loop:  According to the smarty pants at the American Chemical Society, we may be using fruit soon to make cars.  Apparently - and I'm taking their word for this - scientists in Brazil have found a way to make lighter weight, yet stronger automotive plastics from fruits like bananas and pineapples.  Two thoughts here:

1:  They have scientists in Brazil??

2:  That bananas are the single largest export (other than spectacular breasts) from Brazil makes this study a bit biased, I think.  I should note that I have no idea if bananas are Brazil's single largest export, but it feels right.   

That's it for today.  Work is calling again.  Not sure how I've been roped into all these projects considering I'm inept and lazy, but it's happening. 

Until next time. 

Today's distraction:  A fun chart of famous rock hair styles.  Roll over the rows to get a better view. 


Jum said...

We got to see a special sneak preview of Funny People a couple of years ago before it was released. A fancy theater, free booze, free food, seeing the movie before anyone else...and I still wanted to walk out. Just an awful movie.

Also, Battle Royale is awesome, I own it. Didn't know anyone else knew about that little gem. What a ridiculously awesome premise for a movie (with sequels!)

kos said...

Pi is a fantastic movie. I will have to check out Battle Royale.

BeachBum said...

Haven't seen the Battle Royale sequels yet, but I borrowed it from a buddy of mine and it's included. I actually read the book first and enjoyed it so much I was scared to see the movie. But they did a fantastic job remaining faithful.

Any movie that includes a psychotic 13 year old girl slashing the throat of another (in a close up, no less!) is a must see in my world.