Saturday, March 19, 2011

Simply Madness

Need to get an apology out of the way first.

To everyone in Big's Yahoo bracket, my sincerest apologies.  Since I was headed to Minnesota for work on Wednesday followed by non stop work for 48 hours before I had a break (don't worry, I took time to check scores) I completely forgot to finish filling out my bracket.

Sadly, I didn't even realize it until today (11:41am Central Time) when I thought 'Hey, I should see how I'm doing in that' and found myself sitting in 16th place out of 15 teams (estimate).  When I saw the big red 'Incomplete' notice I thought - and I quote - 'OH FUCK!'.

Yep, managed to get about a third of it done at the airport before my flight started boarding and never gave it a second thought.  Fuck me!

Just keep in mind I would have wound up in at least 10th place had I finished things.

Some other thoughts while in Minny.

-  Every third person I've met here has asked me this:  'So you're from Boston?'  'Yes, I am'.  'You enjoying Kevin Garnett?'  This second question is asked with a bit of anger, like I personally kidnapped him from Minnesota and stuck him on the Celtics.  I, of course, answer 'Oh, more than I ever would have thought!' and if I am in a particularly foul mood I add 'And Big Papi has been fun, too'.

Seems KG has left some scars behind in this area.

-  Our company's downtown office looks over the new Target Field and it is a thing of beauty.  Makes me crave Boston finally retiring Fenway and building us baseball fans a real park to sit in.  The more I see of other parks, the more I hate Fenway.

-  Had a fantastic meal at a place called Lurcat in downtown Minneapolis.  Try the Spicy King Crab Cakes or Sea Bass if you stop by.  Would also recommend the chocolate cream puffs filled with vanilla ice cream.  Out of this world.

-  Check out RedStone in Eden Prairie, as well.  Great atmosphere with a HUGE bar area to hang out in.  Had the cheeseburger sliders with fries and several local beers (Summit??) that were delicious.

-  I introduced the locals here to my 'Beer O'Clock' habit and they were wholeheartedly behind the idea.  Since it was a move weekend (we're physically moving the entire office to new digs) everyone was in jeans, sneakers, sporadically watching the Madness and were more than open sharing beers I stocked the fridge with.  They even went out and got two more cases.

There's my legacy, folks; spreading alcoholism state by state.

-  My theory of the generification of America has been confirmed again.  The Mall of America supposedly is one of the great tourist attractions around here, yet they have the same exact stores we have in our malls back in Massachusetts.  Sears?  check.  Nordstrom?  check.  Macy's?  check.  As I said to Wifey on the phone 'Plop a roller coaster and log ride in the middle of the Square One or Burlington Mall and we'd have a Mall of America, too!'

Driving around you see the same shops squatting in identical strip malls:  There's a Starbucks, there's a Subway, over there is a Home Depot right next to a Target which is down the street from a Walmart which, in turn is down the street from a Walgreens which shares space with a Staples.  I'm becoming more distressed that every city is no longer keeping an identity.  Block the skyline from your line of sight and you would have a hard time telling where you were.

Fuck - enough of that.  It's Madness time.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Go Jayhawks who I would have had as my champ had I finished filling out my stupid bracket.

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Anonymous said...

I was actually at the MOA on Saturday. It's an awful place. You're beating me in the bracket challenge and I filled out all the regions. haha