Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Family Work

Why hello again. 

C, did I miss your visit?  Or is it this coming weekend?  I do believe I missed it, but hopefully you'll be back soon.  I have a plan to make things easier to keep in touch, as well, but I'll save that for the end. 

For the first time ever, I just took my family on a business trip with me.  While they seemed to have a blast touring the Washington, DC area, I will NOT be doing that again. 

It wasn't terrible - just exhausting.  I may give the impression I am a slacker (and to an extent, I try to be) but the truth is I bust my ass while working.  During usual trips I can work 10 hours, have a quiet dinner, be asleep by 9 and up again early to do it all over again. 

Here's how my schedule looked last week:

6:30 am - Rise, shower, dress all while trying to keep quiet enough not to wake the other three still snoring away.  Ever try to get dress in semi dark?  Or brush your teeth quietly?

7 am -  Sneak out of the room (quietly closing the door, of course) for some free coffee and quiet time in the lobby of he hotel. 

7:30 am - head to the DC office for work. 

10 am -  Wifey texts me telling me she's taking the boys to one of the following: Zoo, Spy Museum, Aquarium, Double Decker Bus Tour, Wax Museum. 

Between noon and 1pm -  Head to lunch

2 pm - Wifey texts me to ask what time I will be back at the hotel. 

2:01 pm - I reply with 'No idea.  Project just got underway.  Don't wait for me if you want to eat dinner.'

2:05 pm -  Wifey texts me with 'Boys really want to have dinner with you tonight'

2:05:30 pm -  I curse to my coworker how Wifey thinks this is my vacation, as well, and now I'm under the added pressure of time constraints. 

2:06 pm - Text Wifey that I'll have a better idea of time around 5 pm

4:59 pm -  Wifey texts with 'When will you be out?'

5:00 pm -  I bash my head against the nearest wall. 

Look, I get it.  She's been with the boys all day and needed a break, blah blah blah.  But I had warned her that I was going to be working.  This was her vacation, not mine.  She said she understood, but apparently it didn't sink in those first two days. 

By day three she understood.  I left the room at 6:30 and didn't get back until nearly 9 at which point I fell nearly instantly asleep while the boys were still jumping up and down on the bed next to me.  I didn't even eat dinner. 

Three positives of the trip:

1:  The boys immersed themselves in our nation's capital and fell in love with it.  They were so ready to move down there they were willing to give up their friends and grandparents.  That was until they realized that we wouldn't actually be living at the hotel and they could not swim nor have chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast every day. 

2:  Learning the boys can handle a 10 hour car ride.  We drove from Boston to DC and they were fantastic the entire time.  Sure we had to stop so often for bathroom breaks it added an extra hour to the ride and I considered having them pee in a bottle for the last half, but we know they can do it.  I'm betting the portable DVD player helped a lot. 

3:  Wifey finally has a glimpse into what I do when I go on trips.  I suspect she thought it was all fun and games until I came back completely wiped out while having to get up super early the next day to do it all over again.  These projects cram two weeks of work into one and there is pressure on getting everything done in the allotted time.  Not exactly a party.  Sure, we get to have dinner now and then, but it's 90% work.  Here's hoping she understands that after ten years. 

Final DC thought: In case you thought I was exaggerating about my love and obsession with beer the idea of driving down stemmed from my desire to pack my car up with Yuengling beer so I could bring it home with me.  I'm not even kidding.  When Wifey found out the trip coincided with her vacation she suggested them coming down with me. 

I drank Yuengling every chance I got and brought three cases back to Boston. 

Onto another topic.  You may have noticed my not posting much here lately and there is a simple reason for that:  I haven't had much inspiration to write.  I've even considered shutting this down out of boredom.  So, I figured, either I end it or go all in and mix things up. 

I went with the former.  Beginning today I have a new email address:  beachbumdreams@gmail.com.  Feel free to send suggestions, tips, distractions, insults, whatever (no spam or stupid chain emails, though).  I'm looking for any and all ideas.  I know some people read but don't feel comfortable leaving comments so I thought some people would be more at ease with email.

I won't publish or use anyone's name without asking first, so don't be afraid of my outing you on the internet. 

Also, I figured this would be a perfect way for internet friends to keep in touch without sacrificing my privacy (of which I'm borderline obsessive about).  Drop a line for any reason. 

I know, C, too late.  Sorry. 

Until next time. 

Today's distraction:  Browse America's oldest brewery shop and feel free to send me anything you deem appropriate for my beer soaked existence. 


c. said...

Too late, indeed. A huge bummer, though we did have a blasty in your fair city (at many of your recommends at that) and will definitely be back, this time when the sox are in town. What's that, Jum? You want to come too, fantastic.

BeachBum said...

Damn! Didn't get home from dc until late Friday and I never had a chance to touch base. Sorry to have missed meeting you but glad you had fun.

Jum said...

Wait, what? So this means the blog is done?

BeachBum said...

I went with 'all in'. Did I mess that up?