Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This 'N That

How has there not been a convenience store chain named 'This N That', yet?

Whoops, getting ahead of myself. 

A few random thoughts while I recover from a marathon card game Saturday night.  Yes, I'm still recovering.  I'm old and tired and shouldn't be doing that shit any more.  It was fun, though. 

Off we go.

-  Obama got Osama.  Can we get a rap song with that title?  What I understand even less is what the fuck we're still doing in Iran and Afghanistan?  Bin laden wasn't in either of those countries.  Even worse he wasn't hiding out in a nasty cave in some god forsaken, freezing cold mountain.  He was hanging with his buds in a compound that I'm pretty sure was built by Osama himself.  I'll bet it has AC and a kicking sound system with prostitutes coming and going all hours of the night.  I'm picturing a Miami Vice like drug lord mansion.  It was probably closer to Saddam's spider hole, though. 

-  I would have loved for Obama to take his birth certificate and wiped Trump's ass with it immediately following his announcement about Bin Laden.  How was that still a story?  I realize Trump is basically a clown and/or used car salesman, but even he had to realize that Obama would never have been allowed to run for ANY public office, never mind be elected President, without some basic background checks.  Further proof that Republicans are catering to the lunatic fringe.  Trump never believed anything he said about Obama's birth certificate, he just wanted to gain support from the loonies in the boonies. 

It worked, too.  Sad. 

-  Let's get back to why our country is in two wars when it's apparent we had no reason to go into either country in the first place.  Iran did not have WMDs yet we're paying that bill with billions of dollars, blown off limbs and thousands of lives.  Afghanistan was (possibly) a logical place to look for Bin Laden, but he's not there.  Let's get out!  What's the hold up?  'We found what we were looking for, folks!  Peace out!'

-  I should point out that Bush's 'Shock and Awe' campaign was more expensive and less effective (not too mention more uselessly lethal) than simply using intelligence to find bin Laden and sending in a single elite troop to take care of business.  While I'm no Obama fan (yet), Bush's Presidency could soon be considered one of the more disastrous in the history of our country.  Quick check list:  Unwarranted war?  Check.  Economy in ruin?  Check.  Outright lying to the American people?  Check.  Lying to UN?  Check.  Nearly choking to death on pretzel in Cheney's last ditch attempt to become King of America?  Check.

-  I was proud of myself Saturday night.  Not only did I stay awake until 2:30 am (nearly 3!!) but I pulled a vintage drinking performance out of my ass (not literally).  Twelve beers consumed.  Totally sober, no hangover.  And I didn't even have a proper dinner.  I rocked it!

-  Oh, the first seasonal cigar was enjoyed. 

-  Ice coffee season was officially kicked off last week in BeachBum World.  I now stop for a BAMF (Big Ass Mother Fucka for those just joining) at Dunkin Donuts every morning. 

-  I really should develop a BeachBum World.  Like Disney only with no annoying cartoon characters, hundreds of different beers, topless waitresses and, of course, beautiful beaches for miles.  Any real estate tycoons reading willing to donate their beach front property for beta testing purposes? 

-  I wonder if Paul Pierce would have been kicked out of Game 1 if it were anyone but Dwayne Wade he was setting a pick on?  

-  While we're here, Ainge is looking like a genius for the Perkins trade.  His reasoning was the Celtics wouldn't need a defensive big man because Orlando wasn't going to be a threat in the Eastern conference.  He instead wanted another swing man (small/big forward) to help defend against LeBron/Wade.  The only problem being the Celtics have yet to beat the Heat since Perkins has left.  Details. 

-  Red Sox are looking better, but they really need to develop some sort of personality.  I'm hoping the Crawford walk off hit will loosen them up so they can start having some fun.  Right now they're robotic and business like. 

-  Breaking news has it that bin Laden was not armed when the Navy Seals shot him.  To which I ask 'Who cares?' 

-  One final bin Laden thought:  While I understand why the Navy buried bin Laden at sea (or so they say...) in accordance with Muslim edicts, a part of me wanted them to drag his body around like 'Weekend At Bernie's'.  Have him partying it up with bikini clad hotties, forcing beer funnels into him, taking his lifeless body water skiing and bouncing it off buoys and docks. 

After all, thousands of 9/11 victims never receive a proper burial.  Why should he?

Today's distraction:  Meet the 2011 Patriot cheerleaders.  My gift to you.  Let's hope we see them on time and on the field.  This stupid lockout is pissing me off.


Jum said...

Paul Pierce...if he didn't go to KU, I don't think I could stand him. He didn't deserve to get thrown out on the Wade play, but I can't say I felt bad for him. His reaction to a simple hard foul by James Jones was bullshit.

The Sox are coming around. Only a couple back of the wild card.

Good usage of 'lunatic fringe' in real life. What a great song.

BeachBum said...

Pierce has been rattled this series. There have been more than a few times I've wanted the Celtics to cut ties with Pierce and he still rubs me the wrong way at times (like in Game 1), but he's much better than he was. Hopefully he (and the Celts) get their shit together this weekend.

Youk came within a foot of winning last night's marathon. They are playing much better and showing signs of personality.