Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TV Land

Some (very) quick thoughts from the Land of Paradi...er...television.  Work is killing me so let's get right to this. 

-  One of my favorite people ever has asked - no...DEMANDED - I start watching 'The Wire'.  Since I do whatever hot blondes tell me to do (and I trust her opinion) I've Netflixed Season One and have been totally hooked.  Only three episodes in with 4 - 6 at my house now and am debating posting some thoughts as I get through each season. 

Tough to write about a show already so complicated it's tough to keep track of all the characters, but I think I can pull it off.  Hell, if I can get through 'Lost' I can figure this show out. 

I hope. 

Quick Sidenote:  Netflix has become such a success it's now a verb.  As in 'You'll love that movie!  Netflix it and let me know what you think.'

-  I've talked non stop about 'The Good Wife' so I won't bore you.  Instead I'll have a professional do the job for me.  Might be some spoilers in here, but I wanted proof I'm not the only one hooked on this show.  If you haven't started in, tonight is the perfect time to do so.  You can catch up with Season One over the summer.  Thank me later. 

-  Anyone else see that gruesome episode of 'House' last night?  Holy shit!  We always knew House was a bit of a lunatic, but operating on his own leg in the bathtub hit new levels of insanity.  I'm not even a squeamish person, but that had me twisting in my seat. 

-  On a related note, I hate Olivia Wilde's new haircut.  Her and Chase are going to get it on very soon.

-  Read that Cuddy is not coming back next season.  That's always a good career move: leave a hit TV show to pursue other possibilities.  It's worked so well in the past.

-  A bit disappointed 'The Chicago Code' has been canceled.  Very well done, although it needed to lighten up a bit.  I wonder if the cost of filming in Chicago was one of the reasons for it's departure. 

-  'Detroit 187' has also been canceled.  Apparently viewers don't have a fondness for one note, murder detectives in blue collar cities.  Go figure. 

-  One of the 'Criminal Minds' got canceled, too.  By my count that only leaves 21 'Law and Order', 'CSI', 'NCIS' and 'Criminal Mind' shows left. 

-  I don't watch 'Castle' and probably never will, but several coworkers were buzzing about last night's season finale.  In case you had any interest. 

-  Great to see 'The Office' get back to it's strengths with last week's Dwight vs Jim managerial show down.  Always enjoyed those two battling.  Even when Jim loses (like the snowball fight) I get a laugh out of them. 

-  Whoever recommended 'Parks and Recreations' to me, I owe you many thanks (Jum?).  I'm still getting caught up with the characters, but there are 2 - 3 laugh out loud moments an episode.  Highlight so far was the 'snake oil' episode.  'What, exactly, is in snake oil?'

Ok, back to work.  I've got some stories to pass along from my New York trip, but I don't have time today.  Soon!!

Today's distraction:  A sneak peak at ABC's fall schedule.  It includes - I shit you not - a new 'Charlie's Angels'.  I do believe this signals the official bankruptcy of original ideas in Hollywood.   


G. Mars said...

Great post. Said and done much better than I was going to - do you mind if I post a link to it?

Either way, well said. Gotta go watch the DVR'ed House now, with my head behind my hands it sounds like.

kos said...

House was ridiculous...I was hoping he would just pass out so I wouldn't have to watch him chop up his leg any more. I agree on the 13 and Chase hookup, it will hopefully happen before the season ends.

Parks and Rec is by far the best show on comedy night done right. 30 rock/the office/community have all gone down hill.

I didn't know Chicago Code was getting cancelled. Yet another great show that only last's a season. I need to stop getting invested in new shows.

Great post as always Beach.

BeachBum said...

Thanks, guys.

To be fair, this was a half assed post so I'm a bit surprised by the kind words.

G Mars, link away. I'm hoping to have my readership into double digits by 2012.

Kos, hope you're doing well. Might be back in Chicago soon. Start thinking of excuses.

I crack myself up.

kos said...

Ha...no excuses this time. I am as healthy as a horse...So let's get wasted!

c. said...

Can I invite myself along for the Chicago shenanigans? I was so bummed to miss out on meeting you in Boston.