Thursday, June 16, 2011

Party City

Today is my oldest son's eleventh birthday.  That's right, DA. Make you feel old?  You can imagine how I feel. 
Since he's been born, Boston has celebrated the following:

3 Patriot's Super Bowl wins. 
2 Red Sox Championships
1 Celtic Championship
and now 1 Bruins Stanley Cup. 

I mean....holy shit.  I told him this morning, 'Since you've been born every Boston team has won a championship.  Enjoy this!  You may never see it again.'

While the rest of you think we're spoiled here, let me assure you we (or most of us, anyway) are not taking this for granted.  We come from a city that knows good times come and go and to appreciate any success when we have it. 

I should point out that I'm not even a hockey fan.  While I find playoff hockey much more enjoyable than the regular season slogfests, I am not a regular viewer.  I probably wouldn't know any of the Bruins if they walked by me in the street.  Well, Tim Thomas and Chara, but none of the others.  Still, I'm glad Boston now has a recent grand slam of trophies to parade around. 

Suggestion for T-Shirt makers:  I want a shirt that has all four major trophies on it with the phrase 'decade of dominance' or something equally clever and inaccurate on it.  On the back can be the list of Boston championships since 2001.  No need to cut me in on the proceeds.  Just send me a free one as a thank you. 

While we're on the subject, I was going to feel bad for the Cancuck fans until they started destroying their own city following last night's game.  Way to erode any good will towards yourselves, fucking assholes.  I thought Canadians were supposed to be courteous and kind.  Who knew they were hooligans. 

Onto other thoughts:

-  Strange fellowships are often forged at hotel bars across the country.  Traveling business men are often left with little to do than hit the lobby and watch whatever sporting event is showing.  In Minnesota it was the NCAA tourney.  Last week in Chicago it was Game 5 of the Dallas - Heat series.  Everyone - yes, every single person at the bar - was rooting for Dallas.  In short the opinion was 'Fuck the Heat!'.  When Dallas pulled it out in the end (that's what she said) you would have thought we were in a Dallas hotel.  Everyone was going nuts. 

During the course of the game I talked to a chef from New Orleans, a salesman from Baltimore, a project manager from Chicago, and a Phd in quantum physics from Oklahoma City.  The chef and Phd and myself talked until midnight.  The topic?  Why venture capitalism, of course!  Turns out Mr. Phd had invented a self grading software system specifically for quantum physics classes.  He was traveling the country trying to sell it to colleges and had just secured a cool million dollars in capital. 

Needless to say, he bought us two shots of Jack Daniels each.  Great guy.  Don't believe the stereotypes; this guy was friendly, down to earth and funny. 

-  When I learned the chef was, you know, a chef I told him he had the same look as another chef I know.  Shaved head, small patch of facial hair, two large earrings in both ears.  Phd looks at him and says 'You know, now that you mention it I know a chef who has that look, as well.'  Chef responds, 'It's part of our initiation. You don't look good like this, you can't become a chef'.  I will assume he was kidding. 

-  I haven't finished Season One of The Wire, yet, but there is a very good reason for that:  I've watched the first five episodes and thought 'Fuck renting this, I need to buy this entire series'.  I'm working on that now. 

-  Started watching 'Chloe' on Starz the other night, got halfway through and - despite the potential for lesbian sex - realized I had no interest in how the story turned out or any sex scenes.  Yes, I was that bored by the entire thing.  In fact, I was so sure where this movie was headed, I'm going to guess the last half.  If any of you have seen it, let me know how accurate I am.  I saw up until the part where Julianne Moore's character meets the hot blond in the hotel room, sees her naked then leaves.

Here's how I figure the rest:  Hot blond is lying about the husband.  She really had no affair with him and actually has the hots for Moore's character.  Moore's character submits to lesbian sex and blond hooker chick then becomes Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction.  Am I close?  Does Liam Neeson (yeah, he's in this too) kill blond hooker chick at the end?  Or....let's see how good I am...does Moore's character kill hooker chick with the same hair barrette thing that was given to her as a gift?  That silver hair thing we see at the beginning? 

Although, if hooker chick dies at the end, how do they explain her voice over at the beginning of the film?  Shit, maybe I'm totally off, but I'm betting the movie doesn't care about such consistencies. 

How did I do?

-  FYI:  Summer television sucks.  That I'm kind of into 'America's Got Talent' should ring all sorts of alarm bells up and down the east coast. 

-  Any John Sandford fans out there should know the new 'Buried Prey' is fantastic.  I will say no more, but we should talk when you get finished.

-  My youngest son just made me the best Father's Day card ever.  On the front is a picture of the outside of a building with 'Happy Father's Day' written in crayon.  Open it and there is a hand drawn picture of me and him holding hands while standing next to a red car.  I ask 'What are we doing?' and he replies, 'I'm taking you to buy a Ferrari!'

Man alive.  If only!

Back to work.  Thanks for listening. 

Today's distraction:  A totally unbiased essay on the Bruins' win.  I'm liking Grantland for the most part (esp the Klosterman articles), but you can tell it's a work in progress.  Heading in the right direction which is a very good sign.


Rob said...

Screw the Decade of Dominance t-shirt. Make that f'in-A-great Father's Day card a shirt.

Jum said...

I will let you know how Chloe goes. I will be watching it, no matter how awful it is. Amanda Seyfried naked, dude!