Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two Things

Two quick items whilst I wait for my flight to board.

1:  Our neighborhood is in the middle of a Battle Royale.  Last Friday when everyone was at work, they made the street one over from ours one way.

I left for work and everything was normal.  I come back and the street is now a Do Not Enter.  Big deal, you say?  Yes.  See, there were no meetings about it, there were no notifications, there were no discussions or debates.

Apparently, there is a local police officer living on that street and he took it upon himself to get this done.  The other problem is that now all of the traffic that usually went up that one way street is being diverted onto our street.  I've seen more cars pass by my house in the past four days than I have the entire 15 years I've lived there.

I'm pissed.  My boys enjoy playing down by the circle and now I'm concerned they're going to get creamed by one of the cars that can no longer go up that other street.  Basically this dipshit has taken his issue (cars on his street) and made it ours.  In short, fuck that.  We've signed petitions, everyone has called city hall and now the Chief of Police is directly involved.  They've had so many complaints I wouldn't be surprised if the signs were down before I get back from my trip.

Which brings me to...

2:  I'm heading to Chicago again.  Kos, let me know if you want to meet up for beers either tonight or Thursday.

That's it for now.  Later.


Rob said...

What a selfish a-hole. I can't believe that could happen without some kind of neighborhood hearing.

If it comes down to that, how many people live on the now one-way street vs. your street?

BeachBum said...

We have them outnumbered by double. There are only 10 houses on that section of the street. Plus the neighborhoods that use that section of street to get to their houses is up in arms, as well. So we are accumulating a small army of protesters.

Jum said...

Typical cop-in-real-life move. We had one in our neighborhood that thought he was above the law too. Brutal.