Friday, September 9, 2011

Fantasy Life

I just realized Monday will mark the return of my Postmortem NFL entries.  And I can't fucking wait.

I also realized I haven't bored everyone with my fantasy drafts.  My bad.  

I'm a member of two leagues.  One includes huge money so it's my League That Matters (LTM) while the other is just friendly comp.

Real quick, off we go.


I had a discussion with another member just before the draft where I argued Michael Vick should be the number one over all pick.  My point, even if he was three quarters as effective as he was last season, Vick has the potential to average 35 - 40 points a game.  And there is the very real possibility he could explode for 60 - 70 points any given week.

He wasn't sold and took Chris Johnson with the number two pick.

I had the number eight pick and took Vick.  While everyone muttered stuff about 'he won't be nearly as good this year' and 'Oh, I have my doubts about him', the guy I had talked to before hand looked at me across the table and said 'Shit, you were serious about him.'  Turns out he thought I was trying to talk him into drafting him way too early.  I will argue - barring injury of course - Vick will have more fantasy points than Chris Johnson by the end of the season.

We'll see.

My team for League That Matters.



Josh Freeman (who is the perfect Vick backup and provoked another member two picks behind me to scream 'You MotherFUCKER!'.  Love then that happens.)

Colt McCoy, who could be my trade chip by Week 4


LeGarrett Blount

Frank Gore

Fred Jackson (as you can see I went with dependable if unspectacular with the RBs)

Ryan Grant

Ryan Torain (because I have no faith in Tim Hightower)


DeSean Jackson, who I love paired with Vick

Dez Bryant, who everyone stayed away from.  Something I don't know?  Got him in the 11th round.

Kenny Britt, my gamble who I am debating starting over Dez this week.  Thoughts?

Steve Smith (CAR), in case Cam Newton is actually good.

Emmanuel Sanders, who is my sleeper. Hines Ward can't play forever, right?


Only took one:  Mercedes Lewis and, no, I'm not happy about it.


Neil Rackers


Eagles.  When DeSean runs a punt back for a TD, I'll get double points!

My other team (which actually looks spectacular on paper):

QBs:  Josh Freeman, Colt McCoy

RBs:  Adrian Peterson, Jahvid Best (I know, right?), Jonathan Stewart

WRs:  Mike Wallace, Larry Fitzgerald, Danny Amendola, Sidney Rice

TEs:  Dallas Clark, Brent Celek

Ks:  Mason Crosby

DSTs:  Miami and San Diego.  Don't ask.  I signed off the draft too early so the computer autodrafted another defense in my absence.  Oh well.

Enjoy the weekend and NFL kick off!

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