Monday, September 12, 2011

NFL Postmortem - Week 1

As always week one of the NFL provided more excitement, surprises and action than the first 150 games of any Padres game.  Even with the shadow of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 darkening everything. 

I would like to address a serious aspect of 9/11 that rarely gets mentioned, but something I noticed during all the rememberances:  Not one good song has resulted from this tragedy.  Not one!!  All of them are overly somber to get people to cry.  Even that stupid country song by somebody we haven't heard from since was terrible.  10 years and not one good song.

Off we go!

-  I picked up Steve Smith in the 11th round of my LTM draft on the off chance so called 'NFL Experts' were wrong about Cam Newton.   There's a chance he could be decent, I thought.  Decent?  He obliterated Peyton Manning's rookie record for most passing yards in his first game.  By 121 yards!  He threw for 2 TDs (both to Smith) and rushed for another.  The only people not impressed were D'Angelo Williams fantasy owners. 

Keep in mind this took place against an Arizona defense that is probably terrible.  Definitely worth considering. 

-  Smith's stats:  8 rec, 178 yards, 2 TDs....while sitting on my bench. 

-  Not that I should complain as I started Kenny Britt, Dez Bryant, and DeSean Jackson who all played well.  Guess you could say receiver is not my weak position this year. 

-  Lost amid the Cam Newton orgasmic Monday was Kevin Kolb's steady hand in leading the Cardinals to a week one win.

-  Wonder if we had the wrong Ohio team picked out as one of the worst teams in the league. Cleveland's offense looked terrible. 

-  Speaking of preseason thoughts, I was sure Baltimore was going to have a subpar year.  Their defense is aging, Flacco still hasn't proven himself and, frankly, I thought they over acheived last season.  After kicking Pittsburgh's ass yesterday, I now wonder if it's the Steelers I should have been viewing this way.  They looked a step slow all day. 

-  What was the bigger week one surprise?  Cincinatti beating Cleveland?  Baltimore beating Pitt?  My vote is for Buffalo not just beating KC, but crushing them.  The Ryan Fitzpatrick - Steve Johnson combo is as lethal as any other combo since midseason last year.  And now, my man Fred Jackson, is anchoring the running game nicely. 

-  Maybe Detroit's defense is just really good this year, but Blount rushing for 15 yards is alarming.  Of course when a team rushes 16 times (and 4 of those were Freeman scrambles) and passes 46 times, the game is not going your way.  Run more, Tampa.  You won't win many games with such an imbalanced attack. 

Want an example?  Look at the team that just beat you:  33 passes, 35 rushing attempts.  Well done, Detroit.  We may actually have an entertaining Thanksgiving game this year. 

-  Main reason Vick is the MVP of fantasy football:  187 yard passing, 2 TD, 98 yards rushing.  When one aspect of his game isn't working, he makes up for it in other ways. 

-  Perfect example of why nobody can never predict fantasy production:  Mike Tolbert.  9 receptions for 58 yards (6.4 per catch).  12 carries for 35 yards (2.9 per carry).  3 TDs.  Go figure. 

-  It certainly looks like Donovan McNabb was who we thought he was - a suck ass. 

-  I was shocked to see how well Rex Grossman (yeah, THAT Rex Grossman) was playing in the first half of the Redskins - Giants game.  Then he reverted back to taking 25 yard sacks (twice in a row) and fumbling the ball on a simple tackle.  He pulled it together for the win, but it was a reminder that this is still the Rex we remember from Chicago.  Sorry, DC fans. 

-  By the way, the Giants look terrible.  Not a good year for the Manning boys, so far.  Don't be surprised if Couglin gets the boot this year, as well.  When you need 1 yard for a first down in a tight game and you give the ball to 5'10, 214 pound Ahmad Bradshaw and not 6'4, 264 pound Brandon Jacobs (who was also averaging more yards per carry) you have rightly earned many doubters.  Not a big fan of Coughlin showing up his players after a bad call on his part, either.  When Bradshaw got stuffed, Coughlin made a big show of tossing his head gear and acting like the players messed up.  Team game, coach.  It was your call, it is you who prepare these guys.  When they fuck up, it's on you. 

-  What a collapse by Dallas last night.  Was so hoping the Jets would start 0 - 1.  Oh well.  Looks like Wade Phillips wasn't the issue in Dallas after all. 

-  Game that tells us nothing about either team:  Jacksonville 16 - Tennessee 14. 

-  Prediction #1:  Peyton Manning will not play this season.  They fucking fused vertebrae together.  FUSED!  Doesn't that involved an arc welder or something?  No way he plays.  Especially when they start off 0 - 4. 

-  Prediction #2:  Cam Newton will top the list of fantasy pickups this week. 

-  Do the Seahawks still consider Tavaris Jackson the answer?  If they do, maybe they're asking the wrong question. 

-  New Orleans at Green Bay:  What football was meant to be. 

Stat of the Week:  If you include Green Bay's ass whooping in the playoffs, Atlanta has been outscored 78 - 31 in it's past two games. 

Today's distraction:  Part five of learning something new everyday.  Love the Titanic factoid.

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Jum said...

Ah, the return of the NFL post mortems. I love it.

This isn't really a 9/11 song, but if Alan Jackson (I think it was him) hadn't made that lame country song about 9/11, then South Park wouldn't have been able to lampoon in it with their 'Ladder to Heaven' song, which is hilarious.