Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NFL Postmortem - Week 3

There is a saying in basketball that has proven correct every time:  Live by the three, die by the three.  It basically means that if you depend on three point accuracy to win games, you will lose at the worst possible time when that typically low percentage shot stops falling.
This can now translate to the NFL:  Live by the pass, die by the pass.  The Patriots have actually proven this the last three seasons.  Going pass heavy and not even bothering to establish any sort of running game.  Eventually passes will go astray or get tipped or bounce off a random helmet and the outcome will not be pleasant.  Except for Bills' fans. 

This can now - albeit loosely - be translated to fantasy football, as well: Live by the Vick, die by the Vick.  I've been dying by him the last two weeks and am now giving serious consideration to Colt McCoy simply because he finishes games. 

I know I'm a day or two late with this, so let's cruise through the games.  If anyone still remembers them. 

-  Allow me to dispense with the fantasy boredom first.  Not only did I have Vick playing half games for me, but Kenny Britt was my leading wide receiver.  Things have quickly gone south for me this season, but I'm vowing to bounce back.  I've still got Dez Bryant and his girly tendencies, DeSean Jackson (who has done nothing the last two weeks) and Steve Smith.  I'm going to attempt to trade for Jordy Nelson, too, but don't want to give up too much.  Frank Gore will be my chip since he apparently retired two years ago and never told anyone. 

-  Post I left on my fantasy league site.   'Subject:  On The Block.  Wanted:  Medical/Training staff experienced with concussions, broken hands, MCL/ACL tears.  Bionic knee replacement experimentation preferred.'

No replies yet.  Humorless fuckers. 

-  Whether or not Buffalo is for real, they've got me convinced. They just don't quit, Fitzpatrick never loses his cool, and Fred Jackson is a beast.  If their defense can pick it up a bit, we'll be talking about them in January. 

-  That said, what were the Bills doing in the final two minutes of the game?  Why weren't they using Jackson to pound in the ball?  I get killing the clock, but doesn't it make sense to get the 7 points and force the Patriots to tie it up?  Instead we had half hearted kneel downs and confusion and penalties and Fitzpatrick nearly losing the ball on a snap.  Just give it to Jackson, let him fall down once, then use the other two tries to get a TD.  I shouldn't second guess since it worked out.  I was convinced the field goal was going to miss after all that which would have been hilarious. 

-  Great to see Ochocinco chipping in for the Pats finally.  Insert sarcasm face here. 

-  Not so convinced about Detroit now.  They looked TERRIBLE in the first half at Minnesota.  Good thing they were playing the Vikings. 

-  Game that told us nothing about either team and might double as the worst game of the year:  49ers 13  - Bengals 8.  The 49ers may have the worst offensive line in the NFL.  Just watch them try to run the ball.  Or protect the passer.  Or not false start.  Or stand up straight. 

-  How you know your team has QB issues:  When your starter throws for 250 yards, one TD and everyone is raving about how well he played.  Welcome to the Chad Henne Express.  Oh, and they lost the game. 

-  Do I dare buy into the Matt Hasselbeck resurgence?  He's still available in my League That Matters and has outscored my three roster quarterbacks.  I think not.  I've been down the Hasselbeck Trail before and it never ends well. 

-  The Ravens make big splashes with the Anquan Boldin and Lee Evans trades only to see a no name rookie (Tory Smith) explode for 152 receiving yards and 3 TDs.  Did anyone anywhere have this guy starting on their fantasy team?  I say no.   Well, maybe his brother or father. 

-  Watched some of the Raiders - Jets and Sanchez does not look like he's improved at all.  Aren't we supposed to see some sort of improvement?  Seems like he's making the same mistakes he made in year one. 

-  Is there any way to stop the Packers offense?  They are so versatile and potent they're going to have to beat themselves.  It might be time for me to insert Ryan Grant into my fantasy lineup, too.  He ran for over 90 yards on 17 carries.  James Stark?  11 carries for 5 yards.  Five. 

-  The Steelers have not looked great so far this year.  They barely beat the Colts despite holding them to under 150 yards passing.  This Post-Peyton Era is going to be ugly. 

-  I like to watch the stats for the number of times a receiver was 'targeted' by a quarterback.  It helps me figure out who he likes throwing to and gives a fairly accurate estimate on whether the balls thrown were being forced.  For example, Reggie Wayne was thrown to 13 times.  He caught 3 passes.  That could mean he had a bad day or his QB sucked (it was this one) or he was covered extremely well.

On the opposite side was Mike Wallace who was thrown to 7 times, caught 5 of them for 144 yards and a touchdown.  That, my NFL friends, is efficiency. 

I should point out that my sleeper for the year was Emmanuel Sanders who caught 2 passed but was targeted 5 times.  Lame. 

-  Can we pause on all the Tony Romo love for a few games, please.  He had a QB rating of 70.5 and did not look good for most of the game.  Yes, I get it, he was hurt and proved what a 'warrior' he is, but if Dallas had lost everyone would be asking why he didn't sit out and give his team a better chance to win.  And they were perilously close to losing that game. 

-  Is there a more exciting open field player than Darren Sproles?  Have I already asked this question?  If so, did anyone answer?

-  One of my fantasy competitors decided to play Cam Newton in place of Matt Schaub.  He protested 'But all the fantasy guys were saying Cam was going to have a huge game'.  True, but they didn't predict a monsoon hitting Carolina at game time.  And, seriously, these so called 'gurus' are just guessing like we are. 

-  You know you've made it in sports when you're referred to by one name.  Larry, Magic, Peyton,  Shaq, Ronaldo, know exactly who I mean without any need for a last name.  Took Cam Newton two weeks to enter that stage. 

-  Game number two that told us nothing about either team:  Tampa Bay 16  -  Atlanta 13.  Although I'm thinking Atlanta may have been severely over rated heading into the season. 

-  Game not even worth mentioning:  Seattle 13  -  Arizona 10.

Stat of the Week (continuation):  The Vikings have outscored their opponents in the first half 54 - 7 and have lost all three games. 

Until next week! 

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Jum said...

I, for one, am totally enjoying the post-Peyton era thus far. I'm soooooo tired of that team it's not even funny.