Monday, September 26, 2011

Random Weekend

I'll get to the NFL tomorrow.  Today, let's sit down and catch up with each other.  That sound good?  I feel like our quality time together has been at a minimum. 

-  Friday was a roller coaster of disaster followed by hope and fun.  Allow me to explain. 

A bunch of us were scheduled to attend the annual Children's Hospital fundraiser, which is fun in and of itself.  Only this year it was scheduled to be held at Fenway Park.  The idea was to show the Yankee - Sox game on the new HD center field screen while we got our charitable drink on. 

So go the plans of mice and men, right?

Friday morning my niece suffered some sort of seizure.  According to Wifey, her father was asking her what she wanted for lunch that day and she simply stared straight ahead.  He turns around and asks again.  Still nothing.  Like she was transfixed to the television set.  He gets closer to her and hears her uttering a strange sound before suddenly collapsing. 

They rush her to the hospital (ironically, Children's Hospital), have her checked out, she seems lucid and aware, the docs give her some medication to take and send her home.  She's home ten minutes and has a full fledged seizure which was 100 times worse than the first.  Back to the hospital, two night stay and one 24 hour brain wave study to figure out what the hell is going on later and they send her home again. 

She's 16, was just learning how to drive, is entering her senior year of high school and will not be able to drive at least six months, not play sports for the next two and will have to be on this medication for the rest of her life (if they can't trace what's causing the seizures). 

Understandably, her parents were no longer going to the Fenway event and Wifey wasn't sure she wanted to go, either. 

Fortunately, we had to bring in some of the donated auction items to the gig.  Wifey and I hung out at Fenway, didn't get to watch the Sox game since it had been rained out, and had a blast.  We wound up coming home with a nice bottle of wine, two hand painted pictures brought back from Ghana, five tickets to Trampoline Land (a free hour of bouncing!), two tickets to an F1 Racing circuit (you drive real F1 race cars) that I CAN'T WAIT TO USE, and a full fledged turkey dinner for ten people that we're going to use for Thanksgiving. 

Oh, and the women at these charity events are mind boggling.  What happens when a bunch of rich dudes get together in one room? They bring all their trophies. 

-  As part of the event we got a free tour of Fenway Park, complete with a history lesson that nearly bored me to tears.  I did find out what happened to the Coke bottles that used to be attached to the light stands on the Green Monster:  They took them down because the owners found them ugly.  They'll be put up in the new spring training facility in Florida next season. 

Here are a couple of pics from the night.  Enjoy. 

Fenway Press Box.  Imagine 50 fat dudes sitting in the empty seats.

Rainy, empty Fenway.  Or how it looks next time John Lackey pitches at home.

-  A good friend of mine just left our company last week.  I have a rule that anyone who I enjoy working with needs to leave me a token of our friendship.  What she left was perfect:  A shot glass with our company logo on it and a card with a picture of Bender from Futurama.  It says 'Work While Bent.  A sober robot can't do his job, he depends on your beer'.  Rest assured, this will travel with me to every future job. 

-  Not only is John Lackey the worst signing in Red Sox history (beating out JD Drew and Dice K by a mile), he's apparently a first class douchebag as well.  He played the 'how dare the media ask me questions even though I make 85 million dollars for playing a kids game' card after last night's game.  He was pissed that someone had the audacity to text him a question regarding his personal life.  How dare they!!????

Today it comes out he's filed for divorce from his wife who is battling breast cancer.  Lackey better hope the Red Sox don't play another home game this season, because he is going to be crucified when he takes the mound.  If he gives up another 8 runs in 5 innings, we could see our first mob related death of a player.  Boston fans rushing the field and tearing him limb from limb; using his head as a soccer ball.  He is officially not welcome on our team any longer.  It's one thing to be terrible.  It's another to be arrogant.  It's still another to be terrible, arrogant and a complete asshole to everyone in life. 

I think I speak for every Sox fan when I say we'd rather have your soon to be ex-wife pitching every three days than have you spend one more minute on any Boston team.  Go fuck yourself, Schlackey.

-  'The Good Wife' returned last night and I couldn't have been happier.  Well played by Felicia and Will at the office.  Well played.  I could enjoy the Peter - Felicia work rivalry, as well.  Eli, as always, was pure Gold. 

-  Anyone else checking out 'Terra Nova' tonight?  Might give it a shot. 

-  Recommended new shows (so far): 'Up All Night', 'The New Girl', and 'Free Agents'.  I'm hoping 'Free Agents' focuses more on work life than the two leads.  I've been looking for a 'Better Off Ted' replacement and this could fill the bill. 

-  Also watched the first episode of 'Revenge'.  Not sure I'm in for the long haul.  I did enjoy the innocent, socially adept way revenge was taken the first time around, but there are a lot of red flags.  Terrible flashbacks, terrible wigs in the flashbacks, random people popping up and figuring it all out less than two days after she arrives in town.  I'm hoping it evens out, because all the ingredients are there for a mean spirited war of the classes, but I get the feeling it's going to turn into 'Dynasty'. 

-  Since the lead chick won an Emmy I figured I'd check out 'Mike and Molly'.  Didn't get it.  Seems like every sitcom every made.  Only with heavier people.  Out after 20 minutes. 

-  Send me some suggestions folks.  Really want to check out 'HomeLand' but I don't have Showtime.  I think 'Boardwalk Empire' began Season 2 last night, as well.  Need to check my DVR. 

-  What else?  Boys are kicking ass in school already.  Both got 100 scores on their first tests.  First grader is all excited because he's starting to read and write at a more advanced level.  Since they did so well, Wifey and I told them they could pick out new Nerf guns and we had a battle royale in our house.  It got intense.  I was shot in the throat and balls at the same time.  My youngest picked out a gun so huge it's nearly as tall as he is.  It also shoots from one end of the house to another.  Nerf knows how to do it right. 

That's it for now.  Back to stupid work. 

Today's distraction:  What happens every 60 seconds on the internet.  Let's assume this is an estimate.   


kos said...

Homeland looks like it is going to be awesome!

c. said...

Damn you, Monday Night Football, making me miss the first episode of the good wife! I will be internet watching you today... Nice play on words with Gold, by the by.

I too am invested in New Girl, Up All Night and Revenge, despite your worthy arguments for it's potential propensity to suck. Are you a Parks and Rec fan? That's my number one 'glad you're back' comedy. Yea for new tv!

BeachBum said...

Yes, enjoy Parks and Recs, as well. It's actually better than Community and The Office now.

I'm hoping Revenge tightens up and gets rolling. Could be great fun, but there are red flags all over the place.

BeachBum said...

Kos, new Mastodon comes out today. Boo fucking YEAH!

kos said...

Haha...yeah I bought that shit right when I got up. It's pretty solid, gets a little spacey towards the end, but overall it's pretty sweet.