Friday, October 21, 2011

End Of An Era

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few weeks, but I've had many balls in the air.  That would include my own. 

See, I've had this expensive, Churchill sized cigar sitting on my bookcase since August.  The idea was to spark it up the day I gave notice at my ungrateful, inconsiderate, backstabbing company. 

Tonight I'm lighting that motherfucker up and smoking every inch of it to ash. 

That's right, folks.  I just quit.  Bagged myself a prime job that keeps my pay at the same rate, maintains my three weeks of vacation and gets me out of the city.  My commute time is now 15 minutes!  More importantly I don't have to take the train to work everyday (which becomes a major hassle in the winter). 

Barring any set backs in the background check and/or drug screen (always a possibility when dealing with me) I'll be starting on November 7th. 

While I'm super relieved to get out of here before the outsourcing Armageddon (Jan 1st), I'd be lying if I won't miss all the friends I've made here.  A quick list of all the buds I still chat with:

Z - co-creator of the spontaneous liquid lunches.

DA - one of my favorite people ever and the person directly responsible for this blog even existing.

ML and BH - two more favorites who are such close friends they belong together on this list.

AR - My crowning 'Beer O'Clock' achievement.  Arrived an alcohol virgin and left with a full blown appreciation (some would refer to it as a 'problem') of beer. 

MF - who brought sarcasm to levels I never thought possible.  She's nearly made it an art form. 

RS -  Golden Tee partner in crime who loses his shit by any new politically correct term or by anyone calling a Christmas Tree a Holiday Tree.  Also invented the international hand gesture for 'over the edge'.  (This was a total inside joke for DA, btw)

SS  -  The game master who has a putting green, Nerf basketball and football obstacle course around his office.  Also played the best practical joke I ever witnessed: His boss just comes back from getting laser eye surgery and he hands him a report with a straight face.  'I know you just got back, but could you look this over when you get a chance?'.  The report has been written in teeny tiny, italicized font with shadow background.  Boss' response: 'You fucking asshole!'

AL - who is as obsessed with lunch as I am. 

CS - who appreciates historical fiction as much as I do. 

Sadly, most of these people have already left me which is why I'm not terribly upset at moving on. 

Still, it's been a fun ride.  I'll hopefully keep posting on a more regular basis once the new gig settles down. 

Enjoy the weekend.  If you hear of a fire in the Boston area, that might just be me smoking the celebratory cigar.


Rob said...

Congratulations Beach! 15 minute commute sounds great. Though, now I can no longer try to guess who you are when I'm walking around the financial district/Post Office Square.

BeachBum said...

You can still play that game if you want. I'm sure I'll be visiting from time to time to partake in some cool refreshing beverage that rhymes with 'here'.

Rob said...

Dude, leave ever*clear* to the kids. :)

c. said...

mazel tov, beach!