Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NFL Postmortem - Week 5

Since I missed last week, let’s sprinkle in other random thoughts throughout.  Need to keep you guys on your toes. 

This week’s alternate working title can be “What we’ve learned so far”.  Week 5 is usually a fair barometer of which teams have glaring weaknesses. 

Off we go. 

-  I have two words to explain the Eagles woes this season:  Andy and Reid.  There is talent on both sides of the field on that team, Vick seems to be dynamic as ever (he can’t be blamed for three of those four INTs) and with McCoy they have one of the best running backs in the game.  What is killing them is lack of focus and execution and those two factors are a direct result of the coaching. 

We just learned in Boston that it doesn’t matter how great a manager or coach you have; eventually the players lose the ability to listen.  It happened with Bill Fitch with the Celtics; just happened with Francona (more on this in a bit); KC Jones, Phil Jackson, Larry Brown…hell you name a great coach and they’ll admit they’ve lost a team’s ear at some point in their career.  Bill Parcells knew this better than anyone which is why he would search for a new job after 4 or 5 years with a certain team. 

They could turn it around, but it certainly seems like Reid has lost this Eagles team. 

-  Started Josh Freeman in my League That Doesn’t Matter and he netted me a whopping three (as in 3) points.  WTF??

-  Is San Fran really that good?  They look it, but I keep thinking ‘They have Alex Smith as their quarterback’. 

-  The Jets have some serious problems, as well.  Sanchez looks terrible, Tomlinson is barely being used, Greene is going to be bruised, battered and beaten before week 8, and their defense doesn’t look nearly as good as it has the last two seasons.  And, no, I couldn’t be happier. 

-  Let’s not get all excited about Kansas City’s comeback against the Colts or Battle’s killer day.  The Chiefs are still a mess and Indy’s defense is one of the worst in the league. 

That said, I picked up Battle on waivers….just…in….case…..

-  Chores completed around the house this weekend:  Four windows fixed and painted, entire first floor cleaned to perfection, lawn mowed (for the last time this year, hopefully), garage cleaned and organized.  In short, I rock. 

-  Three quick movie reviews

TrollHunter:  Entertaining Swedish movie about a group of college students stumbling onto the one Troll Hunter employed by the government.  Takes a Blair Witch treatment claiming that the footage was found, but is much more than a low budget, cheapo knock off.  Some very funny moments (including the hunter’s armored getup and attempts to lure a troll onto a bridge) and better special effects than I was expecting. 
Them:  No, this isn’t the classic horror movie about giant ants.  This is a French movie about a couple terrorized in their country home by unseen forces.   I have to be careful here, because I can’t give away too much.  This starts off as a typical horror movie and has some effective and truly frightening moments.  What’s interesting is what is actually going on is more disturbing than any super natural or inexplicable events could ever be.  I will say no more although I did have many questions when it was over. 
Both of the movies above are available on Netflix streaming, if you have any interest. 
Transformers: Dark of the Moon:  A typical Michael Bay mishmash of explosions and jumbled story lines, but it’s better than the last piece of shit Transformers movie.  Although the Sam character comes off as an arrogant, spoiled brat much of the time and I was amazed that it seems like the Autobots let thousands and thousands of people get slaughtered simply to prove a point. 

-  Can we declare the Kevin Kolb era over in Arizona already? 

-  Question for Vikings fans:  Do you want Adrian Peterson carrying the ball 30 times a game this season?  Your team is 1 – 4, in the same division as the only undefeated teams left in the NFL, and have Donovan McNabb as your starting quarterback.  Do you want to put that wear and tear on your one true star player when the season is – for all intents and purposes – lost?

-  Eli Manning continues his Jekyll and Hyde routine.  Three TDs, three INTs, many ugly throws.  How does someone with his ability and genes continue to make the same stupid mistakes?  Hell, if it weren’t for some acrobatic catches by his receivers his stats wouldn’t even be that good. 

-  Is it wrong that I’m tempted to trade for Chris Johnson this week?  Just get the feeling he’s going to rip off a spectacular run of touchdowns and hundred yard games within the coming weeks.  What do you think it would take?  Dez Bryant?  Steve Smith?  Nah, keeping Smith.  I might dangle Bryant to see what kind of feedback I get. 

-  I don’t care that Carolina is 1 – 4.  I believe.   Although Cam needs to stop running the draw at the goal line.  He’s going to get hurt.  This is why you have Stewart and Williams behind you.  Use them.

-  Fascinating article that documents the collapse of the Red Sox season.  According to sources it wasn’t enough that Lackey sucked royally this season, but it seems as though he contributed to the deterioration of the entire starting pitching staff.  All of them would spend time in the clubhouse drinking beer and eating fried foods on their off days.  All of them put on weight and lost interest in their conditioning.  And I’ll bet this lack of conditioning contributed to Buchholz’s back injury.  I fucking hate all of them.  Way to back your team, fuckers. 

-  Did you know the Bengals have a 3 – 2 record?  And that their rookie QB looks pretty good?  In fact, between Gabbard, Dalton and Cam Newton, this rookie class of quarterbacks is looking like a gold mine.  Who knew?

-  What’s Carson Palmer up to these days?

-  The last play of the Houston – Oakland game could be the single worst pass attempt we’ll see all year.  What the fuck was Schaub thinking?

-  Am I the only one amazed at the amount of weight Miguel Cabrera has put on since joining the Tigers?  I barely recognized him watching the game last night.  Oh, and don’t think I don’t watch Fister pitch and wonder what could have been.  The Sox contemplated trading for him but took Eric Bedard instead.  As Homer would say, ‘D’OH!’

-  Something tells me Tebow becoming the starter in Denver won’t make one bit of difference. 

-  Is it too early to declare the Falcons over rated?  No?  I didn’t think so. 

-  Detroit 5 – 0.  Buffalo 4 – 1.  Is this 1999?

Stat of the Week:  Heading into Week Five, Adrian Peterson had three touchdowns.  He had three touchdowns in the first quarter against the Cardinals. 

Today’s distraction:  Enjoy some shots from ESPN’s Body Issue.  My latest crush Hope Solo proves she’s anything but shy.  Although why she’s watering the lawn is a bit of a question mark. 


Jum said...

Meh, that Red Sox thing is so overblown. I guarantee the rest of the league is doing the same thing.

Biggest surprise from the Body Issue: Diana Taurausi! Wow! Looked every bit as good, if not better, than our girl Hope.

BeachBum said...

Agreed. Turns out the Sox were drinking during the good times, too.

Also agree about Taurausi. Shockingly good.