Monday, November 28, 2011

Belated Wishes

It occured to me with alarm this morning that I never wished one of my favorite people a raucous 'Happy Birthday!'.

Then I realized there was no appropriate way for me to send her that message with Wifey on round the clock monitoring of all things electronic.  Enter the blogosphere.  What better way to wish DA a belated Happy Birthday then the one place designed specifically for her to waste time. 

Happy Birthday!!!  What are you, 35 now?  37?  I'm sure you still look fantastic however old you are. 

And while we're on the topic, here are some other belated wishes. 

For my old co-workers:  the ability to survive the changing tide.  Word from old friends is things are getting very ugly there. 

For my fantasy team:  A good doctor to get you back to 100% next season.  Since starting 3 - 0, I've lost Kenny Britt, Mike Vick, and now, devestatingly, Fred Jackson.  I'm heading towards 4 - 8 after this week.  What a disaster. 

For the Patriots:  That this new found defense isn't simply an illusion but the sign of great things to come.  I have my doubts considering Vince Young just threw for 400 yards against you. 

For the NBA:  The realization that you really shouldn't start your season until Christmas anyway.  Nobody pays attention until then regardless.  Cut your games down to 70, compress the playoffs (always loved the best of five first round) and be done before July 4th. 

For Kos:  Two albums to check out (although I'll bet you already have) - Machine Head's "Unto The Locusts" and Wolves in the Throne Room's "Celestial Lineage".  Not sure how you feel about Thursday, but their new one, "No Devolucion" is fantastic. 

For Bigs:  Another drunken, post coital blog entry from some pretty girl's apartment.  Still one of my favorites.  Oh, and a private office so he can avoid the fat, wheezy woman at work.  Least I could do since the first part was more for my benefit. 

For Jum:  Success at the new job and the chance to watch the JayHawks celebrate in March.  Right...from..your...desk.  Actually, that sounds fun.  The best view I had was the 'Occupy Boston' tent city and hoping for a police induced riot.  Alas. 

For Rob: Continued success at whatever it is you do for a living and that you son stays as addictively entertaining as he seems to be now. Whenever I need a laugh I go back and watch that video you posted. Cracks me up every time.

For C:  The ability to get back to Boston so we can booze it up properly.  Doesn't seem like a ton of travel with this new gig, so I should be around. 

For 10 (assuming he still reads here): That his new family is still healthy and happy.  Perhaps there is a new addition since last we spoke?

For the Red Sox:  The ability to make a fucking decision about anything. 

For Kevin Garnett:  A surprisingly short NBA season so you can make one last run on rested legs...wait a second...

For my new coworkers:  The revelation that, yes, I am like this all the time.  Suckers!

For my replacement at my old company (who I just heard looks like Jon Lovitz):  A sense of humor to protect you from the lunacy you just inherited. 

For the rest of you, just keep up the good work.  Or start doing good work if you've been slacking. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Red Sox fans have been through the wringer the past few months.  Yeah, I know.  Boo fucking hoo. 

None of it was really bothering me much.  Not even the September collapse.  It was obvious this team was not going to go far even if they made the playoffs and swore off beer. 

Judging from the stories, it certainly seemed like Francona had to go. 

Theo leaving has been inevitable since 2005 when he walked out in a hissy fit over control of the team.  Let's be honest, his recent moves won't be included in his career retrospective.  Still, we wish him well and he'll always be viewed as the local boy who ended the World Series drought and made the Sox a juggernaut. 

Big Papi is entering his twilight years and it really won't matter if he resigns with the Sox. 

Papelbon has been a thorn in my side for the past three years.  Spectacular at times, but I never felt totally comfortable when he entered the game with a one run lead.  Plus Sox fans won't be subjected to his four minute routine for every pitch.  Man, that drove me nuts.

I suspect the John Lackey's Tommy John 'surgery' is code for 'get the fuck away from this city for a year and hopefully they'll forget what a complete tool you are'.  Wonder if the Red Sox are hoping Lackey becomes a full fledged alcoholic and puts on 130 pounds so they can void his contract.  Or they'll wait until he 'rehabs' (which, for Lackey, offers so many meanings) from the surgery, leak stories about how great he looks and trade him.  One way or another we won't see Lackey in a Red Sox uniform again.  That's what I'm trying to say. 

And, still I was ok with all of it.  Or, at least, not heavily emotionally invested.  I had other shit going on, after all. 

But this!!!???

This is going too far!!  Why, Heidi??  WHHYYYYYYY??????!!!!!!

And to be the Lakers' sideline reporter, no less??  Farewell, Heidi.  Thanks for the info and the view.

How are they going to replace that?

Fuckin' Sox!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lovin' Life

There are times when fuck ups are rewarded. 

Since January I've been toiling away for a company that did not have my best interests at heart.  As many of you know, this can take a serious toll on your mental well being.  I certainly had checked out and stopped caring as far back as March (I'm sure there is a ranting entry in my past that will get into the gory details and the exact date of when I mentally walked out on my last job). 

The logical step would be to start looking for a new job, but in a recession that isn't always a great option.  I had many interviews that went well, some that I knew I had no interest in after the first 10 minutes, and some I'm sure my wise ass personality leaked out and rubbed people the wrong way.  Happens all the time. 

I had a few offers, but it was lower pay for jobs I didn't feel great about.  There were two jobs I really wanted, but they fell through for whatever reason (I still don't know why since they never returned my calls or emails.  Bastards!).

Then I made a mistake. 

I found out today talking to my new boss that he was going to create my position an 'entry level' slot, but saw my resume and decided having someone with more experience would be a much better idea.  Thus he called me in, I met him and my coworker, hit it off and the rest is history. 

The thing is I didn't even notice the phrase 'Entry Level' in the job posting.  I saw the requirements, the location and thought 'Hey, that looks good'.  Whoops!

Best screw up I ever made.  So far (and granted, it's only day three), this has been the best job I've had.  I've already learned more in three days here than I have all last year.  The guys are funny, laid back and just told me that their 'Team Cohesion' exercises involve strip clubs, cabs, and hung over team meetings the next day. 

Yeah, I'm gonna fit right in here.  Wait until I introduce Beer O'Clock to this crew. 

Try to post more often, but I'm already balls to the wall here and the future looks more intense.  Carry on!