Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Red Sox fans have been through the wringer the past few months.  Yeah, I know.  Boo fucking hoo. 

None of it was really bothering me much.  Not even the September collapse.  It was obvious this team was not going to go far even if they made the playoffs and swore off beer. 

Judging from the stories, it certainly seemed like Francona had to go. 

Theo leaving has been inevitable since 2005 when he walked out in a hissy fit over control of the team.  Let's be honest, his recent moves won't be included in his career retrospective.  Still, we wish him well and he'll always be viewed as the local boy who ended the World Series drought and made the Sox a juggernaut. 

Big Papi is entering his twilight years and it really won't matter if he resigns with the Sox. 

Papelbon has been a thorn in my side for the past three years.  Spectacular at times, but I never felt totally comfortable when he entered the game with a one run lead.  Plus Sox fans won't be subjected to his four minute routine for every pitch.  Man, that drove me nuts.

I suspect the John Lackey's Tommy John 'surgery' is code for 'get the fuck away from this city for a year and hopefully they'll forget what a complete tool you are'.  Wonder if the Red Sox are hoping Lackey becomes a full fledged alcoholic and puts on 130 pounds so they can void his contract.  Or they'll wait until he 'rehabs' (which, for Lackey, offers so many meanings) from the surgery, leak stories about how great he looks and trade him.  One way or another we won't see Lackey in a Red Sox uniform again.  That's what I'm trying to say. 

And, still I was ok with all of it.  Or, at least, not heavily emotionally invested.  I had other shit going on, after all. 

But this!!!???

This is going too far!!  Why, Heidi??  WHHYYYYYYY??????!!!!!!

And to be the Lakers' sideline reporter, no less??  Farewell, Heidi.  Thanks for the info and the view.

How are they going to replace that?

Fuckin' Sox!

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