Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why Hi!!

Yes, I'm still alive.

No, I haven't abandoned this space (yet).

Yes, I hope to post more in the coming days, but this new job has been relentless. 

As a teaser, here is a quick rundown of the past month.

-  Spent a week in Boston taking a class (I had class for once!) which resulted in multiple visits to my old drinking places.

-  Went to my first Bruins game in over 25 years and had more fun than I ever expected.  Still not much of a hockey fan, but it was a good time.   

-  In Dallas for a week to meet all the big wigs in my new company.  I even impressed them with a possible solution to an ongoing issue and my awe inspiring drinking ability.

-  Bonded with new boss over cigars and beer while he got sloppy drunk and spilled more than he should have to me.  Still, I consider it a trust test and I will not say a word to anyone. It helped that he was sitting at the bar at the local Benni Hannas sucking down cheap Saki for hours before I arrived.  I now understand the term 'Hot Mess'.   

-  Realized I lost my dear DA's cell phone number during my move to the new gig.  Trying to figure out a way to get it back without risking another 'incident'.  DA, if you're reading, I'm open to suggestions.  Have I mentioned there are five offices in Southern California with this new company?  Just sayin'.  Still need a debrief on New York and Paris.  I'm assuming you got there somehow. 

-  My poor Patriots lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl again.  (Seriously, fuck Eli).  Since Wifey has a major crush on Wes Welker I made sure to point out that his dropped pass is the reason they lost.  May not be true, but it's fun to watch her try to defend him. 

-  Celtics are a mess with Rondo alternately pouting then playing like second coming of Tiny Archibald.  With all the trade rumors flying around I can't make up my mind if trading him is a good idea or not.  Depends on the day.

-  It's currently 70 degrees in Boston following one of the mildest winters in my lifetime.  Go global warming!  If every winter were like this, I would just fine. 

I'll touch base later with more details.  Back to work.


Anonymous said...

Email me when you know its safe for me to email back. This is ridiculous by the way...

Rob said...
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Rob said...

Welcome back Beach. Your cryptic comments to DA have left me wondering...

BeachBum said...

No need to wonder, Rob. DA is absolutely correct in labeling this situation ridiculous.