Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crush of the Month

I would say this is back by popular demand, but I'm not sure anyone is still reading.  Therefore, for my own entertainment and the possibility of mentoring other middle aged, borderline perverts I'm bringing back (for a limited time only!) the Crush of the Month. 

Allow me some background first.  I was becoming intrigued by a British duo known as 'Blood Red Shoes' over the past month or two.  So much so that I recently purchased all three of their releases and have been listening to them on a consistent basis.  Think of them as a more pleasant version of 'White Stripes' as far as musical comparisons go.

While digging up their most recent release 'In Time To Voices' I caught my first glimpse of the female member of the band.

OK, Who?:  Allow me to introduce to you Ms Laura-Mary Carter, the adorable yet probably dangerous and emasculating lead guitarist and co-lead singer from Blood Red Shoes.  I say emasculating because her band mate looks like Michael Cera and I always think of that word when I think of any Michael Cera role.  Not fair, but I watched Arrested Development.  Things stick sometimes. 

'Why, hello, love'
She's British so I assume she calls everyone 'Love'

So, yeah.  She looks like that.  Needless to say my intrigue has turned into full blown obsession. 

And while she looks like ginger and spice and everything nice, here she is in her element. 

Well, ok, she still looks hot and sounds great and somehow makes dressing like she's working as an administrative assistant in a world bank seem sexy and slightly dangerous. 

And she's talented. 

That It?:  Not even close.  Recently she was involved in an altercation with a bouncer at one of her shows.  Said bouncer thought the lovely and talented Ms Carter was too young to be enjoying her glass of wine (she was over 21) and thought the appropriate measure would be to shove her head into a cement stairwell.  The result was the loss of his job, stitches in one of the cutest head's ever (that would be hers) and several members of another band coming to her rescue. 

When you look and sound like her, people would be trying to rescue you all the time, too. 

Anything Else?:  Actually, yes.  She thanked the band by baking them an apple pie.  She can cook and I love pie!!  It's like we were made to be together!

Then there's this song which creates confusing feelings in me.  Her voice is gentle and inviting while her guitar expresses the anger and frustration of the lyrics.  I don't know whether to give her a hug or run for my life. 

You can make up your own minds. 


Rob said...

Happy to see you revive this feature. I was worried you were going to crush on Jenny Dell. Understatement to say I am disappointed by her job performance and her appearance.

Good choice this Laura-Mary. Cool name too.

I agree that her bandmate wears the dress in this duo. In the first clip you shared, he's staring at her the whole time looking for attention and she doesn't look at him once. In fact, she has styled her hair so that the entire half of her face is hidden from him. And, what's with the stickers all over his guitar -- like some teeenage girl.

BeachBum said...

In one of their interviews he confessed that he nearly left the band while recording their latest album. To say they clash might be an understatement. Like most beautiful women, I'm sure she's perfected fucking with a man's head.

c. said...

New music/lovely lady to girl crush on. Thanks, beach.

And you're right about beautiful women fucking with guys, bitches be crazy. That's why I'm glad my descriptors always include "funny" and "not hideous."