Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I had a few minutes on my hands yesterday so checked in with Bigsby's blog to see what was going on in his world (hint: booze, food, lots of sleep, and wise assitude coming out the ears...just the way we like it).

When I finished reading I notice to the right the link to this space.  There it said 'Last Updated 5 Weeks Ago' and I said aloud 'WHAT THE FUCK???!!!  It's been five weeks??!!!'

So, yeah, my schedule has been like that recently.  I have so much going on I can't even procrastinate.  It's really a shame as I enjoy wasting other mine and other people's time. 

Since I have a few minutes, here's what I've been up to:

-  Traveled to Cincinnati last week for a project and never knew it was directly across the river from Kentucky.  Why is University of Cincinnati and University of Kentucky not a bigger rivalry?  They're so close it would be like Duke and UNC.  Is it because they're not in the same division?  Or is UK further away from Cincinnati than my puny, east coast biased mind can grasp?

My plan is to make this trip it's own entry.  More to come (hopefully). 

-  Last weekend my youngest had his first sleep over at a friend's house.  The friend was directly across the street, but still.  As he said 'This is a big day for me!'.  He came home at 2:30 in the morning and promptly vomited all over our bed.  He was sick all day Saturday and has been a shell of himself all week.  Today is D-Day in that if nobody else comes down with it, we've dodged a HUGE bullet.  I would rather be shot than catch that stomach bug.  Last time I had it I was incapacitated for days. 

-  Eldest son has decided to play little league baseball again this year and is putting on a hitting display that even the older kids can't believe.  His first at bat was against the best pitcher from last year and he lined a shot to right field that was miraculously caught by a player on the other team who wasn't even looking at the ball.  He was told yesterday that he's now the starting left fielder.  Frankly, I'm surprised he even wanted to play again.  When a kid says 'I just want to take a year off' it usually means 'Fuck this!'. 

So my retirement plan is still in place. He crushes high school baseball, gets drafted at 18 and I skate through my golden years on his signing bonus.  What?  It can work!  Really need to get him pitching, though. 

-  Why are retirement years called 'golden'?  My best years were between 20 and 30.  Best here defined as 'fun times with pretty girls, the alcohol tolerance of a minor deity and sleeping until 1pm every weekend.'  I certainly wouldn't define incontinence, boredom and listening to your body creak when you get out of bed every morning as golden.  Let's call the retirement years 'copper' from now on?  Agreed?

-  Very belated thanks to Kos for recommending Chevelle's latest to me.  Been cranking it on my commute more often than not.  Still addicted to Mastodon's 'The Hunter', too. 

-  Speaking of my commute, I just bought a new truck.  Another Toyota Tacoma double cab.  This was more a case of rectifying a past mistake.  I sold my old one to my father and have regretted it ever since.  Wifey took the Camry so I could feel like a man again.  This one is fully loaded, too.  Bluetooth, tow package, awesomely loud stereo, power everything, and a rearview camera that displays on the mirror when I put the truck into reverse.  I'm in love. 

I'm sure there is more I've forgotten, but doody calls.  Until next time....

Today's distraction:  25 ways to procrastinate according to Paul Gardner.  Just so you know, I don't Twitter nor do I Facebook.  Those are lazy man techniques. 


kos said...

Glad you liked the new Chevelle! I am currently listening to the Hunter as well, probably my favorite album to come out in a long time. Not sure if you listen to Isis at all but they are getting together with the dude from Deftones, the band is called Palms. The album should be out next year sometime.

BeachBum said...

Check out '3 Inches Of Blood', if you can. Old school metal ala Iron Maiden. Very entertaining.

c. said...

Not for nothing, but you guys have shitty taste in music. (wink)

welcome back, beach.