Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Thoughts

I would apologize for taking so long to post random, meaningless, distracting entries, but that is getting old.  If it helps at all I've been meaning to post for the last few weeks, I just haven't had the time.  I find I get so busy that I now lose the thread of an idea I had, nevermind actually getting it in writing. 

While I'm thinking of it, this new layout Google has for the blogs certainly isn't helping.  What two clicks used to do now takes 3 or more just to figure out where the 'New Post' link is.  I'm old and not happy with change, Google. 

Frankly, we're all losing. 

Let's get to some random thoughts I've had rattling around in my cobweb tangled brain. 

Texting and Driving

I'm fully on record that this shit needs to stop, but we've just enacted an official ban on it here in Massachusetts and it is not having the desired effect.  What people used to do is put the phone up near the windshield so they could at least see what was going on in front of them while they texted.  Since the new law went into effect I witness people texting and driving just as much, only now they're trying to hide it by putting it down by their laps.  One girl drove by me looking straight down, thumbing away a message while taking a left hand turn into a parking lot.  Sure, she's probably stupid anyway, but the law seems to be making matters worse.

Also, if texting while driving is illegal then so should having a dog in your lap while driving.  One idiot woman drove by with two dogs sitting in her lap; one looking out the windshield over the steering wheel with the other looking out the driver's side.  The woman herself was smoking a cigarette at the time.  Stay classy. 

There are talks of making all cell phone activity illegal unless it's hands free, which is fine, but if you require that then you must give out hands free devices to everyone.  A law cannot make millions for Verizon and AT&T by forcing us to buy their products to adhere to your laws.  Want to bet both companies are spending millions to lobby for this law?


I've lucked into working with two guys who mesh well with my way of life.  We now take 'Cigar Friday' trips to Two Guys up in Salem, NH.  Only a ten minute drive to cigar heaven where we sit in leather, smoking recliners, shoot the shit about work and the coming weekend.  Then it's to the pub across the street for lunch and beer.  Sure, my life expectancy drops two days per visit, but life is good. 


Still not sure what to make of Ray Allen defecting to the Heat.  I've always respected Allen and didn't think he was a 'title hunter'.  There are rumors that he and Rondo didn't get along, but since when does everyone have to be best friends to play well with each other.  Bird and McHale barely tolerated each other, but that didn't stop them from kicking ass.  Besides, it sure looks like the Celtics have improved from last year's team that came six minutes away from making the Finals.  Seems weird Allen would take a three million dollar pay cut just to get out of Boston and play for a team with no point guard. 

Can Red Sox executives now admit that Francona was not the reason last season went up in smoke?  Valentine has done a decent job (I guess) considering all the injuries, but there is no zip or passion in this team.  Love the young guys, but nobody really seems to be having fun except Youk who is now in Chicago.  I thought they should have hired a no name, young manager wanting to prove himself instead of a 'Name', but what do I know. 

Make no mistake, Youkilis will single handedly destroy the Red Sox when they next play.  Something like a 7-14 with 3 HR series is coming up. 

Summer Vacations

Have two coming up.  One this month to Cape Cod and next to Maine.  Can't wait for some RR&R.  Rest, relaxation, and inevitable rehab from my over zealous drinking binge that will surely take place.  Feel like I've used that joke before.


Hangover Part 2:  What a disappointment.  I'm fine with totally ripping off the first (let's be honest it was a carbon copy), but make it funny.  I didn't laugh for the first 45 minutes of this movie.  I should point out that Ken Jeong's character was not what made the first one memorable.  Therefore even more of him here did not help matters. 

Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol:  Brad Bird (Iron Giant, The Incredibles) cements himself as one of my favorite directors by injecting humor and zaniness into the fourth installment of Mission Impossible.  The climatic, car garage scene is nearly genius.  Tom Cruise may be crazy off screen, but he knows how to make a good movie.  Well, if you discount 'Rock of Ages'.

Horrible Bosses:  Way funnier than The Hangover Part 2.  Drags a bit in places, but more than makes up for it with hilarious scenes scattered throughout.  Love the Dustbuster bit. 

Love and Other Drugs:  Can someone please explain to me what the fuck this movie was supposed to be about?  There seemed to be hints at greater thoughts sprinkled throughout regarding the drug industry (which  got off scott free) and Parkinson's disease (the most honest scene coming from the man at the support group who tells the lead 'go find a healthy girl' before his life gets sucked away).  At the same time, this is trying to be a feel good, old fashioned love story that glosses over Parkinson symptoms as some shakes and an occasional drinking binge and the fact that she needs to take monthly trips to Canada with elderly patients so they can afford their prescriptions. 

At one point in the movie, Hathaway's character is a mess because she forgot to fill her prescription and not once does anyone think 'Hey, her boyfriend is a pharmaceutical salesman.  Shouldn't he have connections to get her drugs?'.  Nope.  That was probably opening a can of worms a movie as simple minded as this didn't want to get near. 

There was also a weird, brotherly, homosexual, envy thing going on that (I think) was supposed to be comic relief.  Unfortunately it wasn't funny so it just was weird. 

On the plus side, Hathaway gets naked a lot. 


Other than occasional Red Sox games, Veep (which was fantastic) and Wimbledon, I haven't watched an ounce of TV this summer.  And I don't even miss it.  That should be concerning. 

Family Life

I'm seriously considering a starting a Twitter account just to pass along things my seven year old says on a daily basis.  Just not sure I can impart his delivery.  Example: My brother in law lives in Vermont and decided to raise his own chickens (don't ask, Vermont is a different culture).  We went up to visit only to discover that five of the six chickens had been slaughtered by coyotes or bears or foxes or something.  My oldest seemed horrified and while wondering why an animal would do that, his younger brother looks at everyone in total sincerity and says 'That's just how life goes, folks....that's just how life goes...'


Eh...let's hold off this until another time.  Much to discuss here.

Enjoy the rest of your day. 


Rob said...

Nice to hear from you Beach. Enjoy your vacations. I just came back from 9 days in Maine and it was glorious. Poker, beer, beach, sleeping in and...ummmm....what was the other thing? Oh yeah, playing with the kids.

BeachBum said...

I find playing with my kids more exhausting than working.

How's the Providence commute working for you?

Rob said...

The move is slated for January, so I am still enjoying Boston this summer. I'll miss being able to spontaneously do like what I'm doing tonight -- going to the special screening of that Bobby V-produced Dominican Republic baseball documentary at the Coolidge Corner Theater. Bobby will be there doing a Q&A after.

No way would I hoof it up from Smithfield, RI to do that.

BeachBum said...

Ah, yes. Boston in the summer. Had to go there for a meeting yesterday and was quickly reminded how many pretty ladies in skimpy outfits wander the streets. It was lovely.